Former Democratic Gov. of Virginia Douglas Wilder: McAuliffe’s ‘biggest mistake’ was campaigning side by side with Obama: ‘It almost sank him’

Former Democratic Governor of Virginia Douglas Wilder declared “the biggest mistake” that fellow Democrat Terry McAuliffe made in his successful but very close campaign was appearing side by side with President Barack Obama.

“The biggest mistake made in the McAuliffe campaign was the later introduction directly of Obama in the campaign, it almost sank him,” Wilder told WMAL radio in Washington D.C.

“Terry McAuliffe almost had a backfire there by having Obama to come in — that thing (Obamacare) is so unpopular in Virginia,” Wilder, who served as Virginia’s Democratic Governor from 1990-1994,  explained.

Wilder continued: GOP hopeful “Ken Cuccinelli has a new name this morning, his name is Lazarus — he has come from the dead, to show that — my goodness– outspent by $15 million dollars, having everybody campaign against him” and almost winning the governorship.

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