Green Party Prez candidate Dr. Jill Stein promises to PROSECUTE over global warming

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein promised to prosecute the oil company ExxonMobil for “lying” to the public about global warming.

Stein’s promise comes after Democratic lawmakers have been Daily Caller  New Foundationurging the Obama administration and state attorneys general to investigate Exxon for allegedly misleading the public about global warming by funding groups skeptical of government climate regulations.

Stein is running for president as the Green Party nominee. The Green Party is a left-wing party focused mainly on environmental issues. The firstplank of her presidential platform is a “Green New Deal” to “turn the tide on climate change, revive the economy and make wars for oil obsolete.”…

State Dept. Will Spend $396,000 on Climate Change Competition held in another country

The State Department will spend almost $400,000 of tax payer dollars on a climate change competition to be held in Morocco. The competition is part of the Department’s aggressive fight against climate change.

“Morocco and the U.S. share a strong commitment to combating climate change which they are tackling aggressively at the international, national, and local levels,” according to a grant announcement. “The U.S. Department of State Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR) seeks to highlight this shared commitment by driving policy and commercial innovation through a Green Growth Climate Challenge.”

The State Dept. is looking for nonprofits, universities and organizations to hold a competition that will garner ideas how to “mitigate the impacts of climate change through the use of clean energy and energy efficient technology.”

“The energy industry is undergoing rapid transformation, offering countries the opportunity to accelerate clean energy deployment, from solar and wind to energy efficiency, through innovative policies and business models,” the State Department said. “Local innovation is a critical component in the fight against climate change, fueling creative approaches to climate change mitigation and resiliency.”…

‘Winter Is Coming’ Warns The Solar Physicist The Alarmists Tried To Silence

Make the most of this summer because it could be your last decent one: winter is coming as the planet enters the most devastating cooling period since the 65-year Maunder Minimum of the 17th and early 18th centuries.

This is the dire forecast of Professor Valentina Zharkova, a solar physicist at Northumbria University, who has based her prediction on sun spot activity – known to be a significant driver of global climate – which is currently very low and likely to get even lower during the next three solar cycles.

She has spoken about her research and her battle to get it taken seriously by the climate establishment in an interview with the Global Warming Policy Forum. You can see it in this short film.

According to Professor Zharkova:

We will see it from 2020 to 2053, when the three next cycles will be very reduced magnetic field of the sun. Basically what happens is these two waves, they separate into the opposite hemispheres and they will not be interacting with each other, which means that resulting magnetic field will drop dramatically nearly to zero. And this will be a similar conditions like in Maunder Minimum.

What will happen to the Earth remains to be seen and predicted because nobody has developed any program or any models of terrestrial response – they are based on this period when the sun has maximum activity — when the sun has these nice fluctuations, and its magnetic field [is] very strong. But we’re approaching to the stage when the magnetic field of the sun is going to be very, very small.

The Maunder Minimum occurred during the depths of the Little Ice Age, a period of feeble summers and bitingly cold winters, war, pestilence and famine. It wasn’t all bad: rivers like the Thames in London froze so thickly they could accommodate Ice Fairs; and it’s said that the slow tree growth induced by the cold gave the wood in Stradivarius violins their special timbre. On the whole, though, a descent into a new mini Ice Age would be massively debilitating both to the global economy and people’s living standards. Since the Little Ice Age ended in the middle of the Nineteenth century, we have all got used to the comforts and agricultural advantages (such as being able to grow wheat in more northerly latitudes)

Dr. Nanny State is here to save us from “Climate Flu”

Analogies don’t get more dead than this one. Whole sentences have been killed in the quest for a soothing salad. The poor souls at Reneweconomy …

A Valiant Eco-Worrier, Evan Stamatiou, imagines climate change as an influenza pandemic.

If you imagine climate change as a flu that the world is coming down with, then you could probably say that the physical symptoms are only just starting to be felt.

On the other hand, thinks Jo, if you imagine climate change as like the tide, then you don’t bother trying to stop it.

On the third hand (which is really my foot) I don’t imagine anything. Instead I hop along to a tide gauge and check the data.  At 1mm a year, this is a flu that will hit in 3016. Panic in 500 years then.

….interventions to fight the symptoms of ‘Climate Flu’ still touch on a raw nerve for so many today.

No  sir. “Interventions” to fight Climate Flu don’t touch any raw nerves at all. Skeptics couldn’t care less if someone wants to hand-wash their hair shirt and drive a hybrid. What touches a nerve are the way people with imaginary illnesses want to force everyone else to buy a hair shirt and wear it.

And so it’s worth revisiting the question; why such a persistent resistance to these interventions?

Why? Because the salesman is selling a dead duck (with a hair shirt). They want us to pay  thousands to set up infrasonic shaking towers that might slow floods in Zaire? — We don’t want one thank you.

Besides the interventions were only ever going to fight “symptoms” (that’s your word Evan). We all know Aspirin doesn’t cure influenza, and we all know solar panels don’t stop storms.

I defy anyone to rewrite this next para as one meaningful sentence:

One obvious explanation is that as Climate Flu remains relatively asymptomatic it also remains convenient to ignore the progressive onset of its symptoms, even deny its very existence. And this bias towards denialism is reinforced by the fact that Climate Flu has become an incredibly inconvenient problem to deal with.

Somehow climate flu remains “relatively asymptomatic” but has become “incredibly inconvenient” at the same time. Call it Schrodinger’s Flu. Somehow, this is “obvious”? Look out, the hint of sniffle is SARS; activate the isolation ward, and  lock down the nation! That would be asymptomatic and …

Frost Strikes Germany As Mid August Temperatures Shatter 19th Century Cold Records – August Temps ‘Colder Than Christmas’


Surface Frost Strikes Germany As Mid August Temperatures Shatter Old Records!

A blast of polar air swept across central Europe from Wednesday through Thursday, sending temperatures tumbling to record low levels for mid August in parts of Germany.

Yesterday many locations saw new all-time mid August records set for the lowest “high” recorded, with many places failing to reach 15°C. Meteorologists called the cold for this time of year “unusual”.

Frost at the peak of summer!

German meteorologist Domink Jung wrote here yesterday that a number of German stations recorded surface frost, “and that in the middle of peak summer” and that “it was colder than Christmas day 2015”.

What follows are some early morning recordings measured at 2 meters above ground surface:

Bad Berleburg: 0°C
Carlsfeld: +1°C
Nürnberg: +2°C

Early morning readings a some locations at 5 cm above the ground surface:

Carlsfeld: -1°C
Braunlange: 0°C
Neuhaus am Rennweg: 0°C
Feuchtwangen: +1°C

Mid August has never seen such cold

Also Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann at his site writes of “new records: At these locations in mid August it has never been as cold as it is today!”

He adds:

The current air mass, where it could not be colder for this time of year, not only brought temperatures like those seen on Christmas day 2015 or 
record low temperatures
– but also today at a number of locations in northwest Germany the previously standing record lowest highs were broken. That means: The highest temperature for a mid August (what meteorologists call the second decade of the month from 11 to 20 August – a ‘decade’ meaning a 10-day period) had never been as low as they are today – since recording began.”

Frozen Hamburg!

For example, yesterday Hamburg saw a high of only 14°C, which was the lowest high since temperature recording began in 1891!

German national daily Die Welt here reports on “record cold for August” accompanied by “frost in central Germany“.

Not only this August has seen unusual cold, but so did last month – as we reported earlier here.

Opposite of what climate models projected!

This summer’s cold, wet weather flies in the face of climate model projections, which in