Watch Now: Morano on TV on Aussie PM undermining Obama’s climate plan: ‘I am jealous of the leadership of Canada & Australia. It is so sad being in America’ – ‘The rest of the world is abandoning carbon pricing as the U.S. is jumping right in’

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‘The Source’ – W/ Ezra Levant – Sun News Canada

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano: ‘I am jealous of the leadership of Canada and Australia. It is so sad being in America with what is going on with climate. Bypassing Congress. They could not get cap-and-trade through Congress or get ratified UN treaties in Senate.

Americans are looking with great hope and admiration at Stephen Harper and Tony Abbott…

Aussie Prime Minister Abbott is launching an effort to get Canada, UK, New Zealand and India and other center right countries to abandon CO2 pricing. I should have brought some champagne and wine glasses. This is a big deal.

Maybe the U.S. will join the coalition someday.

The UN is having a one day conference in September in New York City and I would love to see these countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, etc.), join in with Russia and China and oppose CO2 pricing. The rest of the world is abandoning carbon pricing as the U.S. is jumping right in. We in the U.S. have it backwards, hopefully this is an anomaly, we will see what happens in the next election. I don’t have a lot of hope for the Republican Party, they are very weak on this issue and very weak on environmental issues.

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Marc Morano on Canadian TV: Americans are jealous of Abbott and Harper


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  1. I wish it were true about Canada, but while Harper is credited with seeing through the climate scam, the Canadian government keeps rolling out more junk science and shoveling money out the back door. Canada signed on at Copenhagen and so far it has cost Canadian taxpayers $100,000,000+

    See “Canada’s Action On Climate Change.”

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