The Church of Sweden has joined the International Church of Global Warming: ‘Probably the biggest common challengeever faced by humanity’

The Church of Sweden has joined the International Church of Global Warming

 “The lifestyle of the industrialised world is untenable”     The Church of SwedenThe bishops of the Church of Sweden have published a letter about climate change, which proves that this once venerable church is now a full member of the greenie leftist international Church of Global Warming. Here are a few samples from the letter:Climate change is probably the biggest common challengeever faced by humanity. The work to face this challenge must bereflected in social development and make us reassess how wethink about lifestyle, welfare, sustainability and justice, for thesake of creation, for the sake of life and for the sake of ourgrandchildren and our grandchildren’s grandchildren. –As long as the profitability of many companiesdepends on fossil fuels, there will be considerable opposition to change.28 For many years, what could be called the ‘fossil fuelindustrial complex’ has obstructed the development of renewable energy sources and the phasing out of fossil fuel subsidies. Solarcell producers and other companies that have developed technologiesfor the transition to a fossil free economy are still too weakto seriously challenge those with interests in preserving the prevailingsystem. —     Peace with the earth is increasingly becoming a preconditionof peace on earth. The role of oil in many of the world’s conflictshas long been obvious. It is not yet equally clear whether theseconflicts will be enhanced by climate change, but competitionfor limited resources such as water, agricultural land, air spaceand ocean regions is already creating tension that may worsen asthe climate changes. A shortage of food and sustainable supplypotential is creating uncertainty and flows of refugees, and iscontributing to conflicts.An awakening is required among the world’s decision makers.They must realize that it is not possible to win a war against theplanet or to deny that the planet has limits. We must make peacewith the earth. For the sake of the poor and the vulnerable, forthe sake of future generations and for the integrity of creation. –However,we probably need to reconsider our consumption patterns morefundamentally. Consumption of goods produces higher emissionsthan consumption of services, and private consumption produceshigher emissions than public consumption. The knowledge thatpublic consumption largely consists of healthcare, education andsocial services further emphasizes the fact that the balance betweengoods and services needs to be highlighted.We believe and hope that we can see new alliances between,for example, scientific climate research, happiness and welfareresearch and religion. The desire to make good change can beenhanced if we can show how energy transition, sustainabilityand welfare promote each other. If it is also possible to showthat a climate-friendly life is also a happier life, then we havemade a major advance and the willingness to give up oldpatterns increases.  (Bolding by NNoN)