Danish Professor Sacked For Highlighting Dangers Of Wind Turbine Noise

Danish Professor Sacked For Highlighting Dangers Of Wind Turbine Noise


News is just emerging from Denmark that another academic was sacked in March, because he refused to follow the party line.
Professor Henrik Moller is one of the world’s leading authorities on infra-sound, and can boast of 38 years of service at Aalborg University. He has also been a regular thorn in the side of the wind power industry, as he has repeatedly pointed out the dangers of low frequency noise from turbines
The Google Translation from the above JP article reads:
Mysterious Firing
On 26 and 27 March was settled Danish Wind Industry Annual Event 2014 organized by the trade association Danish Wind Industry Association, in Herning. 
Nearly 400 participants from home and abroad participated in the session, highlighting many aspects of wind energy and wind turbines, including noise, but quite remarkable was one of the leading noise researchers, Professor Henrik Moller from Aalborg University, not to be found among the many speakers.
It was, however, his superiors Eskild Holm Nielsen, dean of Aalborg University’s Faculty of Engineering and Science, who “spoke for closer cooperation between industry and research institutions. He pointed out that it was important that the industry demonstrated a greater willingness to open up and share technology issues in the research world, “one can read in the wind industry record.

The message is sobering, as even the same Eskild Holm Nielsen previous day had sacked the country’s leading noise researcher, Professor Henrik Moller, who has repeatedly challenged and criticized both the EPA as the wind industry to misinform the public about the low frequency noise, which is particularly large turbines emit and by long-term exposure is suspected to be both allowing deteriorating quality of life,  and directly harmful. 
It belongs to the absolute rarities at home that a recognized professors fired. In Henrik Møller cases the rationale failing economy, but what the real reason might be, outsiders because of lack of access to documents in the Tribunal not to know.
The wind turbine industry has a very close collaboration with the Institute for Wind Energy Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and DTU provided also a solid part of the speakers and panelists at the Danish Wind Industry Annual Event 2014.
DTU’s Department of Wind Energy stands for construction and operation of the National Testing Centre For Wind Turbines at Østerild and we reveal hardly any national secret by thinking aloud, Professor Henrik Møller’s research opinions about low-frequency noise from large wind turbines may have been on a collision course with his academic competitors at the Technical University.

Now is the academic tradition to argue and go because of the DTU’s deep interest in mingling with the wind industry has been life-giving with an alternative voice – as especially for all those people who feel seriously annoyed by noise from wind turbines and feel that they are due the political consensus about the unbridled expansion of wind power in Denmark is not taken seriously.
With Professor Henrik Moller rid of it, it is now DTU’s own researchers, there has to assess any low frequency noise from the giant turbines in the National Test Center that same DTU is responsible.

We have no evidence to suggest that the DTU does not deliver a valuable research, but given the vast billions that taxpayers directly and indirectly forced to pay for wind energy in a broad sense, it is crucial to critical researchers like Professor Henrik Miller assumes the role of devil’s advocate.

The volume medical university in Aalborg must therefore accept that members of the public will find the sacking of Professor Henrik Moller with the economy as a justification of a character who at least shows that Franz Kafka has not lived in vain.
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