The ‘pause’ of global sea ice. Up by ~76% in 2013 & 2014 from the 2007-2012 minima

Within the past few days, climate scientists at NOAA, NASA, and NSIDC have made various specious claims that record high Antarctic sea ice, which is almost 4 standard deviations above the mean, is somehow due to man-made global warming, but we really don’t know why:

“There hasn’t been one explanation yet that I’d say has become a consensus [on why Antarctic sea ice is at record levels], where people say, ‘We’ve nailed it, this is why it’s happening,’” said Claire Parkinson, a senior scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. “Our models are improving, but they’re far from perfect. One by one, scientists are figuring out that particular variables are more important than we thought years ago, and one by one those variables are getting incorporated into the models.”

The models are indeed “far from perfect” since the models in fact predicted Antarctic sea ice would decrease, not increase. A few climate scientists have admitted the record high Antarctic ice levels have had the effect of “limiting confidence in [the models’] predictions,” yet none have admitted that the models predicted the opposite of an Antarctic sea ice increase, that the models falsely predictedAntarctic sea ice would decline more than Arctic sea ice, and that Antarctica would warm faster than the Arctic, all falsehoods.