Listen Now: Morano in heated debate with warmist on Hannity Radio show – Morano: ‘You are talking anecdotal claptrap’


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    1. Increase in flooding is also due to all the levees they’ve constructed over the years – they make it worse when it does happen and prevents water that gets behind them from draining.

  1. California is suffering because the population has risen 80 percent since 1980 and they haven’t built any big dams since 1980. If you live in a desert, you need to store water in big dams for the inevitable cyclic droughts.

      1. The biggest *salt water* body of water on the planet. It does make a difference with regard to usefulness, believe it or not. Desalinization is pretty expensive. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, since a long drought might make it economical vs. the alternatives. More counties should follow the example of Orange County, who implemented a large water processing plant capable of producing basically pure water from most grey waste water. Due to squeamishness by the public, however, it is only used to replenish groundwater reservoirs at this time.

  2. Where the heck is the warming they promised? I expected to be able to grow homegrown tomatoes year round by now. They make all these promises and nothing happens.

  3. Any time in the history of the US one could make a case for climate change that is at least as strong as the case made by that idiot. Climate Change is a tool to be used to get things you want but can’t achieve through normal means, because people wouldn’t otherwise accept it.

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