Oh No! Kerry-Lieberman Climate Bill Would Create ’60 new Programs, Studies, and Reports’

Climate Depot has obtained an advance memo circulating on Capitol Hill about the Kerry-Lieberman Climate Bill. Below is a list of 60 new Programs, Studies, and Reports created by the Kerry-Lieberman bill.

New Programs, Studies, and Reports created by Kerry-Lieberman
1. Nuclear Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program
2. Nuclear Regulatory Risk Insurance Program
3. Spent Fuel Recycling Research and Development Center of Excellence
4. Nuclear Energy Research Initiative
5. 5-year Accelerated Depreciation Period for New Nuclear Power Plants
6. Investment Tax Credit for Nuclear Power Facilities
7. New Nuclear tax-exempt bonds
8. Grants in lieu of Tax Credits for Qualified Nuclear Power Facilities
9. Special Funding Program for CCS and Conversion Technologies
10. CCS Program Partnership Council
11. CCS Deployment Studies
12. Performance Standards for Coal-fired Power Plants Study and Report
13. Rural Energy Loan Program for energy efficiency
14. Clean Energy Technology Fund
15. Offset Credit Advisory Committee
16. Offset Audit and Review Program including 3rd party verifiers
17. Offset Productivity Study
18. International Offsets Integrity Advisory Committee
19. International Offsets Program
20. Black Carbon Sources Report
21. Black Carbon Reduction Grant Program
22. Enhanced Soil Sequestration Grant Program
23. Study of Fast Mitigation Strategies
24. State Air Pollution Control Agency’s Grant Program
25. Forestry Sector Greenhouse Gas Annual Accounting Report
26. Impacts of Renewable Biomass Use Report
27. NAS Study on Renewable Biomass Definition
28. Electricity Consumers Allowance Program
29. Natural Gas Consumers Allowance Program
30. Home Heating Oil and Propane Consumers Program
31. Fund for Working Families Refundable Relief Program
32. Energy Refund Program
33. GAO Study of the Mechanisms for Delivering Universal Refund
34. Universal Trust Fund
35. Office of Consumer Advocacy
36. Emission Allowance Rebate Program for eligible industrial sectors
37. Presidential Report on Emission Allowances Rebates
38. International Reserve Allowance Program
39. GAO Report on the Utilization of Tax Incentives
40. Clean Energy Curriculum Development Grants
41. Vocational Education and Job Training Information and Resources Clearinghouse
42. Clean Energy Construction Careers Demonstration Project
43. Clean Vehicle Technology Fund
44. Natural Gas Vehicle Bonds
45. Incentive Program for CNG and LNG Vehicle Manufacturing Facilities
46. GSA Study on Increasing Natural Gas Powered Vehicles in the Federal Fleet
47. Carbon Conservation Program
48. Carbon Conservation Fund
49. Low-Carbon Industrial Technologies Research and Development Center
50. Strategic Interagency Board on International Climate Investment
51. Developing Country Deforestation Program
52. International Climate Change Adaptation and Global Security Program
53. Report to Congress on International Effectiveness
54. Report on Major Economies Climate Actions
55. Natural Resources Climate Change Adaptation Panel
56. Natural Resources Climate Change Adaptation Fund
57. Federal Agencies National Adaptation Strategies
58. States Natural Resources Adaptation Plans
59. National Fish and Wildlife Habitat and Corridors Information Program
60. Authority for EPA to establish additional Climate Change Programs (including water management, fire protection, and coastal watersheds).