Clitantic scientists trapped in Antarctic ice claim expanding sea ice caused by ‘global warming’ — But data and studies refute claims

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The leader of the Antarctic global warming expedition that has been mired in thick Antarctic ice for more than a week and is finally facing a helicopter rescue attempt, is claiming that expanding sea ice is consistent with man-made global warming theory. [Update: Rescue of ship has happened.)

Chris Turney, a professor of climate change at Australia’s University of New South Wales ([email protected]) “remained adamant that sea ice is melting, even as the boat remained trapped in frozen seas,” according to a Fox News interview.

“Sea ice is disappearing due to climate change, but here ice is building up,” the Australasian Antarctic Expedition said in a statement. Turney explained that “climate change may have prompted the iceberg to shatter and float into the previously open sea where the mostly Australian team finds itself stranded.” “The ice was swept across to this area by the South-East wind, its pieces creating a knock-on domino effect,” Turney said. “We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Turney expected to see melting ice. See: ClitanicDisaster: ‘Global warming scientists forced to admit defeat…because of too much ice’ in Antarctica – Will be rescued by helicopter — Chris Turney, a climate scientist and leader of the expedition, was going to document ‘environmental changes’ at the pole – In an interview he said he expected melting ice to play a part in expedition

Even the media resorted to blaming expanding ice on “global warming.”  See: The Economist mag: Maybe global warming caused Antarctic sea ice to grow to a record extent two years in a row — Economist Says Antarctic Ice Is Being Compressed, Causing It To Expand (via website Real Science): ‘In 2007 winds compressed Arctic ice into a thick mass with record low extent, not record high extent. How stupid are these people?’

Update: Clitantic Expedition Communication Director Alvin Stone: ‘Climate Warming Led To The Vessel’s Awkward Predicament’!

So we are to believe, as Real Science quipped: ‘Scientists Trapped In Record Antarctic Sea Ice Announce That It Is Disappearing

Anyone familiar with Antarctic sea ice would knows that it has been at or near record expansion the past several years and global warming models have mostly predicted reduced Antarctic sea ice allegedly due to global warming.

See: Less ice, more ice, whatever. It’s global warming! — Flashback 2007: Global warming means LESS ice around Antarctica — 2013: global warming means more ice around Antarctica

Global Sea Ice Area Expands to Second Highest On Record, And Highest In 25 Years – Closing in on an all-time record

December 31 Global Sea Ice Area (Both Arctic & Antarctic Ice Combined) Was The Largest Ever Recorded For The Date

‘Planet Earth currently has the most sea ice ever measured this time of year’

No Antarctic Warming Since 1979 – According to Chris Turney, leader of the expedition trapped in the ice off the coast of Antarctica, the expanding sea ice has been caused by global warming. He obviously has not bothered checking the facts. First, a look at UAH satellite temperature anomalies for the region. The purple line is the trend, not the mean, but as can be seen is, to all intents and purposes flat. Any trend is actually negative. – And Southern Ocean Sea Temperatures from Bob Tisdale.

Warmists stuck in ship facing ‘Antarctic sea ice area the highest on record for the date, up 20% since the 1970′s’ – Global sea ice expands to near all-time record

2013 was a banner year for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent — ‘The highest maximum for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent of all time was set on October 1st 2013. The highest average anomaly for a year occurred in 2013. 2013 averaged 850,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean’

Antarctica: IPCC Proven Conclusively Wrong By Newest Research – South Pole Cooling — ‘Evidence is irrefutable – the southern polar region is cooling, not warming as IPCC predicted’

UN IPCC’s Claim That Antarctica’s Ice Sheets Are Melting Due To Global Warming Is Found To Be Fraudulent — ‘There indeed has been some slight warming in the area of the Antarctica Peninsula but the huge mass of ice sheets actually reside in East and West Antarctica, which measurements show to be cooling’

Latest Research Disproves IPCC’s Climategate Hockey-Stick: Antarctica Was Warmer During Medieval Period

More Blows to Warmists! New Antarctica Research: The IPCC ‘Consensus’ Science Is Turned Topsy-Turvy — ‘Scientists have been caught completely unaware of the substantial ice growth occurring below Antarctica, in addition to the obvious massive cumulative ice growth on the surface’

35-Year Cooling of South Pole Confirmed By NASA – Antarctica Ice Sheets Safe — ‘NASA’s satellites have now been measuring global temperatures for a full 35 years (420 months through November 2013), including the Antarctic. The above chart documents the measured southern polar region temperatures. As can be seen, there has been a cooling trend – granted, a very tiny -0.04°C/century, but it remains far removed from the IPCC’s unicorn science of “amplified” and dangerous polar warming. And not only has it not warmed, the Antarctic sea ice has grown to a record amount.’

2013 milestones – Antarctic sea ice has been above normal every day since mid-2011

New paper finds Antarctica has been gaining surface ice mass over past 150 years — Published in The Cryosphere 

UK Daily Mail: Now there’s more ice at South Pole than ever — ‘So much for global warming thawing Antarctica!’’60 Minutes’ refuted by Borenstein’s article! Flashback 2007: 60 Minutes goes to Antarctica; World’s fastest-warming place – ‘Scott Pelley looks for – and finds – evidence of global warming in Antarctica where the bottom of the world is literally melting away’

Oops. AP’s Seth Borenstein reports that of the world’s regions since 1960 ‘Antarctica has warmed the least, according to NASA data’

Flashback 2009: NASA GISS’ Drew Shindell: ‘It’s hard to think of any situation where increased greenhouse gases would not lead to warming in Antarctica’ — Prof. Roger Pielke, Jr. in 2009: ‘So a warming Antarctica and a cooling Antarctica are both ‘consistent with’ model projections of global warming. Our foray into the tortured logic of ‘consistent with’ in climate science raises the perennial question, what observations of the climate system would be inconsistent with the model predictions?’

Antarctica Sea Ice theory triggers BS detectors! ‘The continued growth of sea ice in Antarctica has been in direct conflict with the ‘settled science’ climate models for years’

AP’s Seth Borenstein at it again! Claims ‘global warming means more Antarctic ice’ — Meet the new consensus, the opposite of the old consensus

Read All About it: Al Gore’s ‘melting’ Antarctic claims refuted by reality — Climate Depot’s A-Z Global Warming Report counters Gore

Reality Check on Turney: 35-Year Cooling of South Pole Confirmed By NASA – Antarctica Ice Sheets Safe

Studies show South Pole COOLING: Temperatures across most of Antarctica has been FALLING since the mid 20th century, with the exception of the Antarctic Peninsula

Media Flustered at News of Antarctica Not Melting; Ice Levels At Record High

New review paper finds temperature history of Antarctica argues strongly against AGW

Germany’s Alfred Wegener Institute Confirms Antarctic Sea Ice May Have Reached Record VOLUME! ‘Never so much sea ice at Antarctica in the last 30 years’

New paper finds no evidence of AGW in West Antarctica — Published in Geophysical Research Letters

New paper finds large increases of snowfall on East Antarctica could significantly reduce sea level rise – Published in Geophysical Research Letters

No Warming In Antarctica Since The Start Of Satellite Records

 New Paper: Evidence of a Medieval Warm Period in Antarctica

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Is ClitanicDisaster leader Professor Chris Turney, who is trapped in Antarctic ice, ‘trying to get rich of AGW hysteria’?

Dr. Richard Tol: ‘Expedition leader Prof Chris Turney has a financial stake in climate policy’:  Turney helped set up a carbon refining company called Carbonscape which has developed technology to fix carbon from the atmosphere and make a host of green bi-products, helping reduce greenhouse gas levels.’

Report: Professor Turney trapped in Clitanic ice trying to ‘hide/disguise’ his involvement with Carbonscape? — [email protected] — Prof Chris Turney decided to ‘hide/disguise’ his direct involvement by having family, rather than himself, as named shareholders.’

Is Clitantic leader Prof. Chris Turney an activist first and a scientist second? ‘He helped set up a carbon refining company called Carbonscape which has developed technology to fix carbon from the atmosphere’

With Prof Chris Turney stuck on the ice on the Clitanic, his boss rushes out a story about 4C temp rise by 2100. ‘Operation Distraction’ — Prof. Chris Turney email: [email protected] 

NYT’s Andrew Revkin laments: Global warming scientists stuck in Antarctic ice ‘misadventure have energized climate change contrarians’Andy Revkin Annoyed With ‘Climate Change Contrarians’ Being ‘Energized’: ‘Revkin is using terms like “bungled trip” , “unessential expedition” ,  ”misadventure”,  ”distraction from serious research”  and “tarnish the wider field of Antarctic science’

Update: Antarctic Clitanic rescue to get underway

CLIMATE CHANGE: OUR ‘GREATEST CHALLENGE’? – ‘Events in 2013 showed just how cut off from reality climate-change alarmists have become’ — ‘For UN IPCC’s Thomas Stocker to claim that climate change is our ‘greatest challenge’ illustrates the cut-off nature of climate-change politics. Billions of people still live on a dollar per day or less; nearly a billion people don’t always have enough to eat; even more have no access to electricity; and many millions die each year from infectious diseases that have long since disappeared from the rich world’

Reality Check: ‘Our ‘greatest challenge’ may not be climate change, but rather tackling the obsession with climate change that is currently holding back development.’

Clitanic Disaster in Antarctica ice: ‘Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale a tale of a fateful trip…’

What would you do if all your models underestimated warming and a ship investigating Antarctic warming was stuck in ice? You’ve guessed it – come up with a new model which increases warming still further! As the Fairfax/Guardian/ABC media axis reports: ‘Climate change models underestimate likely temperature rise, report shows’

The team from the University of NSW were unavailable for further comment because they are stuck in millions of tonnes of ice.

Climate Skeptics Help With Weather Forecasting Request From Ice-Trapped Antarctic Expedition

ClitanicDisaster Expedition On The Cheap? Did Organizers Recklessly, Negligently Put Lives And Property At Risk?

Irony of global warming lost on ice-trapped scientists

ClitanicDisaster Scientists Pose For Group Picture in Antarctica 

Paper: ‘Science of climate change not on the same course as reality’

Clitantic Expedition Communication Director Alvin Stone: ‘Climate Warming Led To The Vessel’s Awkward Predicament’! – Add another to the list of things claimed to be caused by global warming: Vessels getting trapped in unexpected sea ice! Alvin Stone, media manager of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition: ‘Indications are that it is precisely climate warming that led to the vessel’s awkward predicament’ Reality Check to Alvin Stone: ‘As ice on the continent grows, so would the rate of calving due to pressure. Again we are being asked to accept that increased sea ice is a sign of climate warming, and the same goes for a decrease.’

Experts Say Antarctica Both Gaining And Losing Ice – At The Same Time — Ten years ago, experts said that Antarctica had been gaining ice for the first time in the last 10,000 years.

Aurora Australis rescue ship told to hold position to potentially assist Chinese vessel Xue Long

Chinese Icebreaker Stuck in the Ice: Had ‘just rescued Prof. Turney and his alarmist-tourism party from their ice-bound ship’

Delayed Departure Of Several Hours Likely Caused Doomed Clitanic Vessel To Lose Race Against The Weather

December 31 Global Sea Ice Area (Both Arctic & Antarctic Ice Combined) Was The Largest Ever Recorded For The Date

‘Planet Earth currently has the most sea ice ever measured this time of year’

‘The aim of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, led by Chris Turney of the University of NSW, was to prove the East Antarctic ice sheet is melting. Its website spoke alarmingly of ‘an increasing body of evidence’ showing ‘melting and collapse from ocean warming’

[email protected] – ‘As they are transferred to sanctuary aboard the icebreaker Aurora Australis, Professor Turney and his fellow evacuees must accept the embarrassing failure of their mission shows how uncertain the science of climate change really is. They cannot reasonably do otherwise. —Editorial, The Australian, 2 January 2013

Ice trapped alarmist Australian climate change professor and his followers rescued – Australian taxpayers likely to foot the bill

Past failed polar treks: 

Flashback 2009: Arctic Comedy: Global warming trek ‘makes it less than half way’ to North Pole due to temps dropping below -40C!

NO JOKE! Global warming activists ‘stuck’ in Arctic ice! See temps drop ‘dramatically’ during Arctic trek & faces frost bite! – September 3, 2008

NBC film crew stranded in Arctic on icebreaker 3 weeks ‘inclement weather’ – September 26, 2008

Factsheet on the ‘Gore Effect’– ‘Happens when global warming-related event, or appearance by Gore is marked by exceedingly cold weather/snow’

Flashback: Watch Now: The ‘Gore Effect’ strikes global warming rally in DC — The ‘Gore Effect’ lives on!

Report: Helicopter rescue possible for ship stuck off Antarctica

The Antarctic ‘research’ fiasco – ‘would you, could you, in a boat’? — Dr. Richard Tol mocks: ‘There has been a strong and statistically significant upward trend in climate-change-related public-relations disasters’

Media Glosses Over Irony of Global Warming Scientists Trapped in Antarctic Ice 

Warmists trapped by irony off Antarctica

Alarmists stuck in Antarctica will probably be saved by a helicopter

Blizzard, ‘Damn Cold’ And Thick Sea Ice Thwart Latest Global Warming Research Ship Rescue Attempt! 

Antarctic Rescue Put On Hold

Global Warming Expedition Remains Trapped…’No Guarantee’ Australian Icebreaker Will Get Through 3-Meter Thick Ice!’

Veteran Meteorologist Joe Bastardi Calls Climate Scientists’ Claims That More Sea Ice Proves Global Warming ‘Just Really Despicable’

Flashback 2004: UK’s Chief Scientist Sir David King declares: ‘Why Antarctica will soon be the only place to live – literally’ due to global warming — Fast Forward to 2013: UK Guardian global warming reporter says that the Antarctic summer is too cold for humans: 

83 years ago today, Lord Doublas Mawson was sailing along the Antarctic coast. In 2013, global warming nutcases trying to retrace Mawson’s route are hoping an icebreaker comes and saves them’

1969 New York Times: Princeton scientists worried that Antarctic ice would start a new ice age – 1969 Theory in NYT: ‘Ice ages start when a large section of the Antarctic ice sheet slips off the continent, and spreads to form an ice shelf as large as Asia and 600 feet thick. This ice would reflect back into space so much solar energy that the world would cool enough to start an ice age.’

Antarctic ice blocks ice breaker sent to rescue climate researchers trapped in — ice

Antarctic Sea Ice 26% Above Normal

Australian climate change professor Chris Turney of U. of New South Wales who warned about melting East Antarctic remains trapped in thick ice – Turney: ‘There is an increasing body of evidence, including by the AAE members, that have identified parts of the East Antarctic which are highly susceptible to melting and collapse from ocean warming’

Shock: Warmist goes to Antarctica to draw attention to global warming, gets severe frostbite, abandons mission — ‘Ranulph Fiennes pulls out of Antarctic trek after suffering severe frostbite’

Flashback 2009: Arctic Comedy: Global warming trek ‘makes it less than half way’ to North Pole due to temps dropping below -40C!

Antarctic fiasco update: Chinese rescue icebreaker now also stuck in ice

Global Warming Strikes Antarctic Science Team

Turns out this ‘research’  vessel was mostly a taxpayer funded junket for getting video stories to BBC in the UK and ABC in Australia.

Top Scientists : Either Shrinking Or Expanding Antarctic Sea Ice Is A Sign Of Global Warming Catastrophe

‘Record Antarctic cold continues, creating record Antarctic sea ice’

Antarctic sea ice area above normal every day for the last two years



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