Weather Channel hypes report claiming ‘Climate Change Will Mean More Stress, Anxiety, PTSD in the Future’ – Growing ‘substance abuse’ due to AGW – Expect ‘broad psychological impacts’

Full Weather Channel report here: 


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Climate Craziness of the Week – new business model for practicing psychologists? – ‘What better way to drum up business than to create a whole new class of psychological affliction?’


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  1. Given that these awful maladies will occur due to a slowly changing climate, I wonder what their prediction is for an economy that collapses in a matter of days???

  2. So in other words… the psychologists want in on the action. Hard to get your hands on all those government grants and corporate payoffs when you’re not a physical science. So, as with most of the climate “science” recently; just make some crap up.

  3. That’s right there are loads of psychological stresses associated with climate change. There is the stress from windmill noise, the acute worry about the end of life as we know it, the worry about being cold when the power fails, the guilt induced by being told we should not use our cars – no end of stuff. Oddly none of that is caused directly by climate change but I’m sure it could all be eliminated if only we spent loads and loads more money on psychologists.

  4. Why would anyone listen to this gibberish? Scratch that, my neighbor probably would, he’s one of those guys that takes a walk with a particle mask on and never washes his car because “it wastes water”. We all know at least on of these enviro-freak, paranoid Patties that listen to every “xpert” because they have Dr. in front of their name. No, i don’t even think he would buy into this shit but then again, he does actually believe he Leaf is truly a zero emission car….

    Did they actually do research or is this blanket conclusion their professional opinion?

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