WikiLeaks reveals Clinton’s split personality on energy policy

Newly released emails from WikiLeaks purportedly reveal the contents of#Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to various groups around the world. They show a personal stance on the#Environment, pipelines, and fracking that is quite different from her public energy policy.

The various paid speeches allowed the Clinton Foundation to pull in over $200 million in speaking fees from Wall Street firms, corporations, banking institutions, consultants, and more. Overall, they provide a window into dozens of speeches that Hillary Clinton has refused to release to the media or the public.

Notably, on the subject of fracking, the emails demonstrate a presidential candidate with private and public agendas. As demonstrated in the speeches, Clinton clearly believed that fracking could allow the United States to become energy independent, and drive more power plants to use cleaner burning natural gas rather than coal.

Private vs. public position

During the primary campaign, however, Clinton took pains to identify herself withBernie Sanders’ calls for the eventual abolishment of all fossil fuels. Clinton has called for less exploration of fracking on federal lands, more regulations, and supports a state’s right to ban fracking over a community’s objections. This essentially paralleled the recent DNC platform switch from an “all-of-the-above energy” policy to one based only on renewables.…