U.S. sees ‘slight cooling trend’ since 2005 – NOAA shows ‘the pause’ in the U.S. surface temperature record over nearly a decade

Via Meteorologist Anthony Watts website WattsUpWithThat.com:

“Not only is there a pause in the posited temperature rise from man-made global warming, but a clearly evident slight cooling trend in the U.S. Average Temperature over nearly the last decade.

“The trend line illustrates a cooling trend in the minimum temperatures across the Contiguous United States for nearly a decade….all three temperature sets, average, max, and min show a cooling trend is notable.”

Climate Depot Note: Not only are U.S. temperatures cooling, but global temperature continues its temperature standstill.

Global Temperature Update: Still no global warming for 17 years 9 months – Since Sept. 1996 – ‘The 213 months without global warming represent more than half the 425-month satellite data record since January 1979. No one now in high school has lived through global warming.’


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