Flashback: Meteorologist Anthony Watts on ‘adjusted’ U.S. temperature data: ‘In the business and trading world, people go to jail for such manipulations of data’

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Flashback: Climatologist Dr. Pat Michaels: ‘The raw temperature data is continually adjusted to show more warming’ – PATRICK J. MICHAELS and PAUL C. “CHIP” KNAPPENBERGER: U.S. temperature ‘history has been repeatedly “revised” to either make temperatures colder in the earlier years or warmer at the end’ –‘A major and ongoing federal effort has been to try and cram these numbers into the box imposed by the theory that gives the government the most power—i.e., strong global warming.’ – ‘Please be advised that this history has been repeatedly “revised” to either make temperatures colder in the earlier years or warmer at the end.  Not one “adjustment” has the opposite effect, a clear contravention of logic and probability.  While the US has gotten slightly warmer in recent decades, compared to the early 20th century, so have the data themselves.  It’s a fact that if you just take all the thousands of fairly evenly-spaced “official” weather stations around the country and average them up since 1895, that you won’t get much of a warming trend at all.   Consequently a major and ongoing federal effort has been to try and cram these numbers into the box imposed by the theory that gives the government the most power—i.e., strong global warming.’

NOAA’s National Climatic Data center caught cooling the past – modern processed records don’t match paper records – ‘The average state temp records used in current trends analysis by NCDC do not reflect actual published records of such as they appeared in Monthly Weather Reviews and Climatological Data Summaries of years past…looked at entire years of data from 1920s & 1930s for numerous different states & found that this ‘cooling’ of old data was fairly consistent across the board…Is this purposeful mendacity, or just another example of confirmation bias at work?’

Rewriting Their Own Temperature Past At The National Academy Of Sciences: ‘Massively altered temp history since their 1975 report. They have eliminated most of the 1940-1970 cooling’ – ‘If they didn’t tamper with the data, there is no global warming since 1940.’ – In 1978, NOAA reported 0.5C global cooling from 1960-1965. NAS has almost completely erased that.’

NASA’s James Hansen in 1999 before feds tampered with temp data: ‘In U.S. there has been little temperature change in past 50 years…in fact, there was a slight cooling throughout much of country’

U.S. ‘Hottest Year’ ever?! ‘The past has been massively cooled, and the present has been massively warmed. A cooling trend has been turned into a warming trend, by adjusting the data’ – ‘NOAA makes bold press releases based on hugely altered data, and makes no mention that the data is altered. Then when called out, they claim that the adjustments are small, when in fact the adjustments are larger than the trend. The 1930s used to be by far the hottest decade, before the data was adjusted’

Exciting News from NASA’s James Hansen – The 1970s Ice Age Scare Has Now Been Completely Erased — Temperature revisions wipe out past cooling! – Hansen ‘has succeeded in erasing the entire cooling trend from 1940 to 1975.’

Rewriting The Past At The Ministry Of Truth: ‘In 1975, NCAR’s graph of global cooling showing temps plummeted from 1945 to 1970 — Muller’s 2011 graph, showed that the cooling never happened’ – ‘The cooling after 1950 has disappeared. Winston Smith would be proud!

The Past Cannot Be Erased: Treasure Trove Of 1970s ‘Global Cooling’ Articles Uncovered — ‘Popularity of scientists predicting an ice age is very clear up to 1979′

The Past Cannot Be Erased: Treasure Trove Of 1970s ‘Global Cooling’ Articles Uncovered — ‘Popularity of scientists predicting an ice age is very clear up to 1979′

The Real Hockey Stick: ‘US summer temperatures have declined over the last 80 years’ — But ‘NCDC has created a hockey stick of adjustments, cooling older temperatures by as much as two degrees’

Presto! There was no global temperature standstill! Warmists rewrite temperature data to claim: ‘Global Warming Since 1997 Underestimated by Half’ – Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl ridicules new study: ‘The climate alarmists didn’t like the people’s increasing knowledge of the ‘global warming hiatus’ – about the 350th proof that they’re pseudoscientists – so they needed a paper to ‘explain’ the hiatus away.’ — ‘To make the story short, they decided that HadCRUT4 can’t be perfect if it shows too little warming trend since 1997 or 1998. So a problem with HadCRUT4 has to be found out. They decided that the gaps in the reported temperature are the problem and this problem may be exploited. So they designed a new method to “guess” the missing temperature data at various weather stations and various moments by extracting some data from the satellites. They liked the result, it seemed to be able to calculate the missing figures – and especially because the warming trend since the late 1990s was raised by about 0.5 °C per century which means that it doubled or tripled relatively to the “statistical zero” reported by HadCRUT4.
Presto: Adjust temps to create more warming: ‘The adjustments they are making are greater than claimed trend, meaning that all man made US warming is occurring inside ORNL & GISS computers’ – ‘Almost 2 degree US upwards adjustment trend being applied by USHCN between the raw thermometer data and the published monthly data…There is no legitimate physical explanation would would explain such a regular trend in temp bias – other than UHI, which has opposite polarity’


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  1. The USA citizens and US Military do not even know who the current administration’s POTUS is or is not because their POTUS’s records were sealed by executive order on day one for the very first time in USA history. Everyone in the world lives in fear to ask why hid the POTUS records.

          1. I think his avatar and user name are all the that is necessary. Although I’m sure there are few afros that have named their children LaTrinius.

          1. Everybody here who hates LàTrinius hates black people. Y’all hate Obama, dontcha? Michael Brown. O.J. Simpson. Richard Sherman. Marshawn Lynch. Adrian Peterson. Ray Rice. Minister Farrakhan. You hate ’em all. White people stole over a quadrillion dollars from Americans in the bankster bailout, but you don’t hate them, oh no. Senator Jon Corzine stole a billion dollars from his clients at MF Global, but he OK cuz he white.

                    1. Actually, the most prolific serial killers are all Hispanic. #1 is Luis Garavito according to wikipedia.

                1. So you’re focused on color. Made my point.
                  Unless ALL people of one color are stealing as such, you are declaring yourself a racist in your desire to paint it that way.

                2. one word Obama….the largest thief in U.S.history…
                  Not back to the actual subject the even larger theif being attempted by all the Governments of the world i.e. Global(bs) warming

                3. Welfare, food stamps, section 8, affirmative action, crime, incarceration all cost the country money that without blacks we’d have a heck of a lot more of it.

                4. So what would cause you to reach the foolish and lazy conclusion that it is ok with white folks for other white folks to steal from them? You are clearly not doing much thinking or observing. Educate yourself just a little bit would ya’?

                  1. Senator Jon Corzine remains a free man. He stole over $1 billion from his clients at MF Global. You expect Darrell Issa to do something about it? He’s too busy trying to “act white”.

                5. I go by right and wrong, NOT right or left.. You say white cause you think that means right wing conservitives. You won’t dare say brown cause it mihgt mean left wing destroyers of America…

                6. you should look into an organization called the United Nations, my friend. plenty of multi-racial theft and corruption going on over their. And a lot of it is OUR money.

                7. No, it’s Obama. In just one instance, he stole $500 million of taxpayer money to give to Solyndra. They declared bankruptcy less than a year later. This was just one of the companies he gave money too. Now the real question is how much of that money is in an overseas bank account with Obama owning and controlling it? I’m sure his name isn’t on it as he isn’t that stupid.

                    1. It was the wealthy demoncrats, black and white. Al Sharpton, for instance. He owes a bunch in back taxes, but doesn’t seem to have any problems with the IRS.

                    1. Well, they’ve figured out how to fool half of America…that’s no small task. Tesla was white, so was Edison. Einstein too if you consider Jews white – which I do.

                      Here’s a list of inventions/achievements from the white people as well:
                      – That computer you’re typing on
                      – The software that drives your computer
                      – The Internet & nearly all web applications
                      – Recorded music
                      – Motion picture
                      – TV
                      – Radio
                      – Camera
                      – Telephone
                      – Light bulb
                      – Automobile
                      – Rocketry (modern)
                      – Satellite
                      – Spacecraft
                      – Airplane
                      – Skyscraper
                      – Telescope
                      – Printing press
                      – Eyeglasses
                      – Contact lenses
                      – Microwave oven
                      – Metallurgy (most discoveries and methods)
                      – Materials science (plastics, compounds, & most other synthetics)
                      – 95% of medical advancements
                      – 95% of life saving pharmaceutical drugs
                      – Modern food preservatives
                      – Most scientific breakthroughs over the past 1000 years
                      – The bulk of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
                      – Astronomy (most discoveries and mapping techniques)
                      – Sea navigation (most advancements)
                      – Discovery of DNA
                      – Genetics (most research)
                      – Microscope
                      – Laser technology and its myriad of uses
                      – Harnessing electricity
                      – Nuclear energy
                      – Wireless technology
                      – Air conditioning devices
                      – Refrigeration
                      – Modern agricultural techniques
                      – Modern democracy

                8. LOL, your obsession with skin color tells me who is really the racist. Why is it that people that like to cry “racist” seem to be the only ones that notice the color of someone’s skin. Hypocrites….

              1. The best tasting and nutritious organic heirloom tomatoes are indeed black, compared to red. Your red tomato is a flavorless variety genetically engineered by the white man to form pesticides within its own flesh that cannot be washed off or cooked off.

                1. First of all idiot, the black tomato, the Indigo Rose, is scientifically engineered, which is why when it’s ripe it is black. The red tomato is more natural and while pest and disease resistant does not form a pesticide. Before you start tooting your own horn as to how intelligent you are you just might want to read up on it so that you don’t come across looking like the idiot that you obviously are.

            1. Your right about Corzine, but it has nothing to do with his color but rather who he knows. As for those black guys you mention, most of them create their own image and if it’s negative, there’s no one to blame but themselves. The fact that you call that POS Farrakahan “Honorable” tells us all we need to know.

              But I can figure out that your comment is really tongue-in-cheek satire.

                  1. R = D. Do you understand the meaning of the “=” sign in mathematics? R ≣ D. “≣” means “always equal to”. ALWAYS. Break your chains, slave.

                1. “White devil”? I haven’t seen a single slur against black people in the comments I’ve read so far. Seems clear who the racist is here. At least you seem to understand that global warming is a hoax. Good job there, but I think you’ll be happier in life if you can drop your bigotry. Good luck.

                2. No, he’s coming at us with guns to murder us simply because we are white. So what’s your point racist? No, don’t bother, we all can see your point right there on the top of your cap.

                  Besides, Obama went along with their bailout so essentially you could mount an argument that a black stole all those trillions that you are all worked up about. Who is worse the person who does the crime or the person who enables the crime to be done without any punishment?

                3. Yes the white people are mostly carbon taxing….but do we forget who led the Fast and Furious….. Obama and Holder….not to mention…..and as many have mentioned Al Gore is benefiting most from “Global Warming”. I fail to see how this argument became about race. But I did call it about 5 years ago about race wars. It seems to me they are pushing one, and hard, many are falling for it. And um, not that I want to follow the crowd, but what about the damn knockout game? I see it like this, if you do NOT have racism in your life, your friends, your family and there friends then it shouldn’t exist. Set the example you want for you and yours. I hate racists, and bigots. Hate is a strong word but I don’t make accusations about anyone based on skin color and would never box in a whole race to one thing–ever!

            2. You forgot rabble-rouser, murder accomplice, riot promoter, Al Sharpton. Major omission!

              We normal, untainted-by-leftist-propaganda white folk either outright hate or disapprove of the people you and I mentioned, including all those white crooks.

            3. Hate is a strong word. I think he , La Trin is just a racist dumb a s. S. You know blacks have taken over the racist card! They in fact have become what they accuse white people for! Black people are white haters-sorry it’s true. They themselves are racist! In fact the KKK for dumb a s s whites and the new (LLL (black version of the kkk) it’s the next letter in the alphabet? They owns it. Black folk can be racist too-news flash!

            4. Race doesn’t matter here Klaus!! I see a crook, white, black, hispanic, oriental, or purple with pink polka dots, I call them on it. Global warming is a hoax and trying to interject race into it makes you sound stupid. Obama is a global warming nut…just like the rest of the democrats. Why, they plan to make mo money!! Al Gore is the biggest perpetrator of this and he’s convinced other rats to follow. Solar and green energy received big bucks from the government and then went under. Don’t think some of that chump change fell into Obama’s pockets??

            5. I don’t hate ANYONE, but in that vane, I do not like Obama, and NOT BECAUSE OF HIS SKIN COLOR. Explain why all the conservatives I know absolutely love Ben Carson, Herman Cain, and Allen West just to name a few?? Could it have anything to do with policy?? Or are YOU just going to cry racism everytime someone disagrees with a person of color?

            6. Klaus, I have no idea why you hate me. The bankers have stolen from ALL people – not just you. Here’s a question for you…..If a black man disagrees with another black man, who is right? Ever hear of divide and conquer? That is what those you’ve named above have done to us. They want blacks to hate whites, poor to hate rich, etc. They want us so involved in hatred that we do not pay attention to what they are doing. When their rhetoric incites violence, who pays? He will not go to jail, but you will. Your president has done much harm to the black community. Unemployment rates are high. He’d rail about Ferguson, but not about the horrendous rate of black on black killings in Chicago. Perhaps he doesn’t care about those that are 100% black. If given the choice, would you chose Ben Carson or Obama? Curious for your response.

            7. Is this a real statement? You sound like a buffoon. Your socialist hero Obumble was massively involved with that bankster bailout. Plus do a little checking on his campaign bundlers. Talk about thieving crooks. Your boy should be in jail for the things he’s done.

            8. I do hate all the people you skeak of. Because they are the haters. They are the road block. They are the criminal element, they are the lyers, they are protected from the media #Brianwilliamsmisremembers

            9. United States GNI (formerly GNP, Gross National Product) for 2013: $16,992,400,000,000, or 7.6 billion shy of 17 trillion. One quadrillion dollars= 1,000 trillion dollars. So, in your rant, you claim that ”
              White people stole over a quadrillion dollars from Americans in the bankster bailout, but you don’t hate them, oh no.”
              In other words, you claim that “white people” stole over 58 times the TOTAL GNP in the “bankster bailout”.
              Learn math, please.

            10. You forgot to mention some important folks I’m sure you love due to their skin color Klaus. What about Condelezza Rice, Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson? If you hate these people are you a racist?

            11. I don’t hate black people. I hate crime, whether committed by whites, blacks…no matter. Your point seems to be “it’s alright for blacks to commit crimes because whites commit crimes. That’s just silly. Corzine needs to go to jail just as much as anyone else who commits crimes, no matter the.color. My only problem with Farrakhan and Obama is that all their rhetoric and/or policies hurt blacks disproportionately — which, arguably is also racist. The tenor of your post also suggests that you also are a racist.

            12. So you are using a wife killer, a wife beater, and a child beater as examples of who white people hate?

              Wow, you got us there you numb skull. Most black people I know hate those guys too!

            13. I am awash in such profound insight. How can I ever thank you, Klaws, for your brilliant expose. You should only know how long I have been searching for such clarity. I must leave now and replace my Henry Aaron and Willie Mays HOF pictures with something more suitable for my dullardness.

            1. Follow the money.
              Who stands to make out with this global hoax?
              Any “scientist” who still believes in global warming gets most of their funding from governments, who in turn use these bought and paid for research to accumulate more power, control and money for themselves.
              Meanwhile the honest scientist who, don’t stand to profit either way in the debate, let the FACTS establish their conclusions but are ridiculed and mocked by the rich and power.

              1. Global warming and climate change are both tax scams.
                And, FYI, you should read your tax law, too.

                Search tax regs for “exempt income means”, ECFR dot gov …and read the legal definition of “Exempt income”. Since law is codified, there is only ONE definition. Be sure to read both 1.861-8T(d)(2)(ii) and (iii). When enough Americans know actual US income tax law, it will be obeyed, even by govt. Then ask your so-called “tax expert” why he/she never bothered to search for legal definition of “Exempt income”, or told you about it. Of course, U.S. govt already knows about Exempt income, but says you shouldn’t follow the law, because that particular section is frivolous.

                Computer scientist data mines tax code,
                what is taxed DOT com

              2. Anyone check out Al Gore’s bank account since he became the poster boy for global warming — as he flies all over the world in his private jet, leaving carbon footprints all over the place!

                1. Algore must certainly have the most inverse ratio of wealth to IQ of any person in the known world. He was picked as Slick Willie’s running mate only render Willie impeachment-proof. And it worked! During Clinton’s impeachment hearings even the most damning evidence of Willie’s moral depredations and perversity couldn’t induce even the most rabid Republicans to move for an impeachment trial with the drooler Algore poised to ascend to the Oval Office. In addition to his extreme wealth/IQ ratio, Algore must also have the world’s largest carbon footprint, needing not one, but two 747s to transport Al and his legions of fellow-droolers throughout the world. Everything’s wrong with this picture!

                    1. Actually, you’re quite right. Willie was indeed impeached (which is to say censored) but not actually removed from office. Thanks for the clarification.

                    2. God, how utterly humiliating. That’s the first word I’ve misspelled (spelt?) in over fifty years. Thanks for the correction.

                  1. That is maybe the greatest and most spot-on comment to anything anywhere that I have ever heard!!!! The past and current morons running this country are the biggest group of incompetents the civilized world has ever seen…

                2. Do you think his bank account is even close to those oil execs who stand to lose a lot if this data were proven correct and the world turned away from their dirty product and looked for something cleaner?

            2. You shuld have seen the nasty comments from the ohhh soooo enlightened liberals over on ABC/Yahoo regarding Dr. Ben Carson. The man was an esteemed neurosurgeon, and those bedwetting nutlickers actually called him an idiot. A traitor (I assume to the negro race.) An uncle Tom! Amazing how leftist’s can move the target…depending on one’s politics. If he were a Decept-O-Crat, they’d be drooling on themselves over his intellect.

          1. I think so, too, unless there’s a copycat LaTrinius. The name appears only in posts like this. With a few departures, the grammar and diction are usually pretty good in the rest of the posts.

            1. The troll picked up the handle, image and writing style after a Mardi Gras event. 🙂 Guessing it’s a he. We’ve read others like LaTrinius getting in, dropping a one line bomb and getting out of the forum. Even if they are genuine.

              1. Yes, you’re right.

                I took some time (which I might have used for something sensible) and I looked for LaTrinius. He’s all over, varying his viewpoint and his diction. It may be a franchise. 🙂

        1. You are truly incapable of thinking for yourself aren’t you. Remember in the 80’s when scientists discovered the ozone hole at the South Pole getting larger, and PANIC ensued? WRONG. Eventually we figured out it was normal, seasonal and occasionally had extremes in BOTH directions. The same normal, seasonal, occasional extremes can be found in the polar ice caps. In the 1970’s Time magazine’s cover actually declared : THE NEXT ICE AGE IS UPON US. Wrong again! Scientists in Australia, USA and the UK have all been caught manipulating the data to ARTIFICIALLY create global warming. Scientists at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology are actually under indictment for manipulating an entire century of data to show a warming trend of 1.73C/century instead of the actual NEGATIVE 0.35C/century!!!! NASA & NOAA have also been caught making dishonest adjustments, as has the Climate research unit at the University of East Anglia in the UK. Yes they were illegally hacked to discover their lies…but lies and collusion PROVEN none the less. Remember when stupid environmentalists told us to save the trees and use plastic bags. Wrong again!

          The religion of global warming was CREATED in the 1990’s by people like Al Gore and his book full of PROVEN lies and Michael MOORE with his movies full of PROVEN lies for the sole purpose of getting incredibly stupid people LIKE YOU to keep the socialists in power.

          1. I support everything you say. These guilty dudes need to be taken to the back woodshed and dealt with accordingly. Including AlGore. They are as avaricious and opportunistic as the race baiters and racist pushers.
            I just want to add three crucial names to the list of culprits and opportunists. Old timer Canadian Leftist billionaire Maurice Strong, considered to be an old pernicious political hack, UN pusher and “Godfather of climate change” or “global warming”. Strong is to Canada as Soros is to the U.S. The other, coming in from the other end like a bookend, is the more likeable Mr. Gorbachev. He moved into the Military Presidio in San Fran after putting the USSR to sleep forever as ordered to do from Headquarters. While at the Presidio, he wrote a treatise on the Green Movement, with him at least being titular global chairman of the new movement. With all the perks, of course. He needed a new job. As the borrowed saying goes: The Reds turned green like the watermelon. Green on the outside and still Red on the inside. Socialists are like chameleons. They change their colors to fit the agenda.
            For your amusement see this link: Change we can believe in. Where did I hear that before:
            It all ties together.

            Then, historically, it gets a bit more like science fiction but equally interesting, because if you use the proper search key words, you will also find out about the lesser known “Club of Rome using Global Warming Agenda”, who, decades ago advocated scaring people into compliance through pretend global warming scares and manipulated reduction use of energy per person and us ‘gladly’ accepting lower standards of living. The carbon footprint came into play by the green social engineers to fit every citizen like a shoe to wear. It also fits along with Obama’s socialist “leveling the playing field” agenda to a T.
            It’s part of the Socialist formula and agenda. Climate change + green movement = Herded sheeple into the socialist box. Another math formula: Maurice Strong, the Canadian Socialist “Green Giant” + Club of Rome, globalist European elitists advocating fictitious climate disasters and Green compliance + Gorbachev, green movement advocate and former Pres of the USSR = Figure it out. Yes, part of the Club of Rome agenda is to make Globalism a religion like movement before its accepted by the sheeple, along with the green movement and, as you say, the religion of global warming.
            What is also fascinating to me is that the Club of Rome and Maurice Strong first proposed the global warming agenda before they had the stats. Then the stats were built up and gathered after the fact to support their thesis and agenda! As we read through your post and this article. Zowie!

            1. “Then the stats were built up and gathered after the fact to support their thesis and agenda!”
              Thesis, antithesis, Synthesis.
              Georg Hegel’s “Dialectical Triad” at work.
              Hegel Lives!


            Official records systematically ‘adjusted’ to show heating…

            Meteorologist: ‘In the business world, people go to jail for such manipulations of data’…

          3. That’s incorrect. The ozone hole issue was real and it was dealt with by eliminating chlorofluorocarbons. This is something entirely different. GW is a poltitical issue with political aims. It is social engineering on a grand scale.

            1. There have been even bigger holes observed since chlorofluorocarbons were eliminated. It’s reactionary politics. Not science.
              It the case of global warming it’s mass hysteria reactionary politics, based on decades of lies.

          4. Sad thing is it works. The left wing think tanks come up with cleverly worded polls and data that’s skewed, the MSM reports it as fact, academia teaches it, Hollywood makes movies about it.

        2. The only possible reason for global warming now would be the heat coming that incompetent lying bumbler’s pants being on fire. It’s great we elected a black man.. it’s just to bad we elected the worst possible one with the possible exception of Al Sharpton.

        3. That’s nice,
          Now back to actual subject matter. Fraud science , corrupt Government, and United Nation hoax…all in an attempt to steal TRILLION (with a T) with a lie and a GLOBAL PROPAGANDA MAIN STREAM MEDIA.
          This things lie is being taught to children in pre-school all the way up to grad school…Pay for with TAX DOLLARS.
          Washington D.C. is an enemy of Liberty, an enemy of Freedom and an ENEMY OF OUR CONSTITUTION.

        4. haha good one…Obama is the biggest crook President the US has ever had. To think Nixon was impeached for the tiny thing he did..the crimes Obama has done dwarfs anything done before, including Bush’s fraudulent wars.
          By identifying yourself as an Obama support, you confirm your traitor status. Some American you are. Facts transcend skin color.

        5. SO….. ! He started it… He always interjects race in every situation.. Obama is a failure as a president and I pray for his soul to be changed to something not so bitter and lying, and selfish and proud and arrogant and corrupted and to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ ! It’s not him , but the spirit that is inside him.

        6. MLK once said ‘judge a man by his character not by his color.’ Barry has NO integrity or character? I have lived my life by that. In fact my son in law is black. So p i s s of with the racist crp

        7. LaTrinius W, come on now, you mean we can’t fault Obama because he’s Black?? He just got finished smearing all of Christianity, you know the saying, what goes around, etc. And it was Obama who did attend the Reverend Wrights church for 20 long years, goddamn America I think it was how it went.

              1. If you white, you racist by day fault, son. Look up “silent racism”.
                White people born racist and also vishus. Violins in they jeans.

        8. Are you for realz? And Beyoncé didn’t win album of the year bc of the racist judges. Yes everyone is just racist if the black artist doesn’t getz hers.

        9. Racist means nothing when white children are raped in their native lands by foreign immigrants and white adults claim these immigrants are simply practicing their culture and to defend white children from rape would be racist. When white people are so brainwashed with white privilege/guilt that they don’t protect white children from being raped out of the fear of being labeled “racist” should be the day the “race card” of all non-white people living and flourishing among white majorities should have their “race card” revoked. If I called you “the boy that cried wolf” would you cry that I’m a racist white boy because I called you a boy? I know you’re a troll, but I want others to read this response, it’s really not for you…

        10. That can’t be your real name…or your real picture. Anyway, I’m surprised you can even spell “racist”. Ever look in the mirror? If you could stand there for more than one second, what you would see is the face of a true racist. You are nothing but an Obama lackey. Probably get welfare, too.

        11. According to the liberal lexicon of relative, Marxist Dialectic truth, a “racist” is anyone who disagrees with a democrat, even if the democrat is white. For example if you disagree with Hilary, it is because you hate white people ( which is encouraged in Democratic circles, so that is ok)

        12. Only someone obsessed with racial identity can make a global warming discussion suddenly a racial discussion. That thought process is the intellectual equivalent of your average toaster. I’ve met newborns who think on a deeper level than that. Unfortunately, your satire nails the left’s depth on the head

        13. Mr. Washington, if a person disagrees with another person that happens to be African-American dose not make them a racist. It would be racist if, they let the color of skin change what they said, did or believed. So no sugar coating, out of fear of hurting someone’s feelings. I am going to continue to treat everybody the same, regardless of race, if that is racist than so be it.

        14. Sorry, but no. I’m like that guy from the movie “Shallow Hal”- I can’t see skin color, so I can only judge people by the content of their character- or lack thereof.

    1. Crooks and Thieves and LIARS in Washington…almost ALL OF THEM !! RINO POSs included and the phoney TP candidates just elected who then go anbd vote for Boehner like Mia Love to name just one. ( Donated and worked on her campaign np less ! )

      Outside of the Civil War, we are living in the Worst time in US History…..the change from a Republic to basically aTotalitarian Regime with BOTH parties involved.

        1. That’s what I said….. RINOs are Republican Liberals. Jeb Bush and Romney are BOTH Global Warming apologists.

          So what’s bothering you ? A Jeb fan perhaps ?

          1. Nope. You are bothering me because libs always want to change the conversation to indict the republicans. This is a liberal issue. Liberals lie, from “if you like your plan you can keep it”, to ” my plane was hit while I was flying over Iraq.” The whole bunch are liars.

            1. I am the FURTHEST thing from Liberal or Progressive or Socialist…. LOL.

              But anyone who doesn’t see the RINOs for what they are is the one changing the conversation. Any one who is denying that the Establishment GOP isn’t FOR Global Warming Taxes and regulation and Illegal immigration and Bigger government is the one trying to Deflect. By their own words the GOP leadership is FOR those things.

              And for the record YOU commented to me….. I responded to your “bothering”.

              1. But why do you fail to see the democrat liberal roots of this movement?-climate change- No matter what the story, it is always the RINOs with some of you. Don’t you see how your credibility is questioned? Yes, blindness toward the real problem-liberals-bothers me and a whole bunch of people. Rinos can be persuaded to move right at least a little, while liberal democrats will NEVER budge. Why is it then all the RINOs fault? Doesn’t make sense. You probably didn’t vote for Romney either right? Thanks for giving us Obama!

                1. What I see is the pervasive ROT of our political system as embodied in the Progressive Movement from Teddy Roosevelt ( 1901) until today. This process has put 80% Communist in our State Dept and Liberals throughout the Gov’t. It has manifested as Liberal Republicans who call themselves Conservative but argue for and pass policy to ensure BIGGER and Bigger gov’t…..mostly through Crony Capitalist legislation.

                  I will concede that Liberals NEVER budge…..because their Goal is complete Control. But IU do not share your views of RINOs moving a little bit. And BTW that very notion is rhetorically sayiong that RINOs are NOT conservative….you realize that right ? To have to “Convince” someone to do what they say ( claim) they stand for anyway….tells us that these so-called Republicans are NOT conservative but in fact are Liberals in Republican jibs.

                  It may surprise you that not only did I vote for Romney, but gave significant donations and worked on his campaign. Since then I have delved deeply into candidates speeches and position papers ( not just the one that hit the Front pages)…..and what I see is a continued move of the Party of Lincoln toward big gov’t Crony Progressivism.

                  It is NOT all the RINOs fault. BUT…..BUT, they are supposed to be the party of opposition and they effectively DO NOTHING. Their actions end up giving more and more power to authoritarian agencies and continue the destruction of Constitutional authority. Which IS Liberal philosophy and goals. I agree that the “real” problem is Liberals ( Socialism, Progressivism, Social Democracy)…all variations of Totalitarian Communism.

                  My Credibility is questioned ? My credibility is irrelevant ! The Republicans who call themsleves Conservative and genuine protectors and followers of the Constitution are who Credibility is being questioned. Because they are acting just like the Liberals we are trying to defeat !!!!

            1. The mess we are in is Obama Created and GOP enabled. They have given over the Power of Congress to STOP the executive TO ObamaCare and CAVE at every point.

              Every single one ! Where is the GOP leadership Stopping the Obana takeover if the Internet for instance ????

              At this point they’re all empty suits and vacant chairs.

            2. Gotta disagree. It’s both parties and has been going on for some time. Obama is merely the current and most heinous example. And it’s not just presidents; Congress is largely to blame for its behaviors. Irresponsible spending, campaign lying, inept monetary policy, ruinous public sector contracts, overextended military, badly thought out domestic programs, etc. We haven’t had a real balanced federal budget since 1967 for chrissakes.

        2. You got it, smct1. The favorite trick of liberals who feel betrayed by their president is to claim that Republicans are no different. THEY ARE!!! Establish Republicans are not as conservative as most of us would like, but they do not compare with this president in dishonesty and treachery. McCain and Romney might not have made perfect Presidents, but I absolutely guarantee you that the country would be much better off with either.

          1. Follow the money. Democrats and wannabee career politician Republicans dance for those who pay for their tickets to the ball. Globalist financiers want to economically cripple America so they can merge our economy with the third world and thereby increase their power. That’s why they promote the ‘global warming’ and other anti American enterprise ‘environmental’ hoaxes and anti independent American entrepreneurial government policies. These ‘American’ corporations for whom our politicians bid for their affection$, are no longer American at all as they have corporate properties and subsidiaries throughout the world. They have no more allegiance to the U.S. than any of their other countries with their corporate sites, unless of course, they need to barrow a bit of our clout.

          2. John MCCain wanted to Fund what we now know as ISIS …. he stood on that position until just a while ago. Lindsey Graham did as well.

            In that issue they are NO different at all.

            Romney was and is FOR ObamaCare and Illegal Amnesty. In those regards he also would have been NO different. He is a helluva lot nicer person. But POLICY-wise with either we would have Support for ISIS and Illegal Alien Amnesty and Open Borders and ObamaCare here permanently.

          3. Sure, a high spending liberal neocon is the perfect antidote to a high spending liberal neocon. It wasn’t a real choice. Believing it would have been is all part of their con.

        3. Come on, you don’t really still think the only liberals are in the democrat party, do you? The republicans all campaigned on repealing obamacare, stopping amnesty for illegal aliens and countless other conservative principles, yet the very first thing they did was to re-affirm boehner as the speaker, even ‘tea party’ candidates like Mia Love voted for him. There are a handful of true conservatives in the house and less than that in the senate, despite both houses being ruled by a majority of republicans. All of the sell out pseudo-conservatives would EASILY sell out their constituents to the global warming cabal in order to get govt. funding to ensure their donors keep paying for them to stay in office.

            1. No, not at all, just a realist. The pseudo-conservatives that have been in the House have done nothing within their power to stop obama or the dem’s on obamacare or amnesty, and that was before they had both House and Senate. When they won the election they QUICKLY passed a budget to make sure that they could get their trillions of earmarks in and not have to confront the issue of obamacare or the border in any meaningful way.

              If you still believe in republicans that is your right, but how many times are you going to be fooled by the false promises of ‘tough action’ when they defer at every chance they have to take a stand and exert their power?

      1. The new TP candidates just elected have to tow the line, or they won’t ever get on any committees or get party money for reelection. Look what happened to Bill Bradley (ex-NJ congressman) It a pretty warped system, huh?

        1. What’s becoming clear nobody ” HAS to anything” .

          And once enough stand up the majority of the country will be with them.

          It is a COURAGE and a CHARACTER issue at heart. Excuses are what they have always been. In the final analysis just Excuses.

          1. Have you seen any of them stand up to the majority yet? If they do, the day after they will be audited by the IRS for campaign funding fraud or something like that. When children grow up they continue to play their childhood games like king of the hill but now it effects millions.

            1. So…..they can campaign as Conservatives. But we’re all supposed to just say…
              ” Yeah, but you can’t really do anything because of the IRS, and Committee chairmanship appointments and whatever elas eyou choose to give as an excuse…..so we giva ya all a pass and you acn just do what the Leadership does and Support the Liberal…. cause it’s reallt hopeless anyway ”

              Is that the way it is Sam ? That’s the reality so what the H-ll right. So why do we even bother with Elections ?

              Why do we as the Conservative Base even bother with the Fraud that is voting then ????

              1. I totally agree with you, but it must be really tough for the newly elected tea party guys to change the system. Term limits and limited election money provided to each candidate by our government would radically change the system, but how do you get the old career politicians that would have to vote on it to ever allow any of it to pass. I’m not the enemy. I’m not sure what the answer is. Perhaps our children when confronted with massive debt and having to live with their parents will be able to do something. I’m just way to old to be out in the streets protesting.

                1. We ARE going to have to protest and do a Convention of States to get Term Limits for Congress AND the Supreme Court and all Federal Judgeships. As well as REASSERT the Bill of Rights.And repeal the 16th and 17th amendments ( Give the power to elect Senators BACK to the States the way the founders intended).

                  I Don’t agree about campaign limits NOR having the government ANYWHERE near campaign money. REDUCING governmemt is what we need to do …..again in line with our Founders intention. We have to begin to see and understand that the power all ALL the gov’t lies WITH US….with the Consent of the governed. And as such we have to stear ourselves away from the kind of thinking like…..”it will never change because how could we ever get “THEM” to vote on it “.

                  This is not a criticism…..because I myself have had these very thoughts and concerns. But I have come to realize, through study of our founding, that this is the exact OPPOSITE of the Country’s Founding. That the situation we find ourselves in has crept up in small steps precisely because of Gross misunderstanding of what our Rights are and where and how Constitutional Power is supposed to be exercised.

                  The solution sety to this predicament is more than one thing ( But I feel that a Constitutional Article V Convention of States IS a strong part of it……this is NOT a Constitutional Convention, those that tell you it is are either misinformed or purposely being deceitful). In addition You as one person should educate those who you know about the Truth of what is and is NOT the Intention and proper working of the Constitution……and move them away from a mindset of “They are all powerful….and we can’t really do anything”….to awaken even one other is a very powerful thing actually….and a vital step in the whole process of change back to a Constitutional Republic.

                  1. What I have noticed recently is how easily people that cause trouble for the government are either disappeared or have very big problems that don’t exist. How does one deal with that? I don’t believe that they are all powerful. It is the constant growth of a bureaucracy that has put us where we are now. Even the congressmen have been told that “we don’t have to listen to you, you will be gone in a few years and we will still be here”. I think that we must educate our children if this country is to survive. The news channels are all spin and an arm of the government. If the government get control of the internet there will be big hurdles ahead, but not insurmountable.

                    1. Yes. absolutely. They effectively put Dinesh D’Souza in a “re-education” camp for G– Sake !

                      The idea and desire for LIBERTY is very strong…..hence the independence movements in Scotland and in Catalonia, Spain and in Hong Kong etc.

                      Educate our Kids, Grandkids and even friends who may be a bit rusty on what the Bill of Rights and Declaration were/ARE all about.

              2. I’m not sure, maybe to feel good. There are very deep problem areas when people like Pelosi and Feinstein are allowed to run our highest levels of government. Perry was indicted for corruption the minute he sent troops to the border. West (I think that’s his name, was charged with corruption for causing too many problems, etc. and so on. I’m just too old to take on the federal government. The best I can do is cheer on young guys like yourself, educate our children and hope that this country survives.

                1. You may or may not know this but Al Sharpton owes $5,300,000 to the IRS in back taxes. Speaking of Liberal who get a pass !!

                  You don’t have to take on the Gov’t in big ways…..just spread info to those you know.

                  Any “revolution” is successful by the efforts on ALL fronts at the same time. Educate those around you and support those you do hear speaking up. Because we really ARE all in this together…. :- )).

        1. Convention of States is needed badly as PART of the Solution. Ther States have to reassert their rightful power.

          As do We the People……. So yes a revolution. Certainly in the way we the people see and allocate power.

        1. Yes. Except the GOP has REFUSED to do anything but give symbolic votes against ObamaCare. AND many in the GOP leadership have said they don’t WANT to repeal it !

        1. She was/is a FRAUD just like Marco Rubio and Jeff Flake and Kelly Ayotte and every single Freshman Representative who voted to keep Boehner !!

          She joined the Cong Black Caucus Too ….. Alan West at least stood up to them.

          1. Right. I sure hope my neighboring governor doesn’t let us down. Walker sounds like the next Reagan to me. I’ve been emailing my sister and brotherinlaw in Wisconsin for years offering to trade governors with them. And if the voters elect him in the primaries, watch the GOP go after him, just as they went after Reagan!

    2. I dislike this administration as much as anybody. That is a whole lot. I read this statement above all the time, records sealed on day one. And it makes me wonder. If it was such a big deal to find out who this guy is, why weren’t his records accessed a day or two, or even a week/month before day 1? It makes this claim seem pretty weak. So nobody in the world tried to dig up anything about this guy until day 1? The real problem is and always has been, even if you had the records and they said exactly what we all suspect, it wouldn’t amount to a damn thing as the MSM and the “one’s” supporters would shout you down. Really I hope people will come up with something new, this is as shallow as “Bush lied”.
      Again, make no mistake, I loathe the fool and hate being at odds with people in my life I once enjoyed the company of, who now mindlessly sing this inhuman drone’s praises.

      1. he was having his records sealed before he even started his presidential campaign and the media did everything they could to protect their wonder boy. I was working downstate in Springfield when Boy Blunder was then a senator. He was a POS then with no regard to work, and he’s a bigger POS now.

      2. It is better to ask his supporters which qualification for office won their vote. His executive business experience or his decisiveness in the Senate. That tends to send them into frothing, drooling rages where you can barely make out the word “racist” as their utter lack of logic fails to provide a lucid, germane rejoinder.

        1. Yep. I grew up South of Chicago and spent more than my share of time in the city. Anybody who thinks that place is safe or clean is delusional. It is the direct result of those who organized the community there, and those people should not be anywhere near the highest office in the land. It’s something people have to witness for themselves, though. It still wouldn’t make a difference.

          1. Just the title “community organizer” makes me cringe. What in the name of God can a community organizer be other than pied piper piping a bunch of talking points that the animals will never understand let alone the piper.

      3. Even if you found something the MSM would call you a racist, bigot and hate monger. I wish that we could establish criteria for who gets to vote in federal elections. ie, property owners, federal tax payers, etc.

      4. I requested raw data from the University of Minnesota who collects it…and I have a doctorates degree so I have some academic credentials, and was laughed at. That’s when I realized it was a hoax, like the hole in the ozone layer… this was 10+ years ago. Perhaps many others on the outsides were being shunned from the truth as well, huh? But know, some of us DID TRY.

      1. Are you the same Paul that was one of the “investors” in Solyndra who made an absolute fortune at the expense of the American taxpayer? There are hundreds more like you but they all have the same M.O., very little work, very little intelligence, but a whole lot of payoff.

    3. I’m not afraid to ask “Hey Big O, how about them sealed records, mind if I look?” Notice that the cooking lady, Martha Stewart, went to jail for $60,000 and not one banker did jail time. What a farce, huh?

    4. Think the top officials at the DOJ, DHS, NSA, TSA, EPA, DOE (energy AND education) are working for the benefit of the American tax payer and upholding the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights?

      Our federal agencies are increasingly supporting the NWO elites, the UN and world central banksters AND Islam as it supplants state’s rights and appropriates state’s properties.Can America trust it’s own federal government?

      John Kerry Struggles To Admit U.S. At War With ISIS

      Does this administration’s refusal to declare war a strategy to keep it going, make it more ‘complicated’, harder to track, easier to fund the military industrial complex and manipulate the outcome, not necessarily in the best interests of the American people, or still yet much worse?

      Our soldiers going to get hammered by our own weapons as Obama funds, arms, gives tactical support and trains the enemy.

      God help our soldiers.

      MM79 – Truth About ISIS Tanks

      …get it yet?

      Did Obama purposely leave behind all those attack helicopters, tanks, military equipment and weapons when he pulled our troops out of Iraq?

      Still Report #281 – Is Obama a Sunni?


      ISIS in Iraq stinks of CIA/NATO ‘dirty war’ op — RT Op-Edge – RT.com


      “Very revealing is the fact that almost two weeks after the dramatic fall of Mosul and the ‘capture’ by ISIS forces of the huge weapons and military vehicle resources provided by the US to the Iraqi army. Washington has done virtually nothing but make a few silly speeches about their ‘concern’ …”

      LYONS: The Islamic cloud over Brennan and Hagel

      National security may not be a first priority

      By Adm. James A. Lyons, February 19, 2013

      (Admiral James Aloysius “Ace” Lyons, officer of the U.S. Navy for thirty-six years, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, the largest single military command in the world.)

      Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com

      1. 750,000 Americans needlessly died in the US Civil War.

        23.4% of the Union army were immigrants fresh off the boats ready and more than willing to kill Americans for the promise of American wealth and property.

    5. I find it sad that when there are serious points to be made the top comment is some nutjob birther comment. I wonder whether you are a sockpupet.

      Why are you trying to switch the focus away from the global warming data being falsified?

      1. “If you cannot answer someone’s argument, do not panic: You can always call them names.” — Oscar Wilde.

        And why are you so “offended” by some one exposing the TRUTH of the usurper in the White House?.

    6. At this point, I don’t think anyone wants to know what’s in president mom jeans’ records. We already know he attended IV league schools on affirmative action, and, in so doing, tokened his way through Columbia and Harvard. His parents were Communists. His Hawaiian grandparents were Communists. His grandfather introduced him to the local Communists. He was raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, so he has about as much in common with Americans as Joe Stalin did. By his own words, while in college, he sought out Marxist professors (which was probably all of them with the exception of his golf coach.) And, as if all that wasn’t bad enough, he and his wookie sat in the church of hate whitey and Jews for 20+ years. He’s a self absorbed, high functioning narcissist with delusions of grandeur.
      I think we know everything we need to know.

    7. Fear? No fear, just the obvious… Imagine what will be found out, what warranted such an action. Majority of voting public was duped by this upstart. It goes to prove that with the right advertising and sufficient financing A N Y T H I N G can be sold in the USA.

    8. “..their POTUS’s records were sealed..”

      Thanks for :

      1) staying on topic /s

      2) showing – with 482 upvotes- the collective acceptance of conspiracy nuttery.

      Really Sciencey.

    9. US Postmasters, civil servants and military kept meticulous daily meteorology records for over a century. The US Congress passed a law and appropriated $100 MM to create a scientific digital databases from the historical records. The first scientific digital databases are preserved beyond the treachery of the shadow bureaucracy mainly by information scientists and corporations. A legal opinion that supported making changes to the first scientific digital databases reportedly was ordered during the term of Dept. of Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt before data coders were ordered to expand the habitat area and counts for threatened and endangered species. This apparent offense would otherwise be prosecuted.

  2. Lies, Lies, Lies, If it’s from the Left and loonies, it’s lies. Get out of my Country, Get out of my life, Get out of my politics, Get out of people control.

    1. Yes its lies from those who have an agenda. The left and right need to
      unite and get the cronies and frauds out. We have more in common with them then we think, the MSM has polarized us. Youtube Dr. Micheal Huemer. Hits us with common
      sense on the basis of Political Authority, it will blow your mind

      1. divide and conquer. The oligarchs plan for a millennia. Expose them and run them out of power positions. Kill the BAR and the Central Banks. Both are usurpers and destroyers

        1. No, you’re going to have to get a little more creative than using guns, that draws bad PR. Instead, March. Shut down DC, shut down your local federal offices, shut down you freeways…. shut down the nation until Obama resigns. Can it be done? Yeah. Do you have the testicular fortitude to do it, no. Hey, it is what it is.

  3. Obama and his administration ALL need to go to jail for the fraud to steal money from each and every one of us to support this fraud. All Gore and all the International Fraud cartels need to be exposed and put in jail FOREVER. This is
    not just about fraud and deceit…..no, no, no…it is about much, much more.

    I ask you are YOU going to allow someone to take over your life over the false claim that they can read a weather map!

  4. Al Gore became a multi-millionaire with this scam and climate “scientists” keep getting more and more tax payer money to keep the scam alive. Then the EPA and BO can use the information to scam more money to their friends.

      1. When Al filed his net worth statement for running for President in 2000 his net worth was reported between 200K to 1.9M.
        In 2013 his net worth was estimated to be between 172M – 200M. A big difference between 1.9M and 172M don’t you think.

        1. Sounds like he had a change of climate. I wonder if there was a direct correlation between the temperature rise and his bank account. I would love to see the net worth of senators and congressmen as they enter congress and then their net worth after they leave congress.

  5. There is an easy way to tell when a liberal is lying to you. Just watch their lips. If the lips are moving, the lib is most likely lying to you.

        1. Indeed. Quite possibly the funniest thing I saw in all of 2014! And so appropriate that everything the interpreter “said” was bullsh!t, considering who he was “interpreting” for!

          1. Reminds me of that “Hot Shots part Deaux” scene where Richard Crenna (as a captive) is shown using vulgar and hilarious hand gestures while “confessing to crimes” on tv for his captors.

  6. Global warmers are conmen who manipulate temperatures so they can get government grant money under false pretenses. They should all be tried under the false claim statutes that were enacted during the civil war to keep crooks from defrauding the government.

  7. With members/associates of a lying, lawless, scandalous administration having the ability to walk free without prosecution, it is understandable why a jury would allow a prosecuted citizen to walk.

  8. ‘In the business and trading world, people go to jail for such manipulations of data’ ROFL!!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in years. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

          1. They pay with dollars not jail time. Name one banker that went to jail for that 2008 fiasco. They don’t want to stop the bankers. Ever wonder where those banker fines go? It sure doesn’t seem to put a dent in our 17 trillion dollar debt.

  9. These people are simple leftist totalitarians. Nothing really has changed. There will always be left whackos trying to force people to do and believe as they do. It is our responsibility as free men (people) to expose these little tyrants for what they are.

  10. Those that consider themselves “the Elite” always need a cute cause to show how intelligent they really are. Al Gore and a few other feckless fellows provided just that for them – it was called “Climate Change or Global Warming”. These “Elite” could tell all of us how beastly we were in our excess, it would give those wanting to control fuel sources (coal, oil, etc.) a reason to push “their” views all in the name of good. Others just wanted to be a part of the “big faux crisis of the day”. Hopefully the truth will now surface, expose the villains and return the world’s thinking to more important issues – and believe me there are plenty to take the place of Global Warming/Climate Change.

  11. Also people in the private sector would be in jail for 20 + years for claiming that your insurance premiums would go down by 2500.00 and you could keep your doctor. They would be taken to court and be charged with fraud. 20 + years…

  12. Interesting. If the data had not been published in paper form, what an easy task it is to change the electronic-kept records to whatever fiction you want, and get away with it….

  13. Global Warming:

    1. Politically well-connected people concoct a way to disrupt markets while setting themselves up to make trillions off a new industry they created out of thin air. It is no surprise that most of these people are also ideologically in favor of bureaucracy, regulation and populace control mechanisms – not only will the scam enrich them monetarily, it will empower them to achieve their elitist control-state dreams.

    2. Their political cronies get in on the action to lend credibility to the lie by taking action against a problem that doesn’t really exist. But in the minds of the majority of the public: Washington is taking it seriously, so there must be something to it. In exchange they receive campaign funds, favorable media attention, and guaranteed positions upon their exit from politics.

    3. The science community, desperate for funding to justify their own existence as academic research generally doesn’t produce profits to sustain itself, allow themselves to be co-opted (read: bought and sold) and agree to support the scam.

    That IS the conspiracy. Prove me wrong, Liberals.

  14. What was it, 760 million tax payer dollars to Solyndra so that Obama could pretend that “green” energy worked? Green energy as in “green is the color of money.” No money to feed hungry black children in Detroit, but bushels of our tax dollars to his cronies who helped him get elected and a nice payback on the backs of the US taxpayers. Facts will out in the end. It will be the scientists who topple the reign of the boy king, but not before incalculable damage is done to the middle class, their children and their grandchildren. We are all paying the consequence for the media that never vetted and covered up for the disgusting behavior exhibited by POTUS. Boycott big media: ABC, NBC, and CBS. They have lied to the American people about global warming to assist Obama in wiping out the middle class by high energy prices.

    1. He was on a plane flying low over the Arctic Ocean, when all of a sudden, a huge Polar Bear surfaced wearing a Speedo, hair slicked back and those Wayfarers on. Brian knew then that this could only be the result of Global Warming…oh the inhumanity!

  15. What has our government, and world governments, demanded of us to combat global warming?
    Taxes, regulations and control. Even our children are brainwashed with this nonsense in their movies, tv shows and in their public schools.
    If the Marxist cant outright own the companies and erase Capitalism, than control the materials that go into the company and whatever waste comes out the door and tax whatever is produced.

      1. “Consider in what condition both in body and soul a man should be when he is overtaken by death; and consider the shortness of life, the boundless abyss of time past and future, the feebleness of all matter.”
        Marcus Aurelius Meditations, book XII. 167 AD

  16. Those who have taken the oath to protect this country and the constitution . Yet the dolts say thank for the service, Seems it is the trendy thing to do.

  17. In the US, seems like those that fell for “but, but, but global warming!!!” also fell for “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan!”

    1. Because they are the absolute STUPIDEST of the stupid….even though they all tell us that they far more “intelligent” than the rest of us are.

  18. In Orwell’s 1984, Winston Smith and the rest of his crew had to alter the paper records whenever history was revised. Computers make it so much easier. With everything “in the cloud,” anything can change at any time and no one will be the wiser.

  19. Anybody remember back when getting caught in a lie carried a certain stigma of shame with it?
    Back when your credibility was directly tied to your ability to tell the truth?

  20. “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. In their totality and in their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat with demands the solidarity of all peoples. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap about which we have already warned namely mistaking systems for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”

    “The First Global Revolution”, A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider 1991.

    1. It is all spelled out in the book “Report From Iron Mountain”. Gorbachev started the Green Cross for just this purpose. Reagan helped him, I know it sucks but it’s true…

          1. What’s really scary is that this nation has enough low-information idiot voters to elect this mongrel “O” TWICE to the nation’s highest office. What next … HILLARY !? God help us.

            1. The human psyche is fragile, and unfortunately the people behind the media have more money to spend programming us than we have to spend spreading the truth – because we end up spending everything we have fighting the lies. Sometimes, I have a hard time blaming people for being brainwashed. The media is a mighty force to reckon with.

  21. I may be the only human being on earth who knows nothing about climatology. My experience was in engineering (I am retired). From what I read I am certain of several predictions:
    If the linkage between the dangers of climate change due to man’s combustion of carbon is valid, billions of humans are going to die. There is no other means of cheap ubiquitous energy on earth. Therefore this is the biggest threat to America in our entire history. We may not survive it.
    The cut back in carbon combustion will necessitate government control over every segment of our lives. There must be epic sacrifice due to a universal plummet in standard of living.
    The green energies can not and never will support our grid for base loaded electrical supply. They cost too much.
    We must use carbon combustion and uranium fission to survive.
    Thus our nation is on the line.
    Thus anyone who deliberately lies about this science is endangering our national security and must be considered an enemy of the USA on a life or death matter, not unlike the theft of atomic bomb secrets.

    1. GLOBAL COOLING/GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE and claiming that it’s ALL manmade is one gigantic HOAX, or lie !

      Volcanic eruptions, methane gas from far below the seas, and various other such NATURAL things have and still ARE contributing to different weather situations and NOT mankind !

      1. I am not competent to judge. I have resolved other technical issues and contended with corrupt practices of matters far less important than this threat to our existence. But due to the global involvement and severity of these consequences, I would place deliberate lying by scientists on the same level as theft of atomic secrets.

        We executed those involved.

        There should be debate on the appropriate sanctions for corruption in this field of science.

        1. Yes, there should be and please do NOT fall for this HOAX !
          “Climate Change” used to be called “SEASONS” !
          Now, it’s yet another stupid name given to NORMAL weather patterns !
          The Earth is NOT in any danger from mankind’s use of fossil fuels and certainly NOT from hairspray or any of the other ignorant claims !

  22. More evidence of a giant wealth redistribution scheme. Unfortunately, only about 1 percent of the US populous will read, much less understand this.

  23. It is time to investigate ALL “scientific doctrines” where they refuse to release their original data, or they have lost the data, where they defile everyone who disagrees with them, where ‘consensus’ is limited to peers. I wonder what other errors and scams we’ll find…

    Two of the most interesting to AUDIT would be Vaccines especially newer ones (after 1965) and evolution. I’m not trying to revert to a creationism only theory BUT much of the evidence and attitudes are LACKING true scientific and unprejudiced methods….

    Other areas to *study* would be Solar power, wind power, ethanol, and the list goes on… Maybe they can take the sugar and … OSE poisons out of our foods and use them for fuel for cars and other machines instead?

  24. It is ALL about Control and Stealing more money through Taxes. That’s all Climate Change BS is. OF COURSE climate Changes. Tax Carbon ??? Next they will Tax what Oxygen and Hydrogen ??? These people are out of F—ing Control Big Time.

    Crony Capitalism is PHONY Capitalism !!

  25. 1. Manipulation of weather data so as to lie about man-caused climate change.

    2. Identity theft.

    Two acts which should be classified as felonies and require a minimum of 10-years in prison.

  26. Right wingers, there is no conspiracy. The data was adjusted so the measurements are calibrated against the climate model which shows the Earth is warming. The temperature measurements were wrong and they had to be corrected to match the model. Your continuous denial just makes it harder for the US to implement renewable energy and move away from fossil fuel

    1. No measurable warming of the globe in the past 16 years.

      Not an emergency.
      Man can’t change it.

      Look for another cause to try to manipulate others with, this one is a loser for you.

      1. The data was incorrect because the South American did not calibrate their measurements. Today’s climate science is so exact that these measurements have to be adjusted to match the truth data generated by the Climate Model, remember, Climate Model is always true because it’s science. I can’t understand of your recalcitrant

        1. “… Jonsson was amazed to see how the new version completely ‘disappears’ Iceland’s ‘sea ice years’ around 1970, when a period of extreme cooling almost devastated his country’s economy…” Which, of course, your “response” can completely account for…..

  27. Didn’t they just come out with the Hotest year in History. We should bring a USA Tax Payers Law Suit against the ” Entire Teacher Union of the USA” for Dumbing Down our Children thru Climate Control for $ One Trillion Dollar’s as of Monday.!

  28. The great lakes had ice all the way up into late July, and the polar ice caps are GROWING, not shrinking at all, not even remotely. Only the dimmest of the dim do not realize that a great fraud has been perpetuated by the scientific community in collusion with corrupt government officials.

  29. Who will “enforce” these bogus lies and laws? The police and military. They follow orders and are not allowed to think or question their “superiors.” I know that so-called conservatives support both entities without question or reservation but I wonder how far that support will go when our homes and vehicles are invaded under cover of law (or some executive order) and our property confiscated and our lives forfeited by some Marxist, amnesty illegal who is now an “American Citizen” with a badge and a gun.

  30. A quote for Al Gore and his Cadre of Climate Corporatists…

    “You must have a really wide foot. You got both of them.”
    – Roy, Kingpin (1996)

    Get better soon Al…

  31. Liberal liars are so cute aren’t they…… falsifying data is called an “adjustment” and lying about being on a helicopter shot down by RPGs is “misremembering”.

    1. Gay used to be happy, now it’s homo. Liberals are infamous for changing the rhetoric, conservatives are infamous for being to weak to stop it. It is what it is.

  32. There are several truths to climate change fraud: 1) any rational person agrees destroying the planet would be bad so creating a “climate” of fear is key to creating anxiety; 2) because there is no example of climate change that can be linked to a specific human activity, it is a belief that one must have on faith; 3) it is a problem that will never be solved but because its solution is viewed as a worthwhile goal (if it were true), slaving away to battle it becomes institutionalized. Have any of the proposed fixes, rules, laws, regulations, taxes, technologies, restrictions, bans, or lifestyle changes had a believable positive outcome? 4) the proposed solutions are palatable to most. People can participate with little inconvenience. A little more here, a little tax there, a minor inconvenience or two and most people can continue on with their lives while doing their part to solve the problem. Given the low information voters’ attention span and limited intuition, those truths are no small feat to overcome. The loudest climate change fear mongers have a lot to gain and will stop at nothing to realize that gain.

  33. Thank a democrat today for voting for and giving cover to the biggest fraud in the history of the country. MSM, ignorant democrats, ignorant independents, and even some low life RINOs voted him in twice and never lifted a finger to check out his Chicago crime sydicate background. They thought he was a god, above racist actions and ready to solve the nations’ problems with a smile. But none of it was true and nobody would admit the FAIL.

  34. Yes, unfortunately the America of today is a few notches down from decades ago. There was a time when our politicians actually felt a responsibility to the welfare of the entire population. Not just segments of it. We are divided and in this direction, soon to be defeated. The defeat will be an economic one. And one whereby the size of government will grow as the private sector shrivels. So long America! You were truly great for a good run! Now we’re fed lies, statistics, and government reports.

  35. The comments here make clear how obviously political Global Warming is to some people. WTF does Global Warming have to do with President Obama? Life is too short to be this stupid. Global Warming is not a joke and anyone trying to deny it is a total moron.

    1. How the heck would anyone know if it is real or not when scientist are cooking the books. If you choose to believe the altered data, that total moron might just be you!

    2. Obama hopped on the Climate Change bandwagon and banished all forms of “fire” energy (i.e. all forms of combustion) to the doghouse while advocating for all the other ethereal forms of energy: earth (geothermal) wind (turbines), water (hydropower) and sun (solar). Here’s a hint: follow the “green” money in all this (no pun intended). But, there are no definitive data that prove “human activity” is the “cause” of Climate Change. THAT is the issue. Sure, you want to talk about nitrogen run-off and its effects on coral reefs, etc., be my guest. But DON’T spew hokem to the effect that we’re all gonna die unless we change our “evil ways” of producing energy.

        1. Late reply here, sorry, but I care about letting the market itself decide what is the most economically efficient method of energy production, and NOT having taxpayer dollars thrown after pipe dreams in the form of uneconomic an unsustainable (without massive subsidies) “green” energy programs.

  36. Listen folks, you’ve got B. Williams, Gruber, Obama, and the list goes on to include climatologists as well. What do they all have in common? They are liberals. Psychiatry has already concluded liberalism is a mental disorder (ref: head of Harvard Psychiatry, google it). Does this not continue to bolster that assertion? There are MRI based tests that can be done to expose liberals and reject their participation in important matters such as politics, etc. These tests WILL some day be used, the sooner the better.

            1. They grab power everywhere they can, they use it against us. I blame US, not them. Where is our courage to attack, kill, and rid ourselves of this scourge?

  37. I do enjoy “Climate Change” useful idiots getting all enraged when they are told that Climate Change is one massive lie. They retort with links and other cut and paste quotes to make themselves look smart and superior.

    Question for Climate Change useful idiots if your so called intelligence is based on a lie are you smart for quoting the lies or not smart enough to realize you are being lied to?

  38. Scientists who manipulate data are not scientists, they are crooks, cheats, and political hacks. People’s careers and lives have been ruined for standing up to falsehoods and lies. There should be a substantial penalty for all the cheating and misinformation.

    1. I vote for bringing back medieval justice – flog them, flay them, salt them, spit them and slow roast them while all the other researchers have to watch. That may have some deterrent effect. What we’re doing now obviously does not cause academics to behave themselves.

  39. Canada, Russia, & USA are trying to melt the Arctic and Greenland with the Ionosphere Heaters (Harp) to exploit its natural resources. This is why they expect sea levels to rise and have created extensive maps showing this. Search Youtube for the video showing the entire continent of Greenland covered with black coal ash soot they have sprayed to melt the glacial crust and its working! George Soros and the Russian are secretly in a race to exploit the arctic for the United Nations. This is the real reason we are antagonizing Russia – it has nothing with preserving the US Dollar as the worlds reserve currency. Is AL GORE going to return everyones money … he has extorted over 40 million over the last decade from good-hearted people on this SCAM! What do you think of GORE now !

  40. Do you ever ask yourself why you care so much about whether or not Global Warming is real? Are you really that worried about being lied to? The only one lying to you is yourself.

  41. When the earth or even better the universe decides it’s time for a mass extinction we are going to think that all these a$$ holes were pretty petty thinkers worrying about a tenth or two of a degree. I hope these pea brain “scientists” are the closest to ground zero when it does and will happen.

  42. Here is my prediction. The climate change Jihadists will get even more shrill. They won’t even try to refute or rebutt this. They will fear monger and somehow will make an example of these scientists by dredging upon thing from their past lives when they when they were in high school or college. Even worse the MSM will aid and abet these climate change alarmists push their agenda. Sad state of affairs.

  43. Could we have a show of hands, please? Who thinks anyone….anyone at all…will every be held accountable, much less go to jail over manipulating climate data?

    Let us be clear about our thoughts: THE INTERNATIONAL GLOBALISTS WHO WANT THE CARBON TAX TO PAY FOR AN INTERNATIONAL ARMY WILL BURY THIS AND NO ONE WILL PAY ANYTHING. In fact, we think they will “take care” of them for their loyalty to the cause. on facebook; tpimmigrationcoalition

      1. Your handle should be “super-POOP” based on your unintelligent drivel. Rather than discuss the merits of the remarks we made or of the underlying article, you choose to call names, which is the last resort of children, idiots and those cretins who have no intellligent remark to make. Which are you?

  44. When global hucksters have the opportunity to steal billions from multiple countries instead just their own – the lengths and depths of corruption have yet to be seen

  45. Excuse me? People would go to jail for faking data like this in business?

    HAHAHAAHHA! A funny joke.

    What about those studies saying that shipping our industries overseas will make us all richer? Or that importing massive numbers of third word refugees to increase competition for jobs will make wages go up not down? Or that all those trillions of dollars spent bailing out the banks made the taxpayer a profit? Or that Obamacare would lower health care costs? Or that repealing Glass-Steagall would not increase the instability of the financial sector?

    HAHAHAHA. IMHO this is just standard operating procedure.

  46. It’s not me you have to convince. I noticed a long time ago that the predictions of the models are not coming true. The polar ice cap was supposed to be free of ice 4 years ago. This year and last, even the Great Lakes are freezing at historic levels.

    The people you have to convince are those who “forget” the predictions are wrong – those who still believe it’s the truth even when the basic temperature data has been falsified.

  47. I never bought into the scam artist Al Gore and his stooges claim of global warming.
    Throughout the history of the world we have had warming spells, 20 or 30 years and longer. Same holds true with earths cooling spells.
    Pollution is a different story!

  48. “Global Warming facts versus faith” was written in 2010 by Walter Cunningham (Apollo 7 Astronaut with a degree in physics from UCLA and an MBA from Harvard).He concludes: “global warming alarmists invariably try to make their case by resorting to rhetoric, dogma, opinion and emotion…a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of Houston, has had a standing offer of $10,000 for a single peer-reviewed paper showing causality between CO2 and increased temperature.None exists”

    I think Colonel Cunningham is far more credible than the talking TV turds who are useful idiots for the likes of Al Gore (the guy who claimed he invented the internet). Al and his cronies stood to make fortunes off of a Carbon Exchange Fund Scheme. Hell, he had ads run showing a little girl clingiing to a tree limb while the waters rose around her – a couple years later he bought himself a mansion right on the beach. This started before Obama. But the fact is, all of our elected officials are bought and paid for. What they lack in integrity and intelligence they make up for in greed and stupidity.

    America is a Kleptocracy (Greek for “rule by thieves”) and it is our own fault – we let it happen. When will we stop being interested in getting the right amount of air in the footballs and start being interested in giving Washington, DC a giant enema?

  49. The Catholic church went ape#@$% like this just before the 99 Thesis. lucky for us these days information travels much faster, and is less easy to impede.

    1. Numbers don’t lie, unfortunately for your premise.

      And stop waving your Koch around. People aren’t impressed with it any more – and they’re laughing at you because you won’t keep it zipped.

  50. Arrest these lying commies and frog march them up to the Arctic circle where they can contemplate their crimes against humanity…the horror, the horror.

  51. ‘In the business and trading world, people go to jail for such manipulations of data’……errr, what about the falsely rated “AAA” mortgaged back securities Goldman Sachs peddled pre 2008? Haven’t seen one bloke yet go to jail for that manipulation. And the consequences were pretty dire for that error of significant monetary convenience. Begs the question on the validity of that statement. Just sayin…

  52. I would tell people you didn’t adjust the raw data unless there was an overwhelming systemic error that you absolutely had to correct for. It’s that way in every other branch of precision measurement – you adjusted (as necessary) for KNOWN instrument error, and you make it clear that you’re doing so.

    But this ‘adjusting’ the data… this isn’t adjustment, it’s applying an increasing bias and you end up with pretty much fictional numbers. And THIS ‘settled science’ is what was used to justify the billions on billions spent in ‘green’ projects?

    This wasn’t science. It was science fiction.

  53. Some more sites offering solid proof of global warming….





  54. Kenny Lay from Enron and Al Gore started this scam in the 90s. The old shell game. (cap and trade) Money and Power over the population is the goal. Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it. Goebbel’s propaganda during WWII is the blue print of the new world order.

  55. Time to blame a new trivial substance on the sky falling.

    May I go out on a limb here and predict that the only solution is wholehearted “democratic” socialism?

  56. So NOW Anthony Watts is the noble temperature adjustment crusader??? That is outrageous and despicable.

    The last time this subject made headlines, Tony Heller, AKA Steven Goddard brought it to national attention in the middle of last year (having published numerous analyses on the subject weekly and daily for years). He was quickly and viciously attacked by…Anthony Watts. Watts threw his hat in with climate lunatics and completely undermined the story. Watts is no friend of skeptics.

  57. Leftist governments adore Global Warming. It empowers them. They can create made up taxes from citizens and
    corporations. Splendid scam. I can smell BS a mile away. Never believed this crap. While we are having record low temps they say, Oh, that’s proof we are right. It gets colder first. Are you sheeting me? Go sell your snake oil to
    somebody else comrade.

  58. These guys lie so much you should not listen to them. Even if you are caught lying once there is no longer any credibility. What is it with this some weak minds fail to realize? They can’t even debate the issue, all they need is a few low-intelligence people to repeat the lies over and over again until it becomes fact in rumor.

  59. JUST THE FACTS: This is the coolest of five warming periods since the end of the Ice Age 10,000 years ago. Neither NASA nor any other government agency can cool the Holocene Climate Optimum 7,500 years ago, which was the warmest period of the past 10,000 years. It was followed by diminishing warm periods – Minoan, Roman, Medieval, and now, the least warm of the five. However, the Eemian interglacial (warm period) of 125,000 years ago was warmer than any of the past 10,000 years by a large margin. And all of this natural climate change happened without significant changes in atmospheric CO2. In fact, warmists (aka alarmists) insist that atmospheric CO2 was lower then, probably because they are ignorant about it being warmer then. Current warming is remarkable only because it followed the Little Ice Age (1400-1750AD), the coldest period of the past 10,000 years. Simply, there has been a cooling trend for the past 7,500 years, interrupted briefly by diminishing warm periods and colder cool periods. The talk about the effects of CO2 on warming is like the heated discussions of “learned” theologians about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. They assumed the existence of angels, and then began their discussions, just like the warmists assume climate change is not natural. They are natural climate change deniers.

  60. Brain Williams donated money to Obama’s campaign, TWICE. Now you know why he got a ridiculous amount of access to the President before the 2012 election. Birds of a feather…..What more do you need to know?

  61. This will end the public’s interest in using tax money for science sooner rather than later.

    When the baby boomers get told they won’t be getting the promised SSI money they expect, they will be looking for places to gut, and this travesty of federal un-science will just make it easy for them to say “take it from NOAA/NASA/Every federal science foundation use of tax payer money, since all they do is lie to us about it”

  62. Sounds like quite a few scientists and politicians now have egg on their faces with this latest revelation. Their spin for this will be interesting. Usually when someone gets hoodwinked or bamboozled, they get angry at the ones who tricked them. With these folks, they continue to support the hucksters and continue regurgitating the same lines as if nothing happened. It’s almost like an abused spouse who lives in denial.

  63. People also seem to “forget” that a majority of the official temperature sensors over the century had urban sprawl around them, which artificially increases the station temperature. Concrete & asphalt retain and release a lot of heat, whereas the populous and infrastructure didn’t exist back in the early 1900’s – even through until the 1970’s.

  64. Thanks to the hackers who hacked the University of East Anglia UK e-mail, and climate data, we now know that ‘scientists’ there were tasked with using manipulated climate data to fit a pre-determined conclusion. ‘Global Warming’ re-packaged as ‘Climate Change’ have been orchestrated in order to implement the ‘Cap & Trade’ tax scheme on businesses (Carbon Tax scam). whereby carbon, one of the basic building blocks of life on Earth has been redefined as a dangerous ‘pollutant’ to be taxed in part by Al Gore & Associates. Global warming is A HOAX it is a shakedown. The ONLY real warming occurring is due to chemical aerosols ‘chemtrails’ being dispensed by jets to prevent precipitation / rain on the West coast and other US and global locations. The chemical aerosols create a capping inversion layer preventing convection (rising air) necessary for storms to function and deliver rain. Right now, there is another much larger storm system South of the Aleutian Islands heading to the West Coast. The jet stream direction is favorable for rain on West coast, but in preparation for this storm a high pressure cell is being re-installed about 900-1000 miles off the California coast to help deflect the huge weather system. Chemical aerosols are forecast to be sprayed offshore and all over the State to assist in keeping the upper atmosphere very dry 10-15% RH in anticipation of this next 968 mb system. A Santa Ana wind condition is also being engineered in the Southern part of California to assist in keeping this powerful system from entering the Southern CA region.

  65. The geologic record is quite clear, and is genuine “science.” For millions of years we have gone through cycles of mini ice ages, and based on those records, we are coming up on another mini ice age. If this does occur, many will wish to God we could affect the climate to cause global warming – and it’s not going to happen.

    Just curious, has anyone ever heard of the “Carbon Cycle?” How about looking up all that is considered a global warming gas?
    If anything, people should start realizing the politicians are corrupt, as are the scientists groveling for grant money for pseudo science.

    Maybe it’s time for some old fashion witch burnings.

  66. The unspoken reality behind much of the climate-change industry is the billions of dollars in funding that are being hijacked to support private NGO, government and academic positions. Many have much to lose…they won’t go down without a fight.

  67. The biggest liars in science are NASA scientists. Every space walk shows air bubbles rising in the pool they are working in, every picture of the earth has been doctored.

    The Earth is not a ball, it’s a dish.

  68. Global warming wasn’t first announced by a scientist. It was announced by Al Hore. How long will Al Hore’s prison sentence be?
    And when will Al Hore finally provide me with the smoking hot woman that I ordered???

  69. Global warming is perpetuated by the United Nations as part of the Agenda 21 population-reduction program. The United Nations is a non-government entity which is run by an “elite” class of people (in their own minds) whose only goal is more power. They masquerade as advisers to government officials for the sake of promoting their agenda, and get great deals for their businesses in the process. Additionally, it gives the governments who go along with the charade more power, and they become addicted.

    It’s a vicious cycle, but such is the lust for power.

  70. The NOAA and NWS are rounding up actual recorded average daily temperatures for NYC Central Park if the average temperature for a day is a “0.5” number instead of a whole number (i.e when the low and high temperatures for a day include one odd and one even number). Conversely, they are almost exclusively rounding down the normal daily temperatures. This was not the case in the weather data from the 1930’s when they alternated between rounding up and down in order to calculate the mean recorded temperature for that day. This is a mechanism by which the NOAA and NWS would appear to be manipulating weather data in order to make it appear warmer than it is as well as to make normal temperatures seem cooler than they’re supposed to be. This little trick would average out to raise temperatures as compared to normal for an entire year by approximately 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Check out the http://www.weather.gov website and see for yourself.

  71. Used to be climb it change meat sneaking up behind someone and raising their underwear up into the butt crack.
    It may be spelled different now but the results are still the same if the people all in a bunch over it are any indication.
    And if you pull hard enough I dare say the O zone hole may appear as well.
    This use of blame must end its roots sought and held accountable.
    To even consider ourselves above nature to the point of forced change is arrogant of its host and moronic of its believers and only greed could ever drive such fueled foolishness.
    Snake oil!

  72. When libtards pull this c r a p nothing is done about it. The MSM hides this from the low information voters to protect their money grabbing complex.

  73. The term stadisticitians will use is “weighting factor”. This can be interpreted as a synonym to “the narrative”.

    I don’t believe this story. Only until i hear it from the mouth of the oracle Brian Williams will I believe.


  74. Mortars on their campus living quarters works too

    GO onto a campus find a “Believer” in global warming ..and disconnect their cognitive thought process…

    Better hurry though ..looking at Bruce Jenner I d have to say……

    stop the little campus f a g o t s in their youth …

  75. Rothschilds, And The Geoengineering Empire » Rothschilds, And …

    http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ rothschilds-and-the-geoengineering-empire/

    Nov 13, 2012 … Why would the Rothschilds be so interested in owning the largest and most recognized weather modeling organization out there? Why would …

    Even the Rothschilds Are Weather Obsessed – Deal Journal – WSJ

    blogs.wsj.com/ deals/ 2011/ 01/ 31/ rothschilds-buy-majority-stake-in-weather-central/

    Jan 31, 2011 … Evelyn de Rothschild and Lynn Forester de Rothschild said they are buying a majority stake in weather-data service Weather Central L.P., …

    EL Rothschild buys stake in Weather Central – FT.com


    Feb 1, 2011 … … Blackstone and NBC Universal bought Weather Channel for $3.2bn. … Weather Central, whose US clients include the CBS Evening News …