Embarrassment To Science: WWF Postulates Climate Change Will Lead To More Seafaring Accidents

Embarrassment To Science: WWF Postulates Climate Change Will Lead To More Seafaring Accidents


Die kalte Sonne site here has a report on how the WWF claims that climate change will likely lead to more ship accidents on the high seas, caused by stormier weather.
Science Speechless Over Embarrassing WWF Claim: Environmental Activists Postulate More Ship Accidents Due To Climate Change
By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt

Former East Germany party organ ‘Neues Deutschland‘ (New Germany) brought out a claim from climate activist group WWF on June 10, 2013. In it a surprising relationship had been postulated:
WWF: Climate change increasing the risks of ship accidents. Climate change and the associated extreme weather events increase the dangers of ship accidents on the seas, according to the environmental organization WWF. Increasing frequency of storms heighten the risks, said the WWF Germany on Friday at the World Conference of the Seas on 8 June [2013].’
Neue Deutschland apparently is referring to a press release that had appeared on a WWF website. Unfortunately we are not able to quote from this press release because the hotel in Dublin where this blog post was created unfortunately does not allow access to websites of political activist groups (see screenshot).

Thus it seems that the hotel has correctly rated the affiliation of the WWF. Little wonder, because when you compare the claims made by the WWF to the results from serious science, the overblown construct collpases. According to the WW, climate change will lead to more storms.
First let’s check whether warmer temperatures lead to more storms at middle latitudes in the past. The result: unexpectedly the exact opposite of what the WWF asserted has actually occurred: i.e., the colder it was, the more stormy is was! For example see our blog article: “Storms in the English Channel occurred in sync with the 1500 year cycle: The colder it was, the stormier it was” as well as other papers here).
And what does the situation with hurricanes look like? Over the long-term it appears that hurricane activity has decreased (see “New climate modeling finds long-term reduction in hurricane activityi“). It is indeed baffling how the WWF could be so reckless with the scientific facts. This is especially troubling in light of the fact that the WWF avidly participated in writing the new IPCC climate report. Just a few months ago observers sounded the alarms when a draft of the IPCC report was prematurely released to the public, where in it several papers from the WWF and Greenpeace were quoted.
The link that Lüning and Vahrenholt could not access from the hotel in Dublin is here.