Dr. Salby: CO2, whether man-made or not, does not ‘drive’ the climate system

CO2, whether man-made or not, does not ‘drive’ the climate system.


Author of the seminal book on climate: “Physics of the Atmosphere & Climate,” Professor Murry Salby is without doubt one of the best Climate Scientists on the planet.In a lecture in London on the 17th March, 2015, he reveals new work which shows that;The climate sensitivity is below 0.2c – confirmed by 3 independent methods.Most of the observed increase in atmospheric CO2 is not anthropogenic.CO2 movements and concentrations are largely determined by nature, not man; consequently, any cuts we make to our CO2 emissions will not have the desired effect, and are a costly waste of time.CO2, whether man-made or not, does not ‘drive’ the climate system.Professor Murry Salby has been vilified by enviro-alarmists and the left for his scientific results. Salby was disenfranchised and exiled from academia in Australia for daring to speak such “sacrilege.” (see Graphic)In a case similar to many others we have seen in Australia, and across the west, he was the subject of University hate and was finally sacked while he was on a lecture tour in Europe; his employer, Macquarie University of NSW, sacking him from his position as Professor of Climate Science. The University board cancelled his return ticket home, stranding him in Paris. All Salby’s work was confiscated and has still not been returned to him.(See this blog – Murry Salby and Mac Uni and Mac Uni’s reply)The pursuit of genuine Science in the field of climate – and free speech are Dead in most Western Universities:Other cases where top scientists were vilified and sacked or demoted by a University for the results of their science or for their views on the climate include:Bob Carter, Murry Salby Lennart Bengtsson, David Legates, George Taylor, Caleb Rossiter, Bjorn Lomborg, Henk Tennekes, Askel Winn-Nielsen, Alfonso Sutera, Anonio Speranza and scores of others.

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