Report: ‘Eugenics-The Latest Solution For Global Warming’

Eugenics-The Latest Solution For Global Warming

The Washington D.C. based Population Reference Bureau says slowing the growth of the human population is important for the climate, writing. “This would ultimately lead to substantial reductions in future carbon dioxide emissions, because even though carbon emissions tend to be low in countries where population growth rates are high, current evidence shows that per capita emissions rise as nations develop.” What they are really promoting is stop those underdeveloped countries from having so many babies—eugenics.A report by Reuters lays out their policies:In Pakistan, where just a third of married women use contraception, half of all pregnancies – 4.2 million each year – are unintended, according to the Washington-based Population Reference Bureau. At the same time, the rising population in Pakistan – and elsewhere around the world – is creating more climate-changing emissions and putting more people in the path of extreme weather, food and water shortages, and other climate change pressures. That suggests that giving more women who want it access to birth control to limit their family size – in both rich and poor countries – could be a hugely effective way to curb climate change and to build greater resilience to its impacts, according to population and climate change researchers and policy experts. “We’re not talking about population control. We’re talking about giving people the choice to limit their family size and all the good things that go on from that” such as better health and education, said Baroness Jennny Tonge, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health, during an event at the UK Parliament Monday on linking population and climate issues.The group is taking their Western liberal ideal of family planning and trying to teach it to the people whom they believe do not know any better.Bringing together two politically contentious concerns – climate change and managing population growth – in an effort to build effective policy has been far from easy. “They’re both sensitive and it’s difficult to make headway on either, much less both together,” admitted Jason Bremner, a demographer and associate vice president of the Population Reference Bureau. Still, an international coalition of experts on climate change, family planning and development aid are now pushing for universal access to family planning to be recognized as a part of “climate-compatible development” and included in new U.N.-backed Sustainable Development Goals set to be agreed in September.Ultimately the group’s plan reads more like a game of semantics. Just as the global warming endorsers who now call their hypothesis climate change, the Population Reference Bureau is calling its program “family planning” because people would object if it were called population control. And while they contend they are trying to teach women in undeveloped countries to not have more children than they wish, they are really practicing eugenics, as the group is trying to limit the number of children being born in undeveloped countries. Please email me at [email protected] to be put onto my mailing list. Feel free to reproduce any article but please link back to

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