Gore’s Claims ‘No memory of airplane encounter’

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[Marc Morano Note: The New York Times Profile article (see: New York Times Profiles Climate Depot’s Morano: Using Science as a ‘Political Battering Ram’ — Dissenter on Warming Expands His Campaign) notes that Gore does not remember meeting me on a plane in 2007. Leslie Kaufman of the NYT writes: “Gore had no memory of the encounter. Mr. Morano does not care. He tells the story anyway.” Yet, according to Joe Romm of Climate Progress, Gore appears to remember the incident after all. Romm reports in an April 10 post: “I happened to be speaking to Gore today and he remarked on this Morano fable and said he just doesn’t remember it happening the way Morano describes.”
Hmm. Gore tells NYT that he has “no memory of the encounter,” yet Romm says Gore told him he”doesn’t remember it happening the way Morano describes.”
Lest anyone doubts the meeting took place or how it occurred and since Gore cannot seem to recall his encounter with me very well, I have – for the first time ever – publicly released the full report of the Gore/Morano airplane encounter in 2007.

The below was written on the airplane immediately after the encounter with Gore in 2007. ]

December 14, 2007 – 37,000 over South China Sea – Former Vice President Al Gore rebuffed Senator James Inhofe’s spokesman during the return flight from the Bali UN climate conference.

Gore, in front of excited passengers posing with photos, revealed he was not happy with the criticism that he has endured “You all attack me all the time,” an agitated Gore said.

Morano responded, “Yes. We do.”

After a long stare, Gore refused to have photo taken and walked off. Inhofe has been one of Gore’s harshest critiques. Inhofe’s website mocks Gore for hypocrisy and maintains a running counter of how many days since Gore has refused to pledge to use no more than the average electricity use.

The incident occurred at approximately 5:55 ET on Friday December (2 hours into flight)

Flying between Singapore and Manila over the South China Sea.
(Flight CX 784. Or 554mph. 37000 feet)

Vice President Gore, fresh from his Nobel ceremony, was returning from his triumphant appearance at the UN Climate Conference in Bali. The Cathay Pacific plane was flying from Bali’s Denpasar Airport to Hong Kong.

Senator Inhofe’s Communication Director of the Environment and Public Works Committee, Marc Morano, was also on the same flight.

The incident occurred in Business Class on the Airplane: (plane did not have first section)

What Happened:

Another couple was standing, chatting and having photos taken with Gore in open area near flight attendant station.

Morano waited his turn as Gore chatted and posed for photos.

Morano then shook hands with Gore and spoke.

Morano: “Hi I am Marc Morano, I work for Senator Inhofe, on the Environment and
Public Works Committee.”

Gore: Stands there and gives Morano a long stare…

Morano: “You of course testified before our Committee last March. I am the Communications Director.”

Gore: Continues long stare and then speaks.

“You all attack me all the time.”

Momentary silence between us.

Morano: “Yes. We do.”


Morano: “Can I get a picture with you.”

Gore: Continues long stare before finally speaking.

“No. I don”t think so.”

Morano: “Okay. Thanks.”

Gore continues to stare and then finally turns and walks away.

(Despite having taken pictures with others)

Morano returned to his airline seat without incident.

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