Watch: Aussie Geologist Dr. Robert Carter in Paris: ‘It is literally insanity’ to try to stop ‘climate change’

Dr. Bob Carter: ‘Attempting to stop climate change is expensive act of utopia. It is literally insanity. Insanity  meaning out of the rational mind.’

‘Politicians say they are going to ‘stop climate change’. Words fail me.’

‘There is nothing that has come out of the last 20 years of research and hundreds of billions of dollars that has provided a single framework argument that bears on this issue. The science was long ago known at the level of the basic tests of the hypothesis. And I am afraid the UN IPCC is determined to ignore that science.’

‘Climate has always changed and always will. There is nothing unusual about the modern change of temps, ice volume, sea level, extreme weather events, polar bears or even the quality of coffee.’

‘Atmospheric carbon dioxide is neither a pollutant nor it is a primary forcing agent for temperature change. Rather co2 greens the planet and it is an overall  benefit for the  humankind.’




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