New NASA Survey Finds Antarctica Covered in More Ice Than Previously Thought


Date: 14/08/16

Trevor English, Interesting Engineering

Antartica is one of the most ice-covered locations in the world, but it is also one of the world’s largest land masses. Previous estimates by researchers placed the level of uncovered land in Antartica at about 1%. However, a new survey in part by NASA shows that this estimate was rather generous and the continent is covered in a lot more ice than previously thought. Researchers from Cryosphere have shown that only.18 percent of the entire continent is not covered by ice and snow, which is surprisingly low. With this new figure, researchers will monitor this survey over time to see the effects of climate change and global warming.

mars surface

[Image Source: NASA]

“With effects ranging from influencing ocean currents to raising sea level, Antarctica plays a large role in the global climate system. Researchers are using a variety of methods to understand how Antarctica will react to a changing climate, but limited information on ice thickness and what lies beneath the ice makes this work challenging.” ~ NASA

This new research has been put off for a while, and it may surprise you that this is the first time we have had an accurate representation of Antartica’s land mass. Automated techniques were used in the new study to allow seamless data collection as well as the automatic removal of clouds over the continent to make the snow and ice readings more accurate. The NASA and US Geological Survey satellite was used for the new study, which corrected previous ice and snow calculations in comparison to land mass.

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  1. Did people from the past ever worry about this kind of stuff?
    It’s like a story I read a while back that used an illustration of a glass of water filled with ice, and then asked the question; ‘does the cup overflow when the ice melts?’ The answer was no, of course. So, if the polar ice melts, will the world flood over? I believe, no. I truly hope these mother earth people would get a true grasp of reality and search out a more life saving worthy cause that would actually help the destitute they are clamming to help.

    1. “… ‘does the cup overflow when the ice melts?’ The answer was no, …” That applies only to floating ice and not ice on land as in Antarctica.

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          1. NASA published a report last Fall showing that Antarctic land ice has been increasing by ~80 gigatons/year for several decades. This contradicts the alarmists’ meme that Antarctic land ice has been melting.

          2. Either the previous estimate was way off, or this measurement was way off, or Antarctic ice cover has increased since the last estimate.

            At the very least, an honest person would admit the science isn’t settled afterall. The other option is that warmists have been lying all along. NOAA/NASA have been reporting a steady increase – no surprise there.

            Pick your poison.

                  1. Now. Today, in 2016 it is winter in Antarctica. I would be quite surprised if there was any net loss of ice now.

                    Are you trying to claim that after 10,000 years of growth (Zwally et al) something drastic happened between Oct 2015 and the onset of the Antarctic winter in 2016?

                    Hmm, I think you are guessing …

                    1. Why on earth do you think Zwally’s data went to 2015?

                      Lemme guess: you didn’t read the paper, and Faux “News” didn’t either.



                    1. Not hard to keep up with a dub like you.
                      Sometimes hard to keep up with your deflections… but not you.

              1. So, did NASA lie about the previous total, or was it mis-measured?

                You could always have the CIA state that no crime was committed here – just a serious lapse in judgement….

                But, you have to take your pick…. Lies, or science not settled?

                Or, your favorite action in the face of no credible evidence – stick your head in the sand and hope it goes away.

                  1. NASA previously reported 1% uncovered. They now report 0.18% uncovered. Did they previously over-report the truth, or presently under-report the truth, or did the surface area of Antarctica magically decrease, or is the ice expanding?
                    Once again, your choice is lies or un-settled science.
                    What do you not understand?

                    1. So aerial extent is clarified. Now you need to be able to comprehend mass.

                      Can you grasp the basics?



                    2. You must teach, because you sure as hell can’t do.
                      Which one – liar or unsettled?
                      enter, stage right – Draino deflecting with another red herring

                    3. Standard lib fare – if you can’t answer the question posed … just answer another one and try to convince the questioner he asked the wrong question.
                      Bet you’re a dancer, just not very good.

                    4. Antarctica is losing mass. Now. The paper above does not contradict the fact Antarctica is losing mass.

                      That is: Antarctica is losing mass.

                      There – I typed slowly for you. Can you grasp it now?



              2. Dano2 are you still at it impersonating a scientist? You remind me of those losers who impersonate police officers and military war heroes. How sad and pathetic. Get help soon!

                1. Weak mischaracterization to hide the error.

                  One needn’t be a scientitst to state that Antarctic ice is not increasing.

                  Your need to resort to puerile tactics gives your position away.



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