Update: Climate Depot Exclusive: Climategate prof. Michael Mann may be moving back to the University of Virginia — Reportedly about to be offered ‘chaired professorship’ at UVA

Update: Nov. 28, 2012: No wonder Mann is so angry at Morano! Climate Depot credited with helping ruin Mann’s UVA rehire! ‘Did climate change controversy cause UVA’s sacking of Teresa Sullivan?’ — ‘UVA’s dept. of env. sciences attempted in spring of 2012 to rehire Mann…A 4-person search committee unanimously selected Mann; on 10 April, a majority of assembled department faculty affirmedchoice. Two days later, the news was leaked as an ‘exclusive’ on a website [Climate Depot] devoted to climate-change skepticism and denial. From there, it spread to similar sites, where it produced disbelief and outrage. But Mann never received an offer’

Warmist prof. resigns over UVA’s failure to rehire Climategate’s Michael Mann: ‘The UVA environmental sciences faculty voted to bring Mann back…But it was nixed without explanation’ — ‘At least one professor quit in part over the episode; in his August 15 resignation letter climate scientist Amato Evan referenced an apparent decision by the department to give up ‘even attempting to make a senior hire in the area of climate change’

# End Nov 28, 2012 Update #

Original Climaet Depot Report from April 12, 2012 is below:

Climate Depot has learned that Climategate professor Michael Mann, who has been at the center of a legal firestorm, may be moving back to the University of Virginia.

Climate Depot has heard that the UVA Environmental Sciences department voted on April 10 to offer Mann a “chaired professorship.” It is called “The Joe D and Helen J Kington Professor in Environmental Change.

The offer must be approved by Meredith Woo, the Dean of Arts & Sciences at UVA. The pending offer to Mann is thought to enjoy the strong support of James Galloway, Associate Dean for the Sciences at UVA.

Sources tell Climate Depot that such a potential offer would not be made unless Mann already indicated he would accept.


Update #1: Mann is currently on sabbatical from Penn State

Update #2: If you still believe that the ClimateGate emails don’t cast a lot of doubt on Michael Mann and his work, check these out

Update #3: Clarifies that UVA offer has not yet been forthcoming and gives the formal title of the “chaired professorship” and identifies who is supporting the offer to Mann at UVA.

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Climate Depot featured in Michael Mann’s new book: ‘The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines’ — 27 mentions of ‘Morano’ — ‘Searching book for ‘denier’ yielded 125 hits; ‘Morano’ had 27 hits; ‘McIntyre’ had 166 hits; ‘Watts’ had 16 hits. Mann’s book currently has 15 reviews on Amazon, all five-star, many by his warmist friends’

Update: New peer-reviewed study concludes 20th century warming was ‘within the range of natural variability over the last 12 centuries’ — Updated to include full key quote: Study in Journal Climate of the Past: concludes ‘Though we find the amplitude and spatial extent of the 20th century warming is within the range of natural variability over the last 12 centuries, we also find that the rate of warming from the 19th to the 20th century is unprecedented’ — ‘Only two of the 8 types of temperature proxies analyzed indicate 20th century warming exceeded that of Medieval Warming Period’

Kudos to warmist Jerry North! Email 137, Sept 2006, warmist North asks Mann et al to share their data with McIntyre — North: ‘McIntyre does have a point in that most of our research has been supported by US Taxpayers…as scientists we all owe it to each other to share information to the maximum extent possible’

Nature reviews Michael Mann’s book as ‘trope’ about ‘an unwinnable fight’

Medieval warming WAS global – new science contradicts UN IPCC: ‘More peer-reviewed science contradicting the warming-alarmist ‘scientific consensus’ was announced’ — ‘A new study shows that the well-documented warm period which took place in medieval times was not limited to Europe, or the N. hemisphere: it reached all the way to Antarctica…In other words, global warming has already occurred in historical, pre-industrial times, and then gone away again. Lu et al’s work is published in the peer-reviewed journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters’

New study finds Medieval Warming Period and Little Ice Age were also present in Antarctica — ‘Syracuse University reports a new study has found evidence that Medieval Warming Period and Little Ice Age also involved Antarctica. The research adds to overwhelming evidence collected by over 1000 scientists that the Medieval Warming Period [MWP] was a global phenomenon’

Another Lawsuit for Mann’s UVA Emails: Case, seeking some 12,000 emails sent and received by scientist Michael E. Mann, using FOIA appears to have a far greater chance of success’ — ‘That’s because U.Va. apparently has already given the 12,000 e-mails to Mann himself, though he left Charlottesville years ago. The American Tradition Institute, the conservative group hoping to show that climate change scientists like Mann manipulated their data, argues that U.Va. can’t give the e-mails to one person and not another. By giving the emails to Mann, the university’

Another death blow to the Hockey Stick: New paper finds many tree-ring analyses to be highly biased — New study calls for ‘great caution in the interpretation of historical growth trends from tree-ring analyses.’ The authors find that ‘big tree selection bias’ resulted in a fictitious ‘doubling in growth rates over recent decades.’ Consequently, tree-ring analyses claiming to link growth rates to historical temperatures would show a fictitious large ‘hockey stick’ increase in temperature over recent decades.

Michael Mann suggests that he’s ‘devoted his life to’ the climate hoax; he also imagines a CO2-induced ‘nightmare scenario’ — ‘which is ‘not all that different, in the worst-case scenarios, of the visions presented by Hollywood of a dystopian future Earth’

WSJ reviews Mann’s book: ‘Nowhere does Mann explain why a scientist might be more easily corrupted by a check from, say, a coal company than by one from a politically controlled institution’ — ‘Yet for all [Michael Mann’s] caviling about ‘smear campaigns,’ ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘character assassination,’ Mr. Mann is happy to employ similar tactics against his opponents’

Technical Review of Michael Mann’s book: ‘Mann flagrantly misrepresents the NAS report in regards to ‘bristlecones,’ the type of tree the all-important tree ring data was taken from’

NYT’s Justin Gillis Exposed as ‘Apologist’ for Michael Mann: Gillis likes Mann’s new book — Reports ‘demonstrably false’ & ‘flat-out wrong’ claims about Mann — Gillis claim: ‘Through no choice of Dr. Mann’s, the [Hockey Stick] graph became a symbol of modern climate science when it was featured prominently in a 2001 report by a UN panel’ — Reality Check: ‘Mann was in fact actively involved in promoting his own graph to be featured by IPCC in its 2001 report. and that Gillis’ statement is flat out wrong…When the media places scientists up on a pedestal and of untruths, they simply set the stage for a bigger fall’

Michael Mann: Climate skeptics are ‘a few marginal individuals largely affiliated with special interests’

Virginia AG loses in Mann-UVA litigation — with prejudice: ‘UVa won’t have to produce Michael Mann’s Climategate e-mails & docs

Email 2743, Sept 2009, Michael ‘Robust Debate’ Mann: ‘So far, we’ve simply deleted all of the attempts by McIntyre and his minions to draw attention to this at RealClimate’

Email 3794, Nov. 2003: Tom Wigley on Hockey Stick: ‘My thinking is that the only way to truly squash M&M is to have an independent third party come along and say…’ ‘ … I used exactly the same data and method as MBH and got exactly the same results, and, furthermore, I endorse the method…I still don’t think that hard-earned data needs to be made freely available’

Michael Mann’s Con Job: In Jan. 2007, Mann claims Caspar Ammann has ‘independently investigated the claims of our critics and shown them to be either incorrect, inconsequential, or both’

Flashback 2003: Mann: ‘We could incorporate perhaps a few number of the ‘usual suspects’ (say just Phil and Ray), and I would want to include Drew Shindell and/or Gavin Schmidt, along w/ Caspar Ammann and/or Simon Tett–Tom Crowley would be logical to include too, unless you say any sort of conflict here’

Michael Mann calls the hockey stick ‘an obscure graph’; other unnamed people have stripped the error bars away, ‘making it appear more definitive than it was ever intended’ — Mann: ‘The entire apparatus for propelling this manufactured scandal on to the world stage was completely funded by the fossil-fuel front groups’

Email 4927: Michael Mann and Phil Jones conspiring to get a Nature paper in advance?