Warmist Weatherman Greg Fishel ‘was once a Limbaugh-loving climate skeptic. Now he’s fighting global warming’


Last week, the meteorologist penned a blog post titled, “Choose science, stewardship in understanding climate change,” a public admission of his previous ignorance and a plea for people like him—Republicans, churchgoers, Fox News fanatics—to approach the topic scientifically rather than ideologically.

Fishel’s essay, which derides blind party and religious loyalty as “unadulterated bunk,” was inspired by a climate workshop he attended in Beaufort this month, plus research from his trip to Alaska’s Barrow Observatory in March. The post originally appeared on the WRAL Weathercenter blog on Oct. 12, but when The Washington Post picked it up that same day, our snow-loving weatherman was catapulted to the front lines of a national debate.