Obama: ‘Large part of this Earth’ could become uninhabitable 25 years from now

Obama: “Large part of this Earth” could become uninhabitable 25 years from now!


US President Barack Obama thinks that “large parts of this Earth” will become uninhabitable in “our lifetimes” if global warming is not reduced. The average life expectancy in the US is about 79 years ( 78.8 in 2012), which, considering that Obama was born in 1961, means that large parts of the Earth would be uninhabitable as soon as 2040. We all know that there has been no global warming for almost nineteen years now. This means that there has to be a hell of a lot of warming during the next 25 years to make “large parts of this Earth” uninhabitable by 2040! Does Obama really believe in this rubbish? I do not think so, but he surely thinks that this kind of scaremongering makes him popular among greenies and other “progressive” global warming believers.

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