Video: Obnoxious climate alarmist argues with Trump supporter – Gets ejected from airplane

The most important concern of hers was that he doesn’t “believe” climate change. (The word “believe” was stressed and her hands indicated the quotation marks that I have added to the sentence, too.) Do you believe in gravity, Mr Koteskey was asked? Did you know that gravity is just a theory?

You must have heard this demagogic slogan from the climate alarmists many times. Newton’s theory of gravity is approximately accurate (they’re less careful while describing its status) so the theory that the “sky is falling due to CO2” has to be accurate, too. Well, it’s not and the “derivation” isn’t valid.

Do you agree that the “lady” sounded like she has carefully memorized the sentences about the moral high ground, climate, and gravity and just emitted this scene exactly according to a plan?