Flashback: Fox’s Andrew Napolitano: Pope Francis is ‘somewhere between a communist with a lowercase ‘c’ and a Marxist with an uppercase ‘M’


Fox’s Andrew Napolitano: Pope Francis Is A “Communist” And A “Marxist.” On the September 15 edition of Fox Business’ Varney & Co., Fox’s senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano called Pope Francis a “communist” and a “Marxist” for linking the Syrian refugee crisis to global poverty:

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: I am sighing because the Holy Father is a challenge for traditionalist Roman Catholics, of which I am one. Particularly, traditionalists who came of age under John Paul II and then under Benedict XVI. Who, though they had impulses that were not exactly Ayn Rand on capitalism, were far more into philosophy and theology, and far less into the economy … This particular Pope, who has proclaimed himself a Peronist, is somewhere between a communist with a lowercase “c” and a Marxist with an uppercase “M.” At the same time he is trying to be a Roman Catholic — uppercase “R,” uppercase “C.”


The Pope is infallible on faith in morals. Thank God it is just limited to faith and morals because he is, he is — he sounds like a left-wing professor at the London School of Economics when he blames the mass migration on economic inequality. [Fox Business, Varney & Co.,9/15/15]


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  1. When one looks at the characters advising the Pope on climate change, you get to understand why the Pope is acting like a fool. As a Catholic, it hurts to say this but it is true.

    This Pope is a very divisive Pope, and it’s not just in relation to climate change and the environment. It’s on other issues too. And he makes no effort to be a unifying figure using his personal authority to give people faith and hope in the future as other Popes would do, or as Jesus would do were He amongst us.

    No. This Pope thinks capitalism is evil without understanding that had it not been for the wealth created by capitalism, the world would still be shovelling shit off the dirt streets, living standards would be atrocious, and the poor would be living in a far worse hell than they are presently doing.

    1. It’s OK to be divisive on issues central to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

      This clown is going around tying Catholicism to envirowhackos, feminists, homosexuals, abortionists, etc.

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