The 2 Month Press Release! 2047 Doomsday author Prof. Mora admits ‘press release’ for study took ‘two months to prepare’ — Study took two months to write

[Update: Global warming activist scientists may not be the first to proclaim a doomsday year of 2047 as the end of time! — 2047 is the new 2012 — but global warming activists were beaten to Armageddon!]

Oh No! A new Mayan Calendar Deadline! ’2047 Is The New 2012!’ AP: ‘Temperatures Go Off the Charts Around 2047′ — ‘Starting in about a decade, Kingston, Jamaica, will probably be off-the-charts hot — permanently’ — ‘And eventually the whole world in 2047′ — AP’s Seth Borenstein: ‘To arrive at their projections, the researchers used weather observations, computer models and other data to calculate the point at which every year from then on will be warmer than the hottest year ever recorded over the last 150 years.’ — Doomsday dates for American cities: ‘By 2043, 147 cities — more than half of those studied — will have shifted to a hotter temperature regime that is beyond historical records…The 2047 date for the whole world is based on continually increasing emissions of greenhouse gases from the burning of coal, oil and natural gases. If the world manages to reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases, that would be pushed to as late as 2069, according to Mora.’ (So, if the world manages to reduce carbon emissions, we’d only gain 22 years before the world ends.)

World to roast by 2047, film at 11: ‘A new Vinerism has emerged: “Within my generation, whatever climate we were used to will be a thing of the past’

Real Science Quips: Borenstein : 2047 Is The New 2012

Did Bob Geldof get advance copy of 2047 end of times study!? Musician-turned-activist Bob Geldof: ‘All humans will die before 2030′ due to global warming! ‘We may not get to 2030. We need to address the problem of climate change urgently’

Meet Prof. Camilo Mora, the man who uses climate models to warn you of ‘The Coming Plague’ — ‘A climate plague affecting every living thing will likely start in 2020 in southern Indonesia, scientists warned Wednesday in the journal Nature’ – 

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Prof. Camilo Mora: ‘Within my generation, whatever climate we were used to will be a thing of the past.’

Camilo Mora

‘We don’t know what the impacts will be. If someone is about to fall off a three-story building you can’t predict their exact injuries but you know there will be injuries,” said Camilo