Time for Next Eco-Scare?! Obama follows lead of green movement and demotes global warming –UN now says case for saving species ‘more powerful than climate change’

Climate Depot Editorial

It is not surprising that President Obama is steering clear of any talk or action on global warming. The entire man-made global warming movement lay in shambles as the United Nations attempts to shift to the new environmental cause of biodiversity/species at the upcoming Earth Summit in Rio in June. Climate Depot will be attending. See: Sen. Inhofe may be joining Climate Depot at UN Rio Earth Summit in June! Inhofe: ‘I think Marc Morano and I will probably go down to that one’

Formerly outspoken proponents of man-made climate fears are now openly admitting climate is not even the biggest environmental problem, let alone the biggest problem we face. See: Demoted: UN officially throws global warming under the bus: UN now says case for saving species ‘more powerful than climate change’ – May 21, 2010

The scientific claims made by proponents of man-made climate change were coming up short and the movement could not hold together. See: Special Report: A-Z Climate Reality Check — ‘The claims of the promoters of man-made climate fears are failing’

Global warming will not go away as an environmental scare campaign, but it does appear likely that climate change will be rolled in to the larger issue of biodiversity. Below are but a few examples of how the UN and the environmental movement seems to be giving up on man-made global warming as their flagship environmental issue.

AGW Demoted — Again: Time Mag. warmist Bryan Walsh on global warming: ‘It’s not the only environmental problem — and it’s not even the biggest one’

Obama Steers Clear on Global Warming: ‘This year? The word ‘climate’ didn’t even get a mention. Gone are the urgent statements warning of melting glaciers and rising sea levels’ — ‘Cap-and-trade is dead; its successor, the clean energy standard, isn’t going anywhere either; and the preferred route of some global warming activists — a new carbon tax to replace other taxes — doesn’t even appear on the radar screen’

Flashback 2009: ‘Welcome to the delayers’: Obama’s ‘half-hearted climate efforts’ welcomed by skeptics

Flashback 2010: Global Warming Being Thrown Under the Bus as New Replacement Environmental Scare is Sought — Head of UN IPCC Pachauri throwing global warming under the bus! There is a ‘larger problem’ than climate fears?! – November 23, 2009 — Pachauri wrote: “The question is whether the additional time that the world would now have to arrive at an agreement at the next Conference of the Parties in Mexico will give us time and space to look at the larger problem of unsustainable development, of which climate change is at best a symptom. Human society cannot continue to ignore the vital dependence that exists between human welfare and the health of our natural resources.”

Demoted: UN officially throws global warming under the bus: UN now says case for saving species ‘more powerful than climate change’ – May 21, 2010

Warmism fades into sunset: Gallup survey: Climate dead-last among all ENVIRONMENTAL concerns — ‘Americans Worry Most About Water Contamination, Least About Global Warming’ – April 2012 Gallup: ‘The relative rank order of these environmental issues has generally been consistent over time, with water-related problems at the top and global warming at the bottom’

The New Climate Reality: Sen. John Kerry’s lament: ‘You can’t talk about climate now. People just turn off. It’s extraordinary

AGW Demoted: ‘Fred Pearce investigates the ‘new colonialism’, which, he says, is having more of an impact on the lives of poor people than climate change’

AGW Demoted: Warmists at Climate Central: ‘If you think about it, the Earth’s booming human population is at the root of just about every env. crisis that threatens the natural world’

AGW Fading: ‘Pollution of Water, Soil, and Air Worry Canadians the Most; Global Warming Is Least Concerning’ — ‘In fact, when asked specifically about global warming, 37% said they worried only a little or not at all about the issue, much higher than any other environmental issue tested’ — Survey from Abacus Data conducted for QMI/Sun News

Different Eco-Scare, Same Solution! Solving species problem ‘will involve a wholesale revolution in the way humans do business, consume, and think about their lives’ – May 21, 2010

Different Eco-Scare, Same Solution! UN species report ‘will advocate massive changes to the way the global economy is run’ – May 21, 2010

Is environmentalism moving away from global warming?’

Flashback Jan. 2010: Oh No, not that!? A New UN IPCC-Like Panel!? Biodiversity community ‘is only now calling to set up something like the IPCC for biodiversity’

Read all about it: Climate Depot’s round up of UN’s ‘sustainable development’ efforts

Move over, global warming: ‘Biodiversity is next…Elite environmentalists and global- ists appear to be preparing to dump global warming as their cause celebre’

Rio+20 Summit Drops Climate Change From Agenda: ‘The whole Climate Change scam has been so damaged by Climategate the new angle will be ‘sustainable development’

Is the Next Eco-Scare Here? UN attempts to re-brand climate change — ‘giving climate change a new name: sustainable development’