Warmist Naomi Klein: ‘Climate change is violence’ – ‘When govts & corporations knowingly fail to act to prevent catastrophic warming, that is an act of violence’


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  1. Here in Florida we’ve had almost 8 months of summer heat this year. I’ve heard no reports of any Christian, Buddhist or Scientologist becoming terrorist because of the summer heat this year or any other year therefore I would conclude their theory of heat causing violence WRONG!

    1. I have to agree with you there Ralphie. Just more political stooge work by someone wanting to be a closer crony to a government official, and make money off of the system. They are no better than those who spam the boards with get rick quick scams.

  2. This whole argument is full of holes. They just can not explain away the statistics that prove them wrong. If you blame weather for evil, you have got to be a little off in the critical thinking department. Yes, people can get grumpy when it is too hot and when it is to cold. But most don’t go about attacking and killing people because they have a different faith and lifestyle. The name for that is EVIL, not hot and sweaty.

  3. Naomi Klein is an absolute embarrassment to Albertans here in Canada. A self-centred left-wing narcissist who thinks the world should consist of puppy dogs, unicorns, and fairy godmothers. She stands on high, ignoring the true scientific facts while buying into Al Gore’s lies, and refuses to acknowledge the huge environmental gains by the energy industry in order to push her wealth redistribution agenda. Working people do not matter to Klein.

    1. If you’ve ever Googled her and read of her parents and background you could easily conclude that she is the fruit of the loins of Vladimir Lenin or Josef Stalin. In other words, just like nearly all prominent environazis.

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        1. And yet here you are, making stupid comments in broken English on sites where adults read and write with big.words. There is.a Barbie waiting for you to brush her hair,

  4. It has reached the point of “You know, you just can’t make this stuff up?”

    Anyway, to paraphrase Forrest Gump “Grifter is as Grifter does”

  5. What a crock. Killing babies and carving them up to sell their parts, apparently a favorite pastime of the Left, now THAT is violence. But 0.01 degree C per 100 years, which is all the “cuts” will.do even according to the flawed models, is not violence.

    If that is violence, Naomi Klein is a clothespin.

  6. I suspect Naomi may rethink the position that nearly a degree of warming is more threatening than a machete when faced with a real-life situation.

    I actively protect my family from both…… one with a parasol and the other with an arsenal.

  7. Like all progressive eco-alarmists, Prince Chuckie is a fellow travelling useful idiot and is a ‘serial hypocrite’ with a fleet of limos and a jet set lifestyle.

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