Listen: Warmist Thom Hartmann debates Skeptic: ‘You should be in jail’ for climate ‘denial’ ‘You are killing people.’ Blames skepticism for ‘dead children’ ‘I am calling you a criminal’


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  1. This is an affluent middle class American…the most profligate people on the planet. I dare say he has a car. I don’t. I dare say he owns a house. I don’t. I dare say he drives to work. I don’t. I dare say he has children. I don’t… I could go on. But I believe there is no danger to the planet because of human emissions of C02. But then I’m English and I’m intelligent. Maybe that’s the clue!!

  2. Dear Thom Hartmann, you stated “I am calling you a criminal.” Really, in order to be criminal he must have violated some law. Please cite the law he’s violating.

  3. Hartmann’s ONLY weapon is to promote this fraud that he’s offering people a pulpit to speak from… and then spend almost the entire session ignoring them and speaking over them.

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  4. This man is a loon. He’s the kind of guy who in the 1600’s wore a robe and occupied a high position in the church and sentenced people to be burned at the stake for heresy… and did so gleefully.

  5. Humans’ use of fossil fuels, and the resulting carbon dioxide air
    emissions, has no material effect on climate. Human activities cause
    only about 3% of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the
    atmosphere. The rest are the result of decomposing plant material.
    CO2 is in equilibrium. While a weak greenhouse gas in theory, its
    actual climate effects are nullified by stronger forces,
    particularly the formation of mineral carbonates from atmospheric
    carbon dioxide.

    The notion of fossil fuels-caused climate change is a false premise
    for regulation.

    1. CO2 does not materially affect the Earth’s climate;

    2. Nature already effectively captures and sequesters CO2 as mineral

    3. Climate cycles are natural, and caused by forces other than CO2;

    4. The average residence time of CO2 in the atmosphere is 5 years;

    5. Human activities generate only about 3% of CO2 emissions. Most of
    the rest are from rotting plants.

    Anyone who passed 10th grade chemistry can know this using public
    information. Limestone and marble are the most familiar forms of
    mineral carbonate. CO2 is an essential component of mineral
    carbonate (CaCO3, for calcium). Carbonates are the ultimate
    repository of atmospheric CO2. Carbonates form in seawater and soils
    through biological and chemical processes. The formula is CO2 + CaO
    => CaCO3.

    Carbonates form from atmospheric CO2 that is taken up by seawater or
    soils. You can make magnesium carbonate in your kitchen by mixing
    carbonated water with milk of magnesia. See the paper … researcher Tom Segalstad.

  6. These criminal alarmists, need to be executed. They’re pure evil. They’re scum. They’re murderers, liars and need to be put to death…painfully.

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