‘Climate Change is God’ – UN IPCC says ‘Climate Change is Omnipresent’ – ‘Nothing can elude Climate Change’

Climate Change is Omnipresent


The IPCC teaches us that Climate Change is everywhere omnipresent.
In every place on earth Climate Change is present.
Climate Change in the Jungles.
Climate Change is in the Arctic.
Climate Change is in the deep oceans.
Climate Change is on the prairie.
Climate Change is on the highest mountain glaciers.
Climate Change is in the Antarctic.
Climate Change is on the sea surface.
Climate Change is in the forests.
Climate Change is in the clouds and the sun and the earthquakes and volcanoes.
Nothing can elude Climate Change.
Climate Change is God.


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Book: ‘How to Get Expelled From School’ – By Geologist Ian Plimer

How to Get Expelled From School


“A guide to climate change for pupils, parents and punters” – By Ian Plimer – When it comes to global warming and CO2, “you are being fed total nonsense,” says Professor Plimer. “You are being conned.”

How to Get Expelled From School
A guide to climate change for pupils, parents and punters
By Ian Plimer
* * *
We’re being warned that we’re going to “fry-and-die if we don’t change our ways,” says Professor Plimer. “The government demands that we “respect the science” yet at the same time they mislead and deceive and give us no respect.”
“(But) the public has woken up to the hypocritical unctuous sanctimony and self-righteousness of high-profile environmentalists.”

Print version: ($26.25)
Kindle version ($10.09):

When you’re ready to purchase, please return to Amazon via this page. They’ll give me a small commission, and it won’t cost you a penny extra. This will help fund my crusade to warn people of  the impending ice age.   – Thanks, Robert
“It’s well written, packed with references, and has an unapologetic, irreverent tone,” says review by joannenova.com.
“If you are a skeptical teacher, this is an essential book; if you are an alarmist teacher, it’s doubly so. This is the ammunition that smart teenagers will use to point score against you. (Be prepared, eh?)”

Sample questions:
7. The temperature increase between breakfast and lunch is far higher than the 0.8 C temperature rise over the last 150 years. Why is such a small change over 150 years dangerous yet larger changes each day are not?
What can your teacher say? Maybe your teacher might argue that a 0.8 C temperature rise is a sign of terrible things to come. Who knows? Email me your teacher’s answer to [email protected]

24. If Carbon dioxide drives global warming, how is it that we have had six major ice ages in the past yet atmospheric carbon dioxide was far higher then than now?
This should make you extremely unpopular with an activist teacher. The aim of the question is to very quickly demonstrate that your teacher is an environmental activist using classes for political advocacy. How dare you ask a logical question based on knowledge that has been validated? Few school teachers have any knowledge of geology so the only way for an activist teacher to handle this question is to question your facts, …

New paper finds solar amplification mechanism by which the Sun controlled climate over past 250 years – Published in Nature Communications

Important new paper finds solar amplification mechanism by which the Sun controlled climate over past 250 years


A new paper published in Nature Communications finds a “clear correlation” between solar and volcanic activity and a 5-year lagged response of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation [AMO] over the past 250 years, which in turn drives the climate of the Northern Hemisphere. This may represent yet another solar amplification mechanism by which tiny variations in solar activity have large-scale effects on climate. 

According to the paper, “The results actually showed that during the last approximately 250 years — since the period known as the Little Ice Age — a clear correlation can be seen where the external forces, i.e. the Sun’s energy cycle and the impact of volcanic eruptions, are accompanied by a corresponding temperature fluctuation with a time lag of about five years.”

“This phenomenon is called the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO), which consists of relatively warm periods lasting thirty to forty years being replaced by cool periods of the same duration. The researchers were able to read small systematic variations in the water temperature in the North Atlantic in measurements taken by ships during the last 140 years.”
“Although the temperature fluctuations are small — less than 1°C — there is a general consensus among climate researchers that the AMO phenomenon has had a major impact on the climate in the area around the North Atlantic for thousands of years, but until now there has been doubt about what could cause this slow rhythm in the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean.”

“Another model explains the AMO as being driven by fluctuations in the amount of solar energy received by the Earth, and as being affected by small changes in the energy radiated by the Sun itself and the after-effects of volcanic eruptions. Both these factors are also known as ‘external forces’ that have an impact on the Earth’s radiation balance.””However, there has been considerable scepticism towards the idea that a phenomenon such as an AMO could be driven by external forces at all — a scepticism that the Aarhus researchers now demonstrate as unfounded”

“It should also be pointed out that these fluctuations occur on the basis of evenly increasing ocean temperatures during the last approximately fifty years — an increase connected with global warming,”

“During the last century, the AMO has had a strong bearing on significant weather phenomena …

Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer: ‘Global Warming is Destroying April Fools Day’

Global Warming is Destroying April Fools Day


For the last few days I’ve been trying to think of some crazy, almost-believable angle to illustrate the absurdity of the current global warming movement.
Post it on April 1st, and say “Ha! Fooled ya! The warmists didn’t really say that…but I made you think they did!”
Alas, the global warming alarmists have already used up all of the crazy ideas themselves. As far as they are concerned, global warming causes everything.
More rain AND less rain. Check.
More snow AND less snow. Check.
More hurricanes AND fewer hurricanes. Check.
You get the idea.
And, once you get journalists’ imaginations involved, it gets even crazier. Earthquakes. Meteor strikes. These are people who actually think the movie Gravity was filmed in outer space.
(OK, so some scientists also are on the warming-causes-earthquakes bandwagon. I guess that makes them as smart as journalists.)
Now, as the new 2014 IPCC report is revealed, we find that a lack of warming for 15+ years has the experts even more concerned than ever. So, the greater the amount of good news on the global warming front, the greater their hand-wringing.
How can we make fun of them when they are already parodying themselves?? It’s disheartening.
So, I would like to add an item to that long list of things that global warming is destroying…
…global warming is destroying April Fools Day.

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Hundreds of Students Participate in Walkout, Call for Gov. Patrick to Act on Climate Change

Hundreds of Students Participate in Walkout, Call for Gov. Patrick to Act on Climate Change


After roughly two hundred students from across Massachusetts walked out of classes today to call for strong action on climate change, Gov. Patrick (D-MA) agreed to meet with activists to discuss a ban on the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure.

“As a young person, I have an obligation to fight for a livable future, and right now, that means drawing a hard line in the sand against new fossil fuel infrastructure and committing to clean energy solutions,” said Martin Hamilton, a student at Brandeis University. “That’s why I walked out of classes today.”
The walkout, organized by Students for a Just and Stable Future, featured speeches from Newton North High School junior Kerry Brock, Wellesley College sophomore Ashley K Funk, and climate activist Tim DeChristopher.

The walkout came after months of campaigning by the grassroots organization Better Future Project and its volunteer-led climate action network 350 Massachusetts. Since summer 2013, activists have been calling on Gov. Patrick to “build only the best” by banning the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure and meeting all new energy demand through renewables and energy efficiency, using his authority under the 2008 Global Warming Solutions Act.
After rallying outside the Statehouse, the group of students waited outside as a smaller delegation of students entered the State House to request a meeting. They returned shortly with news that they had succeeded in securing an agreement to discuss the proposed ban with the Governor himself.
“Governor Patrick’s response to our walkout today only reaffirmed my conviction that he is the sort of moral leader we need to confront the climate crisis,” said Alli Welton, an undergraduate at Harvard College. “He has already been an outstanding champion of clean energy and climate action, and this ban would be the logical next step for his climate legacy.”

Students who walked out of classes said that they were excited for the opportunity to meet with the Governor, and had high expectations for the meeting.
“It’s a matter of common sense. Our generation understands that now is the time to stop pouring resources into new fossil fuel infrastructure that would lock us into decades of dangerous emissions and instead to start investing in a real transition to viable energy alternatives,” said Henry Jacqz, a student at Tufts University. “Governor Patrick’s demonstrated foresight and …

IPCC’s latest (or is it a re-released?) Alarmist Report – – ‘It’s the same old stuff re-hashed’

IPCC’s latest (or is it a re-released?) Alarmist Report.


The IPCC has issued a new Alarmist Report; well, actually, as Professor Bob Carter says, it’s the same old stuff re-hashed.Remember the background to any comments, THERE HAS BEEN NO WARMING for more than 17 years. And perhaps that is why the Main Stream Media seems to be finally waking up to the hoax.Take for example this quote from Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald:In the lobby of the Sydney aquarium where the Australian launch of the UN’s latest climate change report was released on Monday is a terrifying great white shark. The beast measures 7.5 metres long with a razor-toothed mouth so big it could easily swallow a human whole. It looks at least as big as the fibreglass monster used in the movie Jaws.Illustration: John ShakespeareThankfully, the aquarium shark is only a model. In real life, the biggest great white ever reliably measured was 6.4 metres. That’s still a whopper; the average mature specimen is four to five metres. Why make a ridiculously outsized model for an aquarium? For effect, of course, to get the paying public in. Give ‘em a good scare. Some of the authors of part of the latest climate report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have done something similar:“In short, human-driven climate change poses a great threat, unprecedented in type and scale, to well-being, health and perhaps even to human survival.”Even Tom Arup, from the Age, realises that the Global Warming Nazis are losing the battle. He writes:For decades the world’s credible scientific institutions have been warning of the threats climate change poses to almost all facets of life on this planet. The latest assessment by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is another full account of the problems we will cause with our continued tampering with the earth’s climate by releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases. I know, this does feel familiar doesn’t it? You are a little bored, I can sense your eyes glazing over.Darn right it is familiar. It is the same stuff from the IPCC with a little more shrill extremism added (eg change from High to Very High.)Sky News notes that the IPCC panel is more cautious on Himalayan Ice:The UN climate panel says Himalayan glaciers, whose melt-water is vital for hundreds of millions of people, could lose between half and two-thirds of their mass by 2100 …