Obama admits ‘solar and wind’ not ‘regular, reliable’ without ‘good ways to store power’

Promoting a transition to renewable energy, President Obama says, “solar and wind don’t work unless we’ve got good ways to store power… so that it can be used in a regular, reliable way.”

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “Thanks to the investments we made in the Recovery Act we’ve seen huge gains in our advanced battery industry. Because, solar and wind don’t work unless we’ve got good ways to store power when the sun’s out or the winds blowing so that it can be used in a regular, reliable way.”

President Obama Speaks on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Jacksonville, FL
February 26, 2016


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  1. Solar schemes don’t work because solar energy is too diffuse to be useful for large scale energy production. Solar cells are great for calculators and low energy lighting for remote cabins, but not much else. The requirement for vast areas of land area to produce large amounts of energy means you have to build monster sized machines to collect that spread out energy. Those monster machines are costly and inefficient by nature. The fact that solar is inherently intermittent and unreliable is the final nail in solar’s coffin. Everything we have spent on solar for large scale electricity use has been money thrown down a storm drain. Windmills are a disaster for wildlife, humans, and our economy. We will spend billions tearing those giant ugly bird killing machines down, and most will be torn down by the year 2050. The future of energy production is fusion power.

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  2. Hey, Prez, you can only store EXCESS power. Solar and Wind do NOT produce EXCESS power. They cannot even produce NEEDED power.
    But, perhaps we can have 10’s of millions of middle and lower class tax paying slaves carry water in buckets, from a lower reservoir to an upper reservoir. Then let that water flow DOWN to generate hydro power.
    People slaves bring the water up, gravity brings the water down.

    OR perhaps we can have these middle and lower class people slaves ride stationary bikes ALL DAY! Generating the power that L. DeCarprio, his Hollywood morons and the political Elites need to run their pathetic, Elite lives.

    We have the People Slaves. YOU just have to figure out how to use them!

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