Scientists and Studies predict ‘imminent global COOLING’ ahead – Drop in global temps ‘almost a slam dunk’

Climate Depot Exclusive Round Up of Global Cooling  Predictions – June 2014 

Aussie Scientist Dr. David Evans: New solar theory predicts imminent global cooling: Dr. David Evans: As we head to the UNFCCC meeting in Paris 2015 where global bureaucracy beckons, a sharp cooling change appears to be developing and set to hit in the next five years. Yet consortia of five-star politicians are not preparing for climate change, only for global warming. Around the world a billion dollars a day is invested in renewable energy, largely with the hope of changing the weather. Given that 20% of the world does not even have access to electricity, history books may marvel at how screwed priorities were, and how bureaucratized science cost so much more than the price of the grants.

‘Global cooling imminent’: ‘Sharp cooling’ to hit in the next five years, says new solar theory

German Geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning: UN IPCC Models A Failure, ‘Have No Chance Of Success’…Sees Possible 0.2°C Of Cooling By 2020 – His charts show that solar activity correlates well with temperature, which Lüning calls “a surprisingly good match”. He then presents the various solar cycles that the sun undergoes, going into the works of Gerard Bond, who made temperature reconstructions using layers of ice-rafted material in the North Atlantic. Lüning calls the synchronicity between solar activity and temperature found by Bond “stunning”.

U.S. sees ‘slight cooling trend’ since 2005 – NOAA shows ‘the pause’ in the U.S. surface temperature record over nearly a decade – U.S. cools from 2005 through 2014: U.S. sees ‘slight cooling trend’ since 2005 – NOAA shows ‘the pause’ in the U.S. surface temperature record over nearly a decade

New paper by Russian solar physicist by Habibullo Abdussamatov predicts another Little Ice Age within the next 30 years

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi on declining global temps: ‘Has the admin, the EPA or anyone that can read a chart actually looked at what global temps are now doing?’

Global Temperature Standstill May Last 30 Years, Climate Scientist Predicts: Prof. Anastasios Tsonis at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee,: ‘I would assume something like another 15 years of leveling off or cooling’

New Research Paper Predicts 15 Years Of Cooling: 2012–2027 is predicted to fall slightly over the next decades, due to the recent weakening of the North Atlantic Oscillation

New paper predicts temperature decrease by 2020 of up to 1C due to low solar activity for certain locations – Published in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics

New paper predicts solar activity will decline over 21st century to average Holocene levels – Published in Climate of the Past

Earth’s All Time Record High Temp Set in 1913 — Earth’s All Time Record Low Set in 2010 & 2nd All Time Record Low Set in 2013 — ‘What would warmists say if the dates were reversed?’

Climate Scientist Who Got It Right Predicts 20 More Years of Global Cooling – ‘For the next 20 years, I predict global cooling of about 3/10ths of a degree Fahrenheit, as opposed to the one-degree warming predicted by the IPCC,” said [Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook, professor emeritus of geology at Western Washington University and  author of 150 scientific journal articles and 10 books, including “Evidence Based Climate Science,” which was published in 2011.

‘The Climate Scientist Who Got It Right’: In 1996, CSU’s Dr. Bill Gray predicted weak cooling for the next 20-30 years’

Major Danish Daily Newspaper Warns: ‘Globe May Be On Path To Little Ice Age…Much Colder Winters…Dramatic Consequences’! – Paper features Danish solar physicist Henrik Svensmark on the subject of the UN IPCC: ‘…many of the climate models used by IPCC and others overestimate the influence of CO2 and underestimate the influence of the sun. … The IPCC is very one-sided, so I don’t think there will be anything reasonable in the next report.’

Geologist Dr. David Deming: ‘If the current cooling trend continues, the theory of global warming faces imminent extinction’ – Deming: ‘The mean global temperature has not risen in 17 years and has been slowly falling for approximately the past 10 years’ – ‘Falling temperatures are giving climate alarmists chills’

Bundle Up! German scientists predict a century of global cooling – Two German scientists, Horst-Joachin Luedecke and Carl-Otto Weiss of the European Institute for Climate and Energy, say that “two naturally occurring climate cycles will combine to lower global temperatures during the next century.” They added, “by the year 2100, temperatures on this planet will plunge to levels seen at the end of the ‘Little Ice Age’ in 1870.” These researchers used historical data detailing temperatures as well as cave stalagmites to show a recurring 200-year solar cycle called the DeVries Cycle.

CERN scientist Jasper Kirkby says another Maunder Minimum in solar activity could occur by 2015 – Jasper Kirkby, head of the CLOUD Experiment at CERN in Geneva notes in the video lecture below that if one extrapolates the current lull in solar activity, an extended period of no sunspots similar to the Maunder Minimum could occur by 2015. The Maunder Minimum was responsible for the Little Ice Age and lasted for 70 years.

Sunspot Enigma: Will Inactive Sun Cause Global Cooling? ‘Earth’s response to low solar activity will overturn many of our assumptions about man’s influence on climate change. Cold not warmth might be our future’

Better Get your Woollies! ‘No doubt about it. The Earth’s climate is cooling!’ — Essay by Environmental Chemist By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser – ‘The question now is solely ‘when, not if’ the current interglacial period will come to a sudden end. Nature had an earlier attempt at it when, in the mid-1600’s, the world experienced a cold spell lasting some 60 years which is now commonly known as the medieval “Little Ice Age.” That period coincided with the “Maunder Minimum,” an unusual low number of sunspots through several sunspot cycles

Sun’s bizarre activity may trigger another ice age, says Irish solar scientist – ‘Solar activity has been falling steadily since mid-1940s, a change that in the past triggered a 300-year-long mini ice age’

Russian Academy of Sciences: Global warming over in Central Asia – Current Temps Not ‘Unique’; Cooler era ahead – Global warming is over in Central Asia, and a new cooler period is ahead, according to Russian Academy of Sciences scientist Andrei Daryin – ‘Whenever we look a thousand years back, it appears that the situation is not that unique. A temperature rise comparable with today’s parameters already happened 1,000 years ago,’ he said. In fact, climate change cycles correlate with solar activity, the expert continued.

Geologist Dr. Norman Page: ‘The Coming Cooling’ – ‘The Demise of the UN IPCC and the CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming) Delusion’ – ‘The IPCC’s remit was never to study climate objectively but to support the proposition  that anthropogenic CO2 was the main climate driver and that increasing emissions would produce warming with catastrophic consequences by the end of the 21st century. To their eternal discredit too many of the Western scientific establishment  abandoned common sense and scientific standards of objectivity and prudence in order to accommodate their paymasters.’

BBC: UK Climate Scientist Warns: Real Risk Of A Maunder Minimum ‘Little Ice Age’ Due To ‘Decline in Solar Activity’

Geologist E. Kirsten Peters: She warns cold spell near? – Geologist digs deeper on climate change

Japanese researcher predicts cooler climate in Northern Hemisphere from 2015‘A Japanese scientist who analyzed ocean temperatures stretching back more than five decades has predicted that the climate in the Northern Hemisphere may enter a cooling period around 2015. Mototaka Nakamura, a senior scientist at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, analyzed surface temperatures of the Greenland Sea from 1957 to the present and how they affect climate change. He said Greenland Sea temperatures could serve as a leading indicator of cooling and warming cycles in North Atlantic waters, which are believed to alternate on about 70-year cycles.

New Book by David Archibald: ‘The Twilight of Abundance’ – Warns of Global Cooling – ‘Why Life in the 21st Century Will Be Nasty, Brutish, and Short’

New paper finds ‘surprisingly, there are many US weather stations that show cooling’ over the past century – Published in the Journal of Climate – Study ‘finds, contrary to popular belief, that US “monthly maximum temperatures are not often greatly changing — perhaps surprisingly, there are many stations that show some cooling [over the past century]. In contrast, the minimum temperatures show significant warming’

New paper finds worldwide glacier retreat has decelerated since 1950 – Published in The Cryosphere

New paper shows anthropogenic emissions have had a net cooling effect since beginning of industrial revolution – Published in ScienceStudy reports the transition from “pristine” to “slightly polluted” atmosphere at the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 18th century had a “dramatic aerosol effect [of increasing] clouds” over the oceans.’

German Geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning: ‘Greenland is cooling’ – Greenland was ’2 – 3°C warmer 6000 to 4000 years ago than it is today’ and that the ice survived – ‘Greenland is cooling’: Lüning brings up the Axforf paper of 2013, which shows Greenland was “2 – 3°C warmer 6000 to 4000 years ago than it is today” and that the ice survived. He presents a 2013 paper by Lecavalier et al showing that Greenland has cooled 2.5°C over the last 8000 years. Despite the thousands of years of continuous warmth, the dramatic ice collapse never occurred.”

Coming global cooling? Aussie Solar Expert David Archibald: ‘Lower solar irradiance will result in lower temperatures on this planet. It is a question of when.’



Climate Depot Note:

Many scientists in recent years have noted the recent global cooling and predicted many years to decades to centuries of more global cooling. Below is a sampling of scientists and studies on global cooling.

UW-Milwaukee Professor’s Peer-Reviewed Study Predicts 50 Years of Global Cooling – January 2010: ‘A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor is making headlines for his work suggesting the world is entering a period of global cooling. “Now we’re getting a break,” Anastasios Tsonis, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at UWM, said in an interview with the MacIver Institute. Tsonis published a paper last March that found the world goes through periods of warming and cooling that tend to last thirty years. He says we are now in a period of cooling that could last up to fifty years.

Atmospheric Scientist Tsonis on record cold: ‘It just isn’t true to say this is a blip. We can expect colder winters for quite a while’ – Tsonis was flooded with ‘hate emails’ after 2009 peer-reviewed study predicting ’20 or 30 years of cooler temperatures’ — ‘People were accusing me of wanting to destroy the climate, yet all I’m interested in is the truth’

Russia’s Pulkovo Observatory: ‘We could be in for a cooling period that lasts 200-250 years’

New Study: Russian Astrophysicist from Russian Academy of Science Predicts Global Cooling: ‘From 2014 we can expect start of deep cooling with a Little Ice Age in 2055′ — Habibullo I. Abdussamatov, Pulkovo Observatory of the Russian Academy of Science, St. Petersburg, 196140, Russia — Applied Physics Research, Vol. 4, No. 1 February 2012: Abstract: ‘We can expect the onset of a deep bicentennial minimum of total solar irradiance (TSI) in approximately 2042±11 and the 19th deep minimum of global temperature in the past 7500 years – in 2055±11.’

Flashback Sept. 2009: ‘Sun Sleeps’: Danish Solar Scientist Svensmark declares ‘global warming has stopped and a cooling is beginning…enjoy global warming while it lasts’

Global Cooling Coming? Aussie Scientist David Archibald uses solar and surface data to predict 4.9°C fall — ‘Normal solar cycles are 11 years long, but the current one (cycle 24) is shaping up to be 17 years (unusually long), and using historical data from the US, David predicts a 2.1°C decline over Solar Cycle 24 followed by a further 2.8°C over Solar Cycle 25. That adds up to a whopping 4.9°C fall in temperate latitudes over the next 20 years. We can only hope he’s wrong’

Prominent geologist warns ‘global COOLING is almost a slam dunk’ for up to 30 years or more — ‘There is no single piece of real evidence that points to CO2′ as driving temps – Dr. Don Easterbrook: ‘We’ve had 27 climate changes in the last 400 years: warm, cold, warm, cold. There have been four in this past century that have nothing to do with CO2, because CO2 wasn’t a factor hundreds of thousands of years ago. We know that those are not at all related to CO2. So why would we expect climate change today to be related to CO2?’

Professor Judith Curry of, the chair, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, on June 14, 2013: “Attention in the public debate seems to be moving away from the 15-17 year ‘pause’ to the cooling since 2002 (note: I am receiving inquiries about this from journalists). This period since 2002 is scientifically interesting, since it coincides with the ‘climate shift’ circa 2001/2002posited by Tsonis and others. This shift and the subsequent slight cooling trend provides a rationale for inferring a slight cooling trend over the next decade or so, rather than a flat trend from the 15 yr ‘pause’.”

AUSTRALIAN SCIENTIST PREDICTS GLOBAL COOLING: “SUN IS THE MAJOR CONTROL OF CLIMATE; LOOK FOR COOLING’ — ‘Prof. Cliff Ollier of the School of Earth & Env. Studies, U,  of Western Australia, recently presented a paper in Poznan, Poland,  in which he described the sun as the major control of climate, but not through greenhouse gases.”There is a very good correlation of sunspots and climate. Solar cycles provide a basis for prediction. Solar Cycle 24 has started and we can expect serious cooling. Many think that political decisions about climate are based on scientific predictions but what politicians get are projections based on computer models. The UN’s main adviser, the IPCC, uses adjusted data for the input, their models and codes remain secret, and they do not accept responsibility for their projections.” Download paper here

New paper finds that a solar proton event could cause global cooling of more than 3C — Paper published today in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics – Study finds that ‘a solar proton event, if it took place in the near future with an intensity similar to that ascribed to the Carrington Event of 1859, must be expected to have a major impact on atmospheric composition throughout the middle atmosphere, resulting in significant and persistent decrease in total ozone,’ resulting in a ‘significant [global] cooling of more than 3C’

Famed hurricane forecaster Dr. William Gray predicts global cooling over next 20 years

Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook at Heartland Skeptic Conf.: ‘The main question is not will we have global cooling, it’s how intense will it be’

Dr. Easterbrook: ‘What we see now in the climate is nothing new 90% of 10000 years was warmer than the present’

Watch Now: Meteorologist Joe Bastardi on how global warming hype is hurting the economy & warns of global cooling

Sampling of scientists and scientific studies predicting global COOLING – Up until October 2008

[Note: Many of the scientists and studies cited below first appeared in the December 2007 U.S. Senate Report of over 400 (For Full Senate Report see:  ) See also U.S. Senate Report released in July 2008: ‘Consensus’ On Man-Made Global Warming Collapses in 2008 ]

Global COOLING Continues: 2008 So Far Coolest For at Least 5 Years Says World Meteorological Organization – ‘First half of 2008 the coolest since 2000’ — Excerpt: – The first half of 2008 was the coolest for at least five years, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Wednesday. The whole year will almost certainly be cooler than recent years, although temperatures remain above the historical average. […]  The global mean temperature to end-July was 0.28 degrees Celsius above the 1961-1990 average, the UK-based MetOffice Hadley Centre for climate change research said on Wednesday. That would make the first half of 2008 the coolest since 2000. […] Chillier weather this year is partly because of a global weather pattern called La Nina that follows a periodic warming effect called El Nino. “We can expect with high probability this year will be cooler than the previous five years,” said Omar Baddour, responsible for climate data and monitoring at the WMO. “Definitely the La Nina should have had an effect, how much we cannot say.” “Up to July 2008, this year has been cooler than the previous five years at least. It still looks like it’s warmer than average,” added Baddour.

‘This is going to be catastrophic’  – Brrr! Farmers’ Almanac says cold winter ahead – Associated Press – August 20, 2008 — Excerpt: Households worried about the high cost of keeping warm this winter will draw little comfort from the Farmers’ Almanac, which predicts below-average temperatures for most of the U.S.  “Numb’s the word,” says the 192-year-old publication, which claims an accuracy rate of 80 to 85 percent for its forecasts that are prepared two years in advance. The almanac’s 2009 edition, which goes on sale Tuesday, says at least two-thirds of the country can expect colder than average temperatures, with only the Far West and Southeast in line for near-normal readings. “This is going to be catastrophic for millions of people,” said almanac editor Peter Geiger, noting that the frigid forecast combined with high prices for heating fuel is sure to compound problems households will face in keeping warm. The almanac predicts above-normal snowfall for the Great Lakes and Midwest, especially during January and February, and above-normal precipitation for the Southwest in December and for the Southeast in January and February. The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions should be getting an unusually wet or snowy February, the almanac said. The forecasts, which are spelled out in three- and four-day periods for each region, are prepared by the almanac’s reclusive prognosticator Caleb Weatherbee, who uses a secret formula based on sunspots, the position of the planets and the tidal action of the moon.

‘Global warming of the past 30 years is over’ – July 20, 2008 – By Geologist Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Emeritus Professor at Western Washington University, who has authored eight books and 150 journal publications. – Excerpt: Addressing the Washington Policymakers in Seattle, WA, Dr. Don Easterbrook said that shifting of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) from its warm mode to its cool mode virtually assures global cooling for the next 25-30 years and means that the global warming of the past 30 years is over. The announcement by NASA that the (PDO) had shifted from its warm mode to its cool mode (Fig. 1) is right on schedule as predicted by past climate and PDO changes (Easterbrook, 2001, 2006, 2007) and is not an oddity superimposed upon and masking the predicted severe warming by the IPCC.  This has significant implications for the future and indicates that the IPCC climate models were wrong in their prediction of global temperatures soaring 1°F per decade for the rest of the century.

Mexican scientist warns Earth will enter ‘Little Ice Age’ for up to 80 Years Due to decrease in solar activity! – August 16, 2008 — Excerpt: An expert from the National Autonomous University of Mexico predicted that in about ten years the Earth will enter a “little ice age” which will last from 60 to 80 years and may be caused by the decrease in solar activity. Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera, a researcher at the Institute of Geophysics of the UNAM, as argued earlier during a conference that teaches at the Centre for Applied Sciences and Technological Development. […]  Velasco Herrera described as erroneous predictions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), pursuant to which the planet is experiencing a gradual increase in temperature, the so-called global warming. The models and forecasts of the IPCC “is incorrect because only are based on mathematical models and presented results at scenarios that do not include, for example, solar activity,” said the specialist also in image processing and signs and prevention of natural disasters. The phenomenon of climate change, he added, should include other kinds of factors, both internal, such as volcanoes and the very human activity, and external, such as solar activity. […]  “In this century glaciers are growing”, as seen in the Andes, Perito Moreno, Logan, the highest mountain in Canada, and with Franz-Josef Glacier, New Zealand, said Velasco Herrera. […] The prognosis on the emergence of a new Ice Age has little uncertainty as to their dates. The latest, according to Victor Manuel Velasco, could arrive in approximately two years. In another lecture he gave at the beginning of last December, the same expert had said that the cooling would arrive within 30 or 40 years. And in early July, Velasco Herrera said that satellite data indicate that this period of global cooling could even have already begun, since 2005. Original Spanish language website: – Google Translated link from Spanish:

Meteorologist David Dilley of Global Weather Oscillations and author of “Global Warming—Global Cooling, Natural Cause Found.” – August 25, 2008 — More Global COOLING Predictions: Meteorologist predicts ‘global climate will become similar to the colder temperatures experienced during the 1800s’ – Excerpt: Global temperatures have cooled during the past 12 months. During 2008 and 2009 the first stage of global cooling will cool the world’s temperatures to those observed during the years from the 1940s through the 1970s. By the year 2023 global climate will become similar to the colder temperatures experienced during the 1800s.

Australian Astronomical Society warns of global COOLING as Sun’s activity ‘significantly diminishes’ – June 29, 2008 – (LINK))  Excerpt: A new paper published by the Astronomical Society of Australia has a warning to global warming believers not immediately obvious from the summary: Based on our claim that changes in the Sun’s equatorial rotation rate are synchronized with changes in the Sun’s orbital motion about the barycentre, we propose that the mean period for the Sun’s meridional flow is set by a Synodic resonance between the flow period (~22.3 yr), the overall 178.7-yr repetition period for the solar orbital motion, and the 19.86-yr synodic period of Jupiter and Saturn. Or as one of the authors, Ian Wilson, kindly explained to me:  It supports the contention that the level of activity on the Sun will significantly diminish sometime in the next decade and remain low for about 20 – 30 years. On each occasion that the Sun has done this in the past the World’s mean temperature has dropped by ~ 1 – 2 C. & (LINK)

Renowned Norwegian solar expert warns  temps may  ‘actually fall in the course of a 50-year period’ – [ By Solar physicist Dr. Pal Brekke, senior advisor to the Norwegian Space Centre in Oslo. Brekke has published more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific articles on the sun and solar interaction with the Earth and served as a referee for scientific journals. Brekke was the deputy project scientist for the entire international Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). SOHO is collaboration between the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA researching every aspect of the Sun. Full bio here:  and information on Brekke’s new book on the sun titled “SolarMax.” Here: ] Excerpt: “We could be in for a surprise,” Brekke cautions. “It’s possible that the sun plays an even more central role in global warming than we have suspected. Anyone who claims that the debate is over and the conclusions are firm has a fundamentally unscientific approach to one of the most momentous issues of our time.” […]  “There is much evidence that the sun’s high-activity cycle is levelling off or abating. If it is true that the sun’s activity is of great significance in determining the earth’s climate, this reduced solar activity could work in the opposite direction to climate change caused by humans. In that case,” contends Dr Brekke, “we could find the temperature levelling off or actually falling in the course of a 50-year period” – an assertion that provokes many climate researchers. […] The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) has determined that the earth’s temperature has risen by about 0.7° C since 1901. According to Dr Brekke, this time period coincides not only with an increase in human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, but also with a higher level of solar activity, which makes it complicated to separate the effects of these two phenomena. […] Dr Brekke has published more than 40 scientific articles on the sun and on the interaction between the sun and the earth. (LINK)

NY Times Cites Possible Coming Little Ice Age! – Dot Earth Blog – October 3, 2008 — Expert: Some wonder if this could be the start of an extended period of solar indolence that would more than offset the warming effect of human-made carbon dioxide emissions. From the middle of the 17th century to the early 18th, a period known as the Maunder Minimum, sunspots were extremely rare, and the reduced activity coincided with lower temperatures in what is known as the Little Ice Age.

NEW JASON SATELLITE INDICATES 23-YEAR GLOBAL COOLING – Canada Free Press, 1 May 2008 – By Dennis Avery, Environmental Economist and Global Warming Co-author — Excerpt: Now it’s not just the sunspots that predict a 23-year global cooling. The new Jason oceanographic satellite shows that 2007 was a “cool” La Nina year-but Jason also says something more important is at work: The much larger and more persistent Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) has turned into its cool phase, telling us to expect moderately lower global temperatures until 2030 or so. […]All of this defies the “consensus” that human-emitted carbon dioxide has been responsible for our global warming. But the evidence for man-made warming has never been as strong as its Green advocates maintained. The earth’s warming from 1915 to 1940 was just about as strong as the “scary” 1975 to 1998 warming in both scope and duration-and occurred too early to be blamed on human-emitted CO2. The cooling from 1940 to 1975 defied the Greenhouse Theory, occurring during the first big surge of man-made greenhouse emissions. Most recently, the climate has stubbornly refused to warm since 1998, even though human CO2 emissions have continued to rise strongly. […] How many years of declining world temperature would it take now – in the wake of the ten-year nonwarming since 1998 – to break up Al Gore’s “climate change consensus”?

National Post: Global Cooling! ‘Spotless Sun’ prompts scientists to fear ‘dramatic turn for the worse’ – May 31, 2008 – Excerpt: ith the debate focused on a warming Earth, the icy consequences of a cooler future have not been considered You probably haven’t heard much of Solar Cycle 24, the current cycle that our sun has entered, and I hope you don’t. If Solar Cycle 24 becomes a household term, your lifestyle could be taking a dramatic turn for the worse. That of your children and their children could fare worse still, say some scientists, because Solar Cycle 24 could mark a time of profound long-term change in the climate. As put by geophysicist Philip Chapman, a former NASA astronaut-scientist and former president of the National Space Society, “It is time to put aside the global warming dogma, at least to begin contingency planning about what to do if we are moving into another little ice age.” The sun, of late, is remarkably free of eruptions: It has lost its spots. By this point in the solar cycle, sunspots would ordinarily have been present in goodly numbers.  Today’s spotlessness — what alarms Dr. Chapman and others — may be an anomaly of some kind, and the sun may soon revert to form. But if it doesn’t – and with each passing day, the speculation in the scientific community grows that it will not – we could be entering a new epoch that few would welcome. […] Several renowned scientists have been predicting for some time that the world could enter a period of cooling right around now, with consequences that could be dire. “The next little ice age would be much worse than the previous one and much more harmful than anything warming may do,” believes Dr. Chapman. “There are many more people now and we have become dependent on a few temperate agricultural areas, especially in the U.S. and Canada. Global warming would increase agricultural output, but global cooling will decrease it.”

NASA reveals ‘sun’s solar wind is at a 50-year low’ — could result in solar system changes (NASA press release) – September 22, 2008 – Excerpt: NASA will hold a media teleconference Tuesday, Sept. 23, at 12:30 p.m. EDT, to discuss data from the joint NASA and European Space Agency Ulysses mission that reveals the sun’s solar wind is at a 50-year low. The sun’s current state could result in changing conditions in the solar system. Ulysses was the first mission to survey the space environment above and below the poles of the sun. The reams of data Ulysses returned have changed forever the way scientists view our star and its effects. The venerable spacecraft has lasted more than 17 years – almost four times its expected mission lifetime.

We should prepare now for dangerous global cooling (By Paleoclimatologist Tim Patterson, professor in the department of Earth Sciences at Carleton University in Ottawa) — Excerpt: Solar scientists predict that, by 2020, the sun will be starting into its weakest Schwabe solar cycle of the past two centuries, likely leading to unusually cool conditions on Earth. Beginning to plan for adaptation to such a cool period, one which may continue well beyond one 11-year cycle, as did the Little Ice Age, should be a priority for governments. It is global cooling, not warming, that is the major climate threat to the world, especially Canada. As a country at the northern limit to agriculture in the world, it would take very little cooling to destroy much of our food crops, while a warming would only require that we adopt farming techniques practiced to the south of us.

Geologist Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Emeritus Professor at Western Washington University, who has authored eight books and 150 journal publications, predicts that temperatures should cool between 2065 until 2100, and that global temperatures at the end of the century should be less than 1 degree cooler than at present. This is in contrast to other theories that there will be a warming by as much as 10 degrees by 2100.  – Excerpts of sampling of scientists predicting a coming global cooling Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook, an emeritus professor of geology at Western Washington University who has authored eight books and 150 journal publications, announced earlier this week that he was putting his “reputation on the line” by predicting global cooling. “The average of the four main temperature measuring methods is slightly cooler since 2002 (except for a brief el Niño interruption) and record breaking cooling this winter. The argument that this is too short a time period to be meaningful would be valid were it not for the fact that this cooling exactly fits the pattern of timing of warm/cool cycles over the past 400 years,” Easterbrook wrote on March 1, 2008. (LINK)

Solar Cycle 24: Implications for the United States – March 2, 2008 (By Geologist David Archibald of Summa Development Limited in Australia is a Perth-based scientist working in the field of climate research. Archibald .wrote a scientific paper titled “Solar Cycles 24 and 25 and Predicted Climate Response” in Energy and Environment in 2006) Excerpt: I will demonstrate that the Sun drives climate, and use that demonstrated relationship to predict the Earth’s climate to 2030. It is a prediction that differs from most in the public domain. It is a prediction of imminent cooling. […] We have 29 years of satellite temperature data. It shows that the temperature of the Southern Hemisphere has been flat, with a slight increase in the Northern Hemisphere. Note the El Nino peak in 1998. Globally, we have had 10 years of temperature decline since that peak in 1998, with a rate of decline of 0.06 degrees per annum. I am expecting the rate of decline to accelerate to 0.2 degrees per annum from the end of this decade. That satellite record is corroborated by the record of Antarctic and Arctic sea ice extent over the same period. There is no long term trend evident. Most recently, there has been a 1 million square kilometre increase over the long term mean. This is a five per cent increase. […] The peak US temperature was in 1936, at much the same time that Total Solar Irradiance peaked. If you have wondered why US temperatures are still lower than what they were 70 years ago, the fact that Total Solar Irradiance is lower than what it was 70 years ago might provide an explanation.

Geologist David Archibald reveals CO2 is ‘tuckered out as a greenhouse gas’ – May 12, 2008 — Excerpt: The more carbon dioxide you put into the atmosphere, the more you are helping all plants on the planet to grow, and of course that makes you a better person. Virtue is in direct proportion to your carbon dioxide output. What of the temperature, you ask? Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, but the effect is strongly logarithmic. The first 20 ppm achieves 1.5 degrees of heating, but it takes more than another 400 ppm to equal that. By the time we get to the current level of 384 ppm, carbon dioxide is tuckered out as a greenhouse gas. From here, every 100 ppm extra may be worth 0.1 of a degree.  […] Surely a few more years of cooling will leave only the true believers in their misanthropic ideology, and the truly idiotic. […]  Not only will it continue, substantial cooling next decade is in the bag based on current solar behavior. There is a good correlation between solar cycle length and the temperature over the following solar cycle. Long solar cycles cause lower temperatures.

Canadian Climatologist Dr. Timothy Ball: “If we are facing [a crisis] at all, I think it is that we are preparing for warming when it is looking like we are cooling. We are preparing for the wrong thing.” (March 2008)

UK Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn: “There is no evidence that CO2 has ever driven or will ever drive world temperatures and climate change. The consequence of that is that worrying about CO2 is irrelevant. Our prediction is world temperatures will continue to decline until 2014 and probably continue to decline after that.” (March 2008)

Four prominent scientists warn ‘global warming out, global cooling in’- ‘Potential for a significant decline in the average mean temperature’ – July 12, 2008 (LINK) & (LINK)   – Excerpt: Four scientists, four scenarios, four more or less similar conclusions without actually saying it outright — the global warming trend is done, and a cooling trend is about to kick in. The implication: Future energy price response is likely to be significant. Late last month, some leading climatologists and meteorologists met in New York at the Energy Business Watch Climate and Hurricane Forum. The theme of the forum strongly suggested that a period of global cooling is about emerge, though possible concerns for a political backlash kept it from being spelled out. However, the message was loud and clear, a cyclical global warming trend may be coming to an end for a variety of reasons, and a new cooling cycle could impact the energy markets in a big way. Words like “highly possible,” “likely” or “reasonably convincing” about what may soon occur were used frequently. Then there were other words like “mass pattern shift” and “wholesale change in anomalies” and “changes in global circulation.” Noted presenters, such as William Gray, Harry van Loon, Rol Madden and Dave Melita, signaled in the strongest terms that huge climate changes are afoot. Each weather guru, from a different angle, suggested that global warming is part of a cycle that is nearing an end. All agreed the earth is in a warm cycle right now, and has been for a while, but that is about to change significantly. […]  We are on our way out of the latest (warming) cycle, and are headed for a new cycle of low (solar) activity,” van Loon said. “There is a change coming. We may see 180-degree changes in anomalies during high and low sunspot periods. There were three global climate changes in the last century, there is a change coming now.” […] Perhaps the best known speaker was Colorado State University’s Gray, founder of the school’s famed hurricane research team. Gray spoke about multi-decade periods of warming and cooling and how global climate flux has been the norm for as long as there have been records. Gray has taken quite a bit of political heat for insistence that global warming is not a man-made condition. Man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) is negligible, he said, compared to the amount of CO2 Mother Nature makes and disposes of each day or century. “We’ve reached the top of the heat cycle,” he said. “The next 10 years will be hardly any warmer than the last 10 years.”

‘Global Warming Will Stop,’ New Peer-Reviewed Study Says — Excerpt: The UK Telegraph reports on April 30: “Global warming will stop until at least 2015 because of natural variations in the climate, scientists have said. Researchers studying long-term changes in sea temperatures said they now expect a “lull” for up to a decade while natural variations in climate cancel out the increases caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions. The average temperature of the sea around Europe and North America is expected to cool slightly over the decade while the tropical Pacific remains unchanged. This would mean that the 0.3°C global average temperature rise which has been predicted for the next decade by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change may not happen, according to the paper published in the scientific journal Nature.” End article excerpt. This significant new study adds to a growing body of peer-reviewed literature and other scientific analyses challenging former Vice President Al Gore and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen’s March 2008 presentation of data from the Hadley Centre of the UK Met Office found the Earth has had “no statistically significant warming since 1995.” (LINK)

Is there a cold future just lying in wait for us? – August 13, 2008 – Belfast Telegraph — Excerpt: Based on the past Armagh measurements, this suggests that over the next two decades, global temperatures may fall by about 2 degrees C — that is, to a level lower than any we have seen in the last 100 years. Of course, nothing in science is certain. Perhaps (though I doubt it) Armagh’s old measurements are wrong or perhaps there are now other factors, such as CO2 emissions, which may change things somewhat. However, temperatures have already fallen by about 0.5 degrees C over the past 12 months and, if this is only the start of it, it would be a serious concern.

Solar Declines Freeze Global Warming, Drops Seas:   – Excerpt: By John Zyrkowski, President, Lean Techniques, LLC, © 2008 – New Book: It’s the Sun Not Your SUV, St. Augustine’s Press © 2008 – Foreword by 2001 IPCC Reviewer – The temperature record tracks the sun’s decline in energy output over the past 10 years. In my new book, “IT’S THE SUN, NOT YOUR SUV,” using the Global Warming community’s own data, a conclusive proof is made that the zigzag historic temperature record is forced to change by the major changes in the sun’s energy. Using solar forces only from 1880 to 1960, the increase to 0.61° C in 1998 then the recent decline to 0.32° C over 1960 is accurately forecast to within several hundredths of a degree. This miniscule change forecast is as accurate as the most current data when compared to the sun’s forcing the earth’s surface 280°+ C over deep space temperatures (Chart 1). Other fits to the historic record can include minor influences of green house gases (GHG). Confirming the decline in temperature is a 28% drop in the level of the oceans since October, 2006 when the oceans increased by 2.3 inches over 1992. Since then they have declined to 1.8 inches according to Topex/Jason-1 measurements from Jet Propulsion Laboratories (Chart 1a). These are miniscule changes compared to the gargantuan projections by the Global Warming community.

Solar physicists Galina Mashnich and Vladimir Bashkirtsev, of the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believe the climate is driven by the sun and predict global cooling will soon occur. The two scientists are so convinced that global temperatures will cool within the next decade they have placed a $10,000 wager with a UK scientist to prove their certainty. The criteria for the $10,000 bet will be to “compare global temperatures between 1998 and 2003 with those between 2012 and 2017. The loser will pay up in 2018,” according to an April 16, 2007 article in Live Science. (LINK)

Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of Space Research for the Pulkovo Observatory in Russia, predicted the decline in solar irradiance is going to lead to global cooling by 2015 and “will inevitably lead to a deep freeze around 2055-60,” according to Abdussamatov. Abdussamatov was also featured in a February 28, 2007 article in National Geographic titled “Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says,” where he reiterated his scientific findings that “man-made greenhouse warming has made a small contribution to the warming seen on Earth in recent years, but it cannot compete with the increase in solar irradiance.” (LINK)

Australian engineer Dr. Peter Harris authored an August 20, 2007 paper entitled “Probability of Sudden Global Cooling.” The study Harris authored found that “the data…clearly shows the nominal 100KY cycle for glaciation and the interglacial phases and it shows that we have reached the end of the typical interglacial cycle and are due for a sudden cooling climate change. Based on this analysis we can say that there is a probability of 94% of imminent global cooling and the beginning of the coming ice age.”  He added, “By observation of a number of natural internal processes we can find further support for the coming change and I have referred before to the confirmed slowdown of the Gulf Stream, the effect of major endothermic polar ice melt and forecast reduction in solar activity after 70 years of extreme activity not seen for 8000 years before. The Stratosphere is cooling and ice is building on the South Pole. Climate is becoming unstable. Most of these major natural processes that we are witnessing now are interdependent and occur at the end of each interglacial period, ultimately causing sudden long term cooling.” (LINK) & (LINK)

A cold spell soon to replace global warming (Dr. Oleg Sorokhtin, Merited Scientist of Russia and fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, is staff researcher of the Oceanology Institute.) – Excerpt: Stock up on fur coats and felt boots! This is my paradoxical advice to the warm world. Earth is now at the peak of one of its passing warm spells. It started in the 17th century when there was no industrial influence on the climate to speak of and no such thing as the hothouse effect. The current warming is evidently a natural process and utterly independent of hothouse gases. […] Carbon dioxide is not to blame for global climate change. Solar activity is many times more powerful than the energy produced by the whole of humankind. Man’s influence on nature is a drop in the ocean.

Global Cooling is Imminent! (By Meteorologist Jim Clark of Florida’s WZVN-TV ABC 7) – Excerpt: It was about this time (1990’s) that Dr. Bill Gray, the famed hurricane climatologist, began speaking out against the global warming crisis at the National Hurricane Conferences.  He didn’t just stop at criticizing the scary climate models, but went so far as to predict GLOBAL COOLING in the first have of the 21st Century. Now, nearly 15 years later, it looks like Dr. Gray may be right!  The planet has not warmed over the last decade and climate factors seem to be lining up for a global cool down, despite the ever increasing concentration of atmospheric CO2.  The approaching ‘cold snap’ is not a global crisis, but when it is all said and done, we will likely have a better appreciation for the relative warmth we have enjoyed recently.

Hurricane Forecaster William Gray Predicts Global Cooling in 10 Years — Excerpt: “We should begin to see cooling coming on,” Gray said. “I’m willing to make a big financial bet on it. In 10 years, I expect the globe to be somewhat cooler than it is now, because this ocean effect will dominate over the human-induced CO2 effect and I believe the solar effect and the land-use effect. I think this is likely bigger.” Gray, 79, wasn’t sure if he’d be around to see his prediction come true. “I may not be around by that time,” Gray said. “But, I’ve asked some of my students to put dandelions on my grave if that happens.” Gray criticized NASA scientist and global warming alarmist James Hansen, calling him “the most egregious abuser” of data. According to Gray, Hansen’s alarmism is exaggerated because the models he uses to predict the increase in global warming count on too much water vapor in the atmosphere.  “[S]o he puts that much vapor in his model and of course he gets this,” Gray said. “He must get upper troposphere where the temperature is seven degrees warmer for a doubl[ing of] CO2. Well, the reason he got that was – why this upper-level warming was there – was he put too much water vapor in the model.”

Geophysicist Dr. Phil Chapman, an astronautical engineer and the first Australian to become a NASA astronaut, served as staff physicist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), dissented from global warming fears, and warned of a coming ice age. “The first sunspot appeared in January this year and lasted only two days. A tiny spot appeared last Monday but vanished within 24 hours. Another little spot appeared this Monday. Pray that there will be many more, and soon,” Chapman wrote in a April 23, 2008, article tilted “Sorry to ruin the fun, but an ice age cometh.” “There is no doubt that the next little ice age would be much worse than the previous one and much more harmful than anything warming may do. There are many more people now and we have become dependent on a few temperate agricultural areas, especially in the U.S. and Canada. Global warming would increase agricultural output, but global cooling will decrease it. Millions will starve if we do nothing to prepare for it (such as planning changes in agriculture to compensate), and millions more will die from cold-related diseases,” Chapman explained. “The bleak truth is that, under normal conditions, most of North America and Europe are buried under about 1.5km of ice. This bitterly frigid climate is interrupted occasionally by brief warm interglacials, typically lasting less than 10,000 years. The interglacial we have enjoyed throughout recorded human history, called the Holocene, began 11,000 years ago, so the ice is overdue,” Chapman wrote. “All those urging action to curb global warming need to take off the blinkers and give some thought to what we should do if we are facing global cooling instead. It will be difficult for people to face the truth when their reputations, careers, government grants or hopes for social change depend on global warming, but the fate of civilization may be at stake,” he added. (LINK)

Statistician Dr. Richard Mackey authored a 2007 peer-reviewed study which found that the solar system regulates the earth’s climate. The paper was published August 17, 2007 in the Journal of Coastal Research. Mackey predicted a coming global cooling in 2008. Mackey wrote: “The solar inertial motion hypothesis predicts that the period from about 2010 to 2040 will be one of relatively severe cold throughout the world. The hypothesis predicts that the emergent Sunspot Cycle No 24 will be quieter than Sunspot Cycle No 23 and just like Sunspot Cycle No 14, the weakest cycle in the last 100 years, which began in February, 1902 and ended in August, 1913. “Other things being equal, a strong geomagnetic field contributes to a warmer climate; a weaker field to a cooler climate. But the effect may not be uniform across the planet. Currently, the geomagnetic field seems to be weakening, contributing to global cooling.,” Mackey wrote on February 8, 2008. “The science of climate dynamics: continues to publish findings about solar/climate relationships and internal variability of the climate system that invalidate the account of the Earth’s climate dynamics presented by the IPCC; predicts the likelihood of an extended period of global cooling, if the emergent solar cycle 24 has a low amplitude, as seems increasingly likely on the basis of current science,” Mackey explained. “Low amplitude solar activity cycles generally result in a cooler global climate. Two or more such cycles in succession usually result in severe cooling. In the past such sequences have induced cold epochs referred to as little ice ages. There is increasing evidence that the emergent solar cycle 24 will be low amplitude and followed by one or two more low amplitude cycles,” he added. “If there is a period of severe global cooling over the next several decades as indicated by the science of solar/climate relationships and predictions of the next three solar cycles, there would be a 30 year period of far greater hardship than our ancestors experienced during the last several cycles of the quieter Sun,” he added. (LINK) &  &

UN Scientist & Professor Dr. Will J.R. Alexander, Emeritus of the Department of Civil and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and a former member of the United Nations Scientific and Technical Committee on Natural Disasters. “This whole climate change issue is rapidly disintegrating. From now onwards climate alarmists will be on the retreat. […] All indications are that we are now on the threshold of global cooling associated with the second and less active solar cycle.” – May 2, 2008 – (LINK

Atmospheric Scientist Tennekes: ‘Sun may cause some cooling’ – ‘No evidence at all for catastrophic global warming’  – July 14, 2008 (By Atmospheric scientist Dr. Hendrik Tennekes, a scientific pioneer in the development of numerical weather prediction and former director of research at The Netherlands’ Royal National Meteorological Institute.) (LINK)

U.S Army Chief Scientist Says Sun, Not Man, Is Causing Climate Change – June 3, 2008 (Dr. Bruce West, Chief Scientist, Mathematical & Information Science Directorate, Army Research Office) [Note: Dr. West co-authored a March 2008 scientific analysis Nicola Scafetta showing the Sun “could account for as much as 69% of the increase in Earth’s average temperature” (LINK) & (LINK) ] Excerpt: The Army is weighing in on the global warming debate, claiming that climate change is not man-made.  Instead, Dr. Bruce West, with the Army Research Office, argues that “changes in the earth’s average surface temperature are directly linked to … the short-term statistical fluctuations in the Sun’s irradiance and the longer-term solar cycles.” In an advisory to bloggers entitled “Global Warming: Fact of Fiction [sic],” an Army public affairs official promoted a conference call with West about “the causes of global warming, and how it may not be caused by the common indicates [sic] some scientists and the media are indicating.”  In the March, 2008 issue of Physics Today, West, the chief scientist of the Army Research Office’s mathematical and information science directorate, wrote that “the Sun’s turbulent dynamics” are linked with the Earth’s complex ecosystem. These connections are what is heating up the planet. “The Sun could account for as much as 69 percent of the increase in Earth’s average temperature,” West noted. […]  He argues that these groups have done a poor job modeling the Sun’s impact, however, and that’s why they have “significantly over-estimated” the “anthropogenic contribution to global warming.” […]  Global Warming: Fact of Fiction – 11 AM Thursday, June 5 – Is global warming really caused by humans, or is it simply the result of different aspects of the sun’s dynamics? Dr. Bruce West, Chief Scientist, Mathematical & Information Science Directorate, Army Research Office, will discuss the causes of global warming, and how it may not be caused by the common indicates some scientists and the media are indicating. Research conducted by Dr. West contends that the changes in the earth’s average surface temperature are directly linked to two distinctly different aspects of the sun’s dynamics: the short-term statistical fluctuations in the Sun’s irradiance and the longer-term solar cycles. Please reply to this message if you are interested in participating. Lindy Kyzer – Public Affairs Specialist – Media Relations Division – Office of the Chief of Public Affairs – Department of the Army

New Peer-Reviewed Study Shows Arctic COOLING Over last 1500 years! – Feb 5, 2008 – Published in Climate Dynamics on 30 January 2008 (LINK)

Ivy League Geologist Explains that Earth is currently in one of coldest periods in History. Excerpt: Ivy League geologist Dr. Robert Giegengack is a professor of earth and environmental science at the University of Pennsylvania. Giegengack noted that the history the last one billion years on the planet reveals “only about 5% of that time has been characterized by conditions on Earth that were so cold that the poles could support masses of permanent ice.” Giegengack also noted “for most of Earth’s history, the globe has been warmer than it has been for the last 200 years. It has rarely been cooler.” &


Very Small Sampling of 1970s Global Cooling Flashback:  

Flashback 1971: Hansen’s climate model says ice age to occur by 2021, ‘no need to worry about CO2′

Flashback 1978: Government Experts Said No End In Sight To Global Cooling – Polar Vortex Increasing

‘John Holdren can’t sleep because of global warming, but forty years ago he couldn’t sleep because of global cooling’

Flashback 1978: Leonard Nimoy warned of harsh winters from ‘global cooling’

New York Times 1976: Climatologists Predicted Global Cooling – Warned of ‘Highly Erratic Weather For Decades to Come” – Skeptics Said It Was ‘Nonsense’ – Noted Models Can’t predict: ‘Some of their stuff is right out of fantasy land’

Flashback 1970 Washington Post: ‘Colder winters herald dawn of a new ice age’Washington Post Staff Writer; By David R. Boldt – Jan 11, 1970 – ‘Get a good grip on your long johns, cold weather haters–the worst may be yet to come. That’s the long-long-range weather forecast being given out by “climatologists.” the people who study very long-term world weather trends.’

Analysis: NASA: Hiding The 1970′s Ice-Age Scare

Flashback 1992 New York Times: ‘Scientists Suggest Global Warming Could Hasten the Next Ice Age’ – NYT – January 21, 1992: ‘If global warming proceeds as forecast, it could cause the Northern Hemisphere’s ice sheets to expand much as they did at the start of the last Ice Age, when the world’s climate was slightly warmer than it is today, American and Canadian scientists say.’

Flashback 1972: CRU Chief Hubert Lamb of U. of East Anglia Said in an Associated Press article That Earth Would Definitely Cool Over The Next Two Centuries

Flashback 1975 New York Times: Climate Experts Said That Jumbo Jets Would Cool The Planet And Produce Global Famine

New York Times – By WALTER SULLIVAN – December 21, 1975 – Page 32 – ‘Experts Fear Great Peril If SST (supersonic traffic) Fumes Cool Earth’

Reality Check: ‘The fear of cooling  was widely shared and was endorsed by most of the major scientific organizations of the time’

Global Cooling 1970s Reference Page Via Real Science: ‘Every major climate organization endorsed the ice age scare, including NCAR, CRU, NAS, NASA – as did the CIA’

Time Magazine Goes Both Ways On The Polar Vortex: ‘In 1974, Time Mag blamed the cold polar vortex on global cooling’ — In 2014: ‘Time Magazine blames the cold polar vortex on global warming’

1974 CIA Shock Report: ‘The western world’s leading climatologists’ Warn Of A Return To The Little Ice Age

1976: CIA Warned That Global Cooling Will Bring Drought, Famine, Social Unrest And Political Upheaval




152 Responses

  1. There’s a NASA video loop you can dial up that lets you see an entire day’s solar activity compressed into 60 seconds, and it is anything but ‘quiet’ or diminished, blowing off HUGE CMEs a thousand times the size of the earth, often several times a day. The latest theory I’ve read is that what protects us from the sun is molten magnetized iron floating on the surface of the sun. The yellow spectrum, the ‘boiling seas’, the bizarre tightly looping magnetic fields all say ‘iron’. So it could be the iron is getting thicker and letting less uniform radiant energy out, except for the violent X-events and CMEs.

    Anyway, I’d like to know where they get this ‘sun is going quiet’ position, since all we have are sunspot records prior to 1970. It almost sounds to me like the ‘ice cores and tree rings’ meme in reverse, though Chinese scientists have found an extremely high 0.92 correlation between CFCs in the atmosphere and global temperatures, predicted increased cooling as CFCs are phased out, but in a logarithmic decline to 1950 levels of warming, when CFC industrial production really took off.

    So more than likely we’ll just see a very slow decline in temperatures with CFC abatement, until the predominant cycle of centuries-long warming pushes through again at some antediluvian rate.

    “Some say the world will end in fire, and some say the world will end in ice.
    From what I’ve seen of the liars, I hold with those who say it will remain nice.”

    1. There are measurements of solar energy arriving at the top of the troposphere that goes back to the 1970’s, there is a definite decrease in input.

  2. It is astounding that dangerous man-made global warming fanatics like Obama and Prince Charles, in addition to all those climate change charlatans at various academies of science such as The Royal Society, prefer to ignore real word observational data on climate and solar activity, in favour of psuedo-science and climate models that consistently have failed in their scenarios and projections.

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      1. Everyone knows the absence of evidence of any kind suggests something is missing or that it does not exist (General Science 101). (A claim that one cannot prove a negative (such as that telepathy does not exist), but the other argues that an individual who claims telepathy does exist.

        1. How do you know there is no evidence for ACC?

          Some scientific facts for you:

          Fact: 97% of published peer-reviewed ckimate change scientific research finds, based on falsifiable evidence, that ACC is not false.
          Fact : 98% of climate change scientists endorse the 97% consensus.
          Fact: +175 governments of countries accepts ACC.
          Fact: 100% of scientific bodies of national and international standing do not dissent from ACC.
          Fact: Only 50% of people believe that the 97% consensus does not exists. That’s you, and your opinion is wrong.

          Now, are you seriously claiming that the smartest people in the world are all wrong, but that you, an anonymous Disgus user, is right? And your best argument is that the smartest people are all wrong (they have evidence for ACC that don’t exist). Yet you refuse to tell me how you know that and you hide your work? That’s not very smart at all.

          1. Go to & put 97% consensus in the search box. Many results. Start with UN IPCC lead author Richard Tol’s. Your 97% claim is totally bogus.

                1. Your insults do not work on me.

                  I know you offer them because your reasoning failed you.

                  There is a well known phenomenon called crank magnetism – cranks are attracted to cranky ideas just like magnets.

                  Is there a crank theory that you don’t believe in?

          2. ASIF we’re not posting on a page that is full of scientists that are saying the world is cooling. The ‘smartest people in the world’ also said Iraq had WMDs, never trust the smartest people when billions of dollars is at stake, and all that money is flowing to these people in the form of grant money, research grants, carbon credits, etc. and you said A. Climate Change, not A.GWwarming so I guess global cooling will soon be blamed on A. activity along with hurricanes and droughts. it’s easy to say we cause all this stuff since we are here, and there is no way to remove us to run an experiment to see what happens if we are not here, because then we wouldn’t be here.

            1. You basically restated DyannX’s claim. It’s okay to be loud. It’s fine to have nothing to say. But to be both, like you, on a Disqus forum, is rather pathetic.

              There is a well known phenomenon called crank magnetism – cranks are attracted to cranky ideas just like magnets.

              Is there a crank theory that you don’t believe in?

              1. The scientists on this page are not ‘loud’ they are publishing their work and then they are done with it, you can read their work if you want. The Russian astrophysicist or whoever do not constantly seek to publicize their work on the NYT or or the mainstream media, unlike the global warming scammers who constantly get attention for their weak and inconclusive studies. Here is a case in point and this comes right off the AGW promoting nasa goodard website:

                Now you don’t see that one being publicized by the NYT or CNN or BBC or any other mainstream media, yet just today on yahoo I see another ridiculous report on yahoo claiming ‘if research is correct about 6 foot sea-level rise by the end of the century..blahblahblah’ complete utter non-sense, at no point in this brilliant article do they mention that sea-level change is measure in millimeters and their has only been maybe about a cm change since in more than a 100 years, and yet there’s going to be a 6 foot rise with NO global warming in 20 years and an increasing amount of indicators showing cooling.. and you say THESE scientists are ‘talking loud’.. then you throw around meaningless adjectives like ‘crank magnetism’ oh ok there John “cranks are attracted to magnets” that was a good one.

                1. Sam, you did not answer my question. Is there a crank theory that you do not believe in?

                  Incidentally, did you read the NASA article that you linked to? I don’t think you did. What makes you think it falsifies anthropogenic climate change?
                  Or is this still a case of you being loud but have nothing to say?

                  Pay attention Sam, answer my questions.

                  1. It’s you who is not reading, I didn’t say that NASA article ‘falsify s’ ACC, the topic is about this ‘loudness’ you mentioned, what I said was that mainstream media ‘loudly’ publicizes less definitive studies that suggest ice receding or sea level rise, but a more definitive study like that one (which used satelites) is not reported on because it is inconvenient for their overall simplistic view on the subject. As far as your silly ‘yes or no’ question, a moron like yourself does not get to label the dozens of highly educated scientists listed on this page such as Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of Space Research for the Pulkovo Observatory in Russia as ‘cranks’

                    I will tell you about another scientist from an earlier time, Her name was Leona Woods Libby, she was the only woman that worked on the manhattan project, she was accomplished in developing the first nuclear reactor; after the war she went into the science of climate change based on natural cycles. Using data gathered from tree rings, etc. her and other scientists in the 60’s predicted that global warming would resume by 1980 for 2 decades (at the time there had been a cooling trend since a warming peak in the 1930’s-and there was scientific consensus of that as all the charts as of the 1980’s showed that) followed by 50 years of cooling AND they predicted a spike in cooling around 2020. Now if you look up you will see that J.Hansen himself also predicted this cooling prior to leading the GW bandwagon. SO now we know that they got the 2 decades of warming right as there is no confirmed warming since then. What’s fascinating about that is that back then they did not have the ability to predict the solar cycles, they simply used historic data from nature. Now we know that Solar cycle 24 is bottoming out at 2020 after a ‘dalton’ minimum. why don’t you use this page to educate yourself on alternative views instead of being a warmist fanatic. As i can assure you that I READ the AGW blogs like skepticalscience, seems to many on the other side shut their ears.

                    1. You have not answered any of my questions.

                      But you’re still loud and are still saying nothing.


                      Write me when uou can answer my questions.

        2. So, you can’t falsify ACC.

          That’s pseudo science. Do you suffer from amnesia and logorrhea? Or is that your Dunning-Kruger effect?
          Your stupidity level is extremely high. It’s a miracle that you’re alive.

          1. The question is ‘Can you falsify (human activity caused) or anthropogenic climate change? of course not because that is a very vague term ‘climate change’ especially since A. Global Warming has been mostly abandoned as a talking point and your not mentioning the ‘amount’ of climate change. But you can’t prove that it exists in any significant form either, your throwing insults around like ‘your stupid’ and i will throw them back at you even though it’s pointless either way. I have been keeping notes on significant cold weather anomalies since appox 2014 and I will paste them below, obviously the low solar activity is the principle cause of these anomalies but does human activity such as pollution- aerosals that humans emit make the conditions worse– that cannot be proven but it’s obvious that most of the climate change, whether it’s cooling or warming is natural not ’caused’ by human activity.

            2013-14: Coldest and snowiest winters in 200 years in parts of South
            America between June and August. Some weather stations in northern
            Argentina and Paraguay saw their first measurable snowfalls
            this past July in living memory. This July likewise saw the coldest
            temperature ever on earth in Antarctica, an incredible minus-135.8
            degrees Fahrenheit.

            December 20 2013: Cairo, Egypt saw its first
            measurable snowfall in more than 100 years. Its domes
            and minarets were coated with a rare covering of snow, a picture of
            winter beauty. Kids of all ages had snowball fights in the streets of
            Cairo with ice, rather than bullets, much more fun to say the least.
            Imagine seeing the Pyramids and the Sphinx covered
            in snow!

            Syrian refugee camps in Jordan saw their flimsy
            shelters collapsed by the heavy snows. The snows in Jerusalem were the
            heaviest in 60 years, more than three feet deep in places. Hundreds were
            stranded in vehicles on impassable roads.
            [ ]

            2014 ALL US states below
            freezing RARE
            * 92% ice cover on the great lakes US
            * cold records broken in NZ


            * 2014,15 heavy snow in Atlanta and Houston RARE
            * 2015 Cappricotta Italy one day snow record* 300 year
            snow record in Hokkaido, Japan
            * 2015 snow fall record broke in Nova Scota
            * Hallifax snow 18X higher than normal
            * 2015 Boston 270 snow record broke
            * Buffalo New York ALLTIME snow record
            * Snow in Huntington Beach ca RARE
            2015 great lake USA ice cover lasting until June, months longer than normal
            * 2015 Heavy Snows in Syria & Libya + many other ME countries, very RARE especially so widespread

            * 2015 Summer Snow in Elcalafate Chili on December 26 ( Dec. is middle
            of summer in South America.
            * Snow last 2 years in Vietnam RARE
            * Snow in July in Hawaii at 10,000 feet RARE
            * Snow in August in Calgary Canada RARE
            * Snow in August in SOUTHERN China RARE
            * 2015 August Snow is Montana, and Wyoming
            2015 August cold records for Billings MT, Denver CO, Mitchell SD,
            Watertown SD, Shrevepost LA, Monroe LA, Texarkana AR, El Dorado AR,
            Tyler TX, Longview TX + many others, Broke.

            * 2016 January-February snow for the first time in central Vietnam,
            heavy snow all over vietnam unbeleivable picts:–snowfall-in-central-vietnam-for-the-first-time.html

            Okinawa-first snow ever. Hiroshima-55 inches of snow, Hong Kong
            records 3rd coldest day on record. Vietnam had 1 foot of snow 300km
            south of hanoi. Snow in ElSalvador, Honduras. Peru gets snow in the
            * 2016 March: cold records
            broke all over US and more snow in tropics, NY and Boston have coldest
            March in 100 years. .. Heavy snow again in central mexico. New York’s
            Whiteface Mountains reached an insanely cold minus-78.88C ; Taiwan and
            Kuwait receive first snow on record.
            * CROP FAILURE wheat crop fail
            from intense late colds:
            * 2016 Pakistans meteorological dept. issues a report predicting global cooling as a result
            of solar activity. Pakistan is 2nd government so far to issue global cooling warning after Russia did earlier.

            * 2016 March 22 wheat crop damage in US due to freeze.

            * 2016 Russian wheat crop damaged by ice.

            * 2016 April snow
            in PA,USA in april, media refers to phenomenon as ‘snow-showers’. The
            forcast is then upgraded to 3-12″ of snow blanketing PA & MW, and NE
            region. NY and other states record
            their coldest April day on record. Heavy snow in Colorado-between
            15″-32″ snow in April. Snow records for April broken in CO & WY.

            * 2016 April 1st snow reported in the Carribian. Guadelupe snow in April described by Dominica
            News as “extrodinary weather phenomenon”

            * 2016 April, less than 5% of wheat and oat crop planted as of mid-April; cold and wind preventing fieldwork

            * May 16, 2016: 4to7 inches of snow in Maine-record breaking snow
            for May, New England record spring snowfall 6+ inches, Vermont, PA,
            Michigan, Ohio 3+ inches, Tennessee US Highways closed because of Ice +
            snow. This is the first time there has been
            snow in Maine this late, last time was 1972 but that was may 2nd.. this
            is past middle of may. Vermont snow record for may broke by 15X.. Ohio
            snow during this years marathon.. Michigan cities all get snowed,not
            since may 13, 1912 have they had snow
            and that was .01 inch.. this time it’s 3 inches.. Strange ‘snowpellets’
            in PA, odd type of snow,hail combination not before seen.. Wisconsin
            cold and snow record broken, 5″ Snow in Montana and WY, Waterloo and
            Dubuque Iowa record cold, Dallas FtWorth record

            May 19 2016: Blizzard hits Xinjiang and Gansu China just a
            few weeks prior to summer, 7+ inches of snow. Snow in Hubei near
            Beijing, in all 5 provinves blanketed with snow in May CCTV reports
            phenomenon as RARE. China media declares
            that this winter was the coldest in 60-80 years. 8 Area’s in NSW
            Australia break May cold records.

            May 2016: Crop losses due to
            late cold weather. Northern Hemisphere Crop losses covering Europe,
            North American and Asia are staggering. May
            cold & frost damageing barry crops. In several European countries –
            such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, France
            and Belgium – apples, pears, cherries and grapes were frozen. 80% of
            Cherries, 60% of Apricots, 6% of
            Wheat, 13% of Austrian wine production. Nother America sits in the 50%
            losses for fruit. Australian wheat is down. May cold and frost also
            damages crops in Turkey and Tajikistan. Ukrain suffers 100% losses

            June 2016: Snow in Hawaii again,
            record June snow in Barrow Alaska, Vostok Antartica sets cold record
            less than -80*C; June snow in Mexico very RARE, June frost all over
            upstate New York, June 10 Heavy snow in Novodvinsk(RARE) and Tiksi
            Russia, June snow in Ukrain RARE.

            June 9 2016:
            Cold and snow in tropical Brazil with 38 cities accross the country
            below 0*C Some area’s as cold as -5.3*C. Many cold records broken.

            July 8 2016: Snow in NW USA, accuweather service describes the cold weather phenomenon as ‘summer taking
            a hiatus as storm system brings fall-like weather’.

            1. It’s clear that you can’t falsify anthropogenic climate change (ACC). What is more clear is that you don’t even know the difference between weather and climate. You cited no scientific sources for your weather, but claim it’s legit and is natural climate change. How absurd.

              That the earth is heating up is a scientific fact that causes climate change. Human activities creates CO2 which is the main driver why the earth is heating up. How do you expect to debate this topic of you don’t even understand the basic terminology?

              Your fallacy of equivocation – heating (cooling / warming) is not climate change:

    ’s obvious that most of the climate change, whether it’s cooling or warming is natural not ’caused’ by human activity.

              You’re not the first person to try and triumph science with your gut feeling. You claim that climate change is obviously natural does not make it so, nor does it falsify ACC. Your fallacy is called appeal to personal crudely. It’s a way that people such as you spread their crank theories around hoping that the ignorant would not spot it.

              Want another go?

              1. 1 in 83,000 molecules in the atmosphere is a CO2 molecule of human origin, the rest in that sample come decomposition etc. Most of the CO2 in the atmosphere is not from humans and total CO2 in the atosphere is less than 1 half of 1% of the atmosphere; and yet we’re supposed to believe it ‘drives’ the climate.

                In the 1970’s NASA published a study that concluded, from a physics point of view CO2 was only capable of causing a small amount of warming even if you plugged in the most extreme variables, you can see a general replication of it here:

                Also you can look up and see how in the 70’s, under ‘flashback’ NASA’s models rejected CO2 as an issue. As of 1988 when AGW became the zeigeist, those previous studies were never challenged, they were simply ignored in favor of weak inconclusive studies.

                1. That does not falsify ACC.

                  There is a well known phenomenon called crank magnetism – cranks are attracted to cranky ideas just like magnets.

                  Is there a crank theory that you don’t believe in?

  3. Ironic isn’t it?
    For 15 years they’ve been telling us, “Global Warming! We’re all gonna die! Stop driving your SUV!”
    Now it’s going to be, “Global Cooling! We’re all gonna die! Turn on the furnace and open the window!”
    The people in power on this planet are IDIOTS

  4. NASA, NOAA and other institutes will continue to fake or manipulate statistics that will show a continuing warming of the planet. The alarmist will go down fighting.

  5. What are temperature statements claiming the warmest year, month or day really based on? …
    Thermometer readings? What calculations or adjustments to those readings does NASA make? Shouldn’t they quantify the amount of heat by using “degree days?” I ask this because there are about two dozen double records where it was both the hottest and coldest day for the given location in the time period specified. So, how does one tell if the day was really hotter or colder. Hmm, use degree days?

    1. They caught the global warming disciples putting recording stations on buildings with black roofs and heat exhaust vents. Surrounding stations were cooler, so that busted them. So now , the disciples are altering the old records to the cool side making modern temps look like they are warmer.

    2. David is right. Go over the Real Science and look at the simple but VERY important graphs of published temperatures minus ‘adjustments’. They massively cooled the past and warmed the present to derive all the ‘evidence’ to support their scam theory of AGW.

      1. Is there a crank theory you don’t believe? It’s a well known phenomenon called “crank magnetism” — cranks seem to attract lots of cranky ideas just like a magnet.

  6. You missed the most accurate and longest running prediction of them all that I’m aware of. Steve Goddard had dug up the interview with her in 1979 that was published in a newspaper.

    Dr Libby in the 1970s said that “looking forward it will stay cold until the mid 80s, then it will warm by about 1/4 degree F until the end of the century, then it gets cold”. When asked how cold she was predicting a 1-2 degree F drop with an outside chance of a 3-4 degree drop.

  7. There is a 10,000-15,000 year cycle of cooling then warming. We are at the apex of the bell curve where the warming stops and the cooling begins. (I think it is called the Holocene cycle) We can’t feed this population if it cools much. The Climactic Optimum, 4000 years ago was 3 to 4 F degrees warmer than it is now ( One of the big curves on the curve) and that was paradise not disaster.

    1. Maybe your should write up your findings in a scientific journal. Try to get it peer reviewed and then publised.
      Write me when the climate change scientific community accepted your paper. Note, you will be more famous than Einstein if you can do that.


  8. you just know the hard core Climate Jihadis will continue to spew their current nonsense that ‘short term’ natural events are just masking the ‘massive’ heat build up that will spring upon us anew in ‘just a few more years’ if we don’t “do something” and do it now with massive amounts of tax money.

  9. Everyone who ever took electrical engineering is aware of the sun’s 11 year cycle, especially those in telecommunications. But this is somethingh newish…Wonder how low we are to go? And, to think I gave away all my winter clothes , because Gore insisted.

  10. Can anyone here falsify the scientific theory of ‘dangerous’ anthropogenic climate change?

    In other words, do you have a published peer reviewed scientific
    journal that has been accepted by the scientific community that
    falsifies scientific knowledge (the scientific theory of ‘dangerous’ anthropogenic climate
    change and the scientific fact of a warming earth)?


      1. What makes you think AGW (anthropogenic global warming) exists? Your straw man is fallacious. There is no such thing as AGW. Only trolls and climate change deniers would pontificate AWG.

        The scientific theory is ACC (anthropogenic climate change). The scientific fact is that the earth is warming, with CO2 (not humans) being the cause. It so happens that climate change explains the warming earth and that human activities are resulting in increase in CO2 levels.

        The evidence for the scientific theory is ACC and for the scientific fact of a warming earth is here:

        Now, again, read slowly and answer:

        Can you falsify the scientific theory of ‘dangerous’ anthropogenic climate change?

        In other words, do you have a published peer reviewed scientific journal that has been accepted by the scientific community that falsifies scientific knowledge (the scientific theory of ‘dangerous’ anthropogenic climate change and the scientific fact of a warming earth)?

        Can you answer my question?

        1. All ice core records show that we are living in a warm period that is surrounded by much colder and much longer lasting periods. The temperatures we have experienced in the last couple of centuries are nothing out of normal, in fact they are even colder than previous warming periods, including today.

          You need to understand the temperatures from now back to 1900.
          Which was warmer, the year 1900 or 2000? The year 1900 was warmer.

          Which was the hottest month on record? July of 1936.

          Which was the hottest year on record? 1934

          There has been near zero growth in warmth since the year 1997, and all satellite data has confirmed this. Both NOAA, and NASA have shown a completely false hockey stick graph that shows temperatures steadily increasing up to now. When called out on it, NOAA recanted and re-instated the true up and down average temperatures since records began.

          There is massive fraud going on, and even a 40 veteran climatologist that worked at NOAA agrees with that assessment

          Co2 has never been proven to warm the earth beyond a couple of degrees before it tapers off to nothing.

          All these are facts, and just about everything put out by NASA and NOAA are fabricated lies.

          As for the IPCC, you seem to have completely disregarded climategate, when half of the IPCC turned on the other half when the fraud was revealed.

          You have nothing to support AGW. No one here but trolls like you believe in AGW, and you will get a legion of people here to back me up.

            1. I don’t answer idiots who are either too stupid to know what they are talking about, or people that need to be shot for pushing an anti human agenda.

              1. Interesting. I see that as your admission that you have invented your own pseudo reality because you can’t deal with this reality.

                You have not answered any of my questions and therefore you should not be taken seriously, no matter how serious you take yourself.

                It’s quite clear that you can’t falsify anthropogenic climate change. All you can do is resort to insults given that you have no evidence to support your denialism position.


                1. The only thing pathetic here is some asshole trolling the comment section with lies and anti-human propaganda. Go eat a bullet, traitor to humanity. If you don’t like people, please off yourself. You’d do us humans who actually want to live a favor.

                  1. Let me understand your post content. You can’t defend your position, you refuse to answer my simple questions, therefore you insult me.

                    What makes you think that is logical? I was right, you invented your own pseudo reality because you reject this reality. That is simply fascinating.

                    What else do you have? Or will your departure now follow given that you admitted that you can’t defend your pseudo reality?

                    1. What position do you have besides trolling? The original comment you left was trolling. If you are not aware of the anti-human agenda of the pro AGW crowd, then you need to educate yourself. We don’t like their fraud here, nor do we tolerate it.

                      The only thing here pathetic is your lack of knowledge, yet you keep pushing the BS.

                    2. You asked: “What position do you have besides trolling?”

                      I accept the science of climate change, and that anthropogenic climate change has not been falsified.

                      You claim: “The original comment you left was trolling.”

                      Why do you say that? Can you back that claim up with evidence and a clear explanation?

                      You claim: “If you are not aware of the anti-human agenda of the pro AGW crowd, then you need to educate yourself. ”

                      What agenda is that?

                      You claim: “The only thing here pathetic is your lack of knowledge, yet you keep pushing the BS.”

                      Yet, I asked you a question which you refused, purposely, to answer. And you state that I lack knowledge? Surely, if you can falsify the scientific theory of anthropocentric climate change (ACC) then you have the knowledge to do that. Why don’t you? I’m open for change, open to reject and be in denial of ACC, but you have done nothing to convince me of your position. Surely you must have something, anything, to convince me? Or do you think that by insulting me you will bring me over to your position? Do you honestly believe that?

                    3. I’m not talking with you. I’ve talked with enough morons who watch Bill Nye and think he’s god because the news and some kids science shows promote him.

                      You have nothing on your side besides the establishment funding the fraud to push the anti-human agenda. Go peddle your death somewhere else. I’m not even reading your comments, asshole. So piss off.

                    4. My dear Ryan, you still have not answered any of my questions. Why is that?

                      You claim: “I’m not talking with you.”

                      I know, you are writing me!

                      You claim: ” I’ve talked with enough morons who watch Bill Nye and think he’s god because the news and some kids science shows promote him.”

                      Who is Bill Nye?

                      You claim: “You have nothing on your side besides the establishment funding the fraud to push the anti-human agenda. ”

                      What is the agenda? I asked you before, but you seem to refuse to tell me. How absurd of you, pathetic is a better explanation, don’t you think?

                      You claim: “Go peddle your death somewhere else. I’m not even reading your comments, asshole. So piss off.”

                      Yet, you are writing (not talking) to me. Interesting. Seems like I was right, you can’t defend your denialism, refuse to back up your claims, but are great at insults. That, in itself, is not progress of any kind.

                      I asked you to convince me of your position, and you refused to comply. Seems like you think that your insults will swing me over to your position. Are you serious?

                    5. Yet, you reply and have no evidence to back up your claim of trolling.


                      Actually, it’s rather pathetic.

                    6. Thank you for admitting that you lost.

                      Incidentally, I this was never a competition. What is clear is that you can’t defend your position. And that makes your position redundant.


                    7. If you not reading it, then how do you know who to reply to? Guess, you were lying, again.


                    8. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    9. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    10. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll..

                    11. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    12. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll….

                    13. You’re projecting, troll.

                      ACC is not false. You can’t falsify it, yet you claim you can. That’s your trolling.


                    14. You’re projecting, troll.

                      ACC is not false. You can’t falsify it, yet you claim you can. That’s your trolling.


                    15. Now you’re offering your unlawful plagiarism.

                      Sadly for you, it does not falsify ACC.


                    16. Now you’re offering your unlawful plagiarism.

                      Sadly for you, it does not falsify ACC.


                    17. You’re projecting, troll.

                      ACC is not false. You can’t falsify it, yet you claim you can. That’s your trolling.


                    18. You’re projecting, troll.

                      ACC is not false. You can’t falsify it, yet you claim you can. That’s your trolling.Pathetic.

                    19. You’re projecting, troll.
                      ACC is not false. You can’t falsify it, yet you claim you can. That’s your trolling.Pathetic.

                    20. You’re projecting, troll.
                      ACC is not false. You can’t falsify it, yet you claim you can. That’s your trolling.Pathetic.

                    21. Nice try Ryan.
                      You must have been a real short term here in your denialist study group. Has it ever occurred to you that you must be bored because you’re kind of stupid? Oh wait…paradox…

                    22. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    23. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    24. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    25. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    26. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    27. “The greatest obstacle to discover is not ignorance. It’s the illusion of knowledge…” -Daniel Boston

                    28. You’re clearly not very intelligent, that’s a fact. Your I.Q. on observation is no more than 90, and that’s being kind.

                    29. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    30. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    31. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    32. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    33. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    34. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    35. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

                    36. Told ya, I’m not reading your messages. It’s just a comment left by a pathetic troll.

    1. I get raw data, and graph it myself.
      I have been unable to square my own graphs with the current public/media/political wind.
      This is very disturbing … I must revert to the words of my heroes …

      Albert Einstein “Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
      Richard Feynman “Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts”
      Carl Sagan “If we can’t think for ourselves, if we’re unwilling to question authority, then we’re just putty in the hands of those in power.”

      “Published peer reviewed” is a phrase meaning “authority”.

      1. So, in summary, you can’t falsify the scientific theory of ‘dangerous’ anthropogenic climate change (ACC).

        If you can’t falsify it, why do you claim it’s false? Because of your own graphs? Why don’t you write them up, send it for peer review and get it published? Or are you scared that people would find your mistakes?

        “Published peer reviewed” is a phrase meaning “authority”.

        Why do you say that?
        Why would your homework (your graphs) not be subjected to referee-ing? Why would you not want to show the world your graphs that apparently falsifies ACC.
        Are you saying that your ‘authority’ is useless? If so, then your claim that ACC is false is also useless. You walked into that one.


      1. fuck you ‘John’ I help people when they are searching for items all the time and I am happy to do it. Your obviously just here to troll. oh and i see below your cutting and pasting that ‘crank magnetism’ line again just below the text box i am typing in, maybe you should alternate between that and the ‘confirmation bias’ crap you morons use every time your global warming scam gets exposed.

        1. An opening of a post is very important. It either grabs you to read more or to signal you to stop. Your ‘fu..k you John’ was of the latter. I did not read any futher.

          I refuse to surrender my skepticism for your personal crudely. Write me when you can defend your weird beliefs and is willing to list a crank theory that you disbelieve.


            1. Everyone? Gee, how do you know that? Can you read minds?

              You can’t even falsify ACC, yet you claim it’s false because of your ‘authority’ is useless. How absurd.

  11. Searching for agricultural research, about affect global cooling would have on crop production, and what steps should be taken to protect against that.

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