Climate skeptics are ‘assholes,’ says French politician

Climate skeptics are “assholes,” says French politician

“Pour NKM, les climato-sceptiques sont des “connards.” Thus reads the headline in the Figaro, a French newspaper. On Monday evening, asked what she thought of climate skeptics, French politician Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (NKM) answered thusly: “In my mind it’s very clear. I’d say it’s assholes,” she blurted. “I would detail that a little bit,” she added. “When we say it’s going to improve tourism, it might be true if the temperature increased by two degrees. But that is not what climate change is. It multiplies “extreme weather events,” that is to say that where there is desert it’ll be even more dry, and where there are problems of a hurricane, it will there be still more,” she insisted. “You cannot link an extreme weather event to climate change, but we know that multiplication is linked. It’s misfortune for humanity and it is an urgent struggle,” she lamented. I guess we’re “connards” if we want to heat our homes without going bankrupt. I guess we’re “connards” if we don’t want to be forced to read at night by candlelight. I guess we’re “connards” if we don’t want to be driven backward 200 years into the days of misery and scarcity and horseshit blanketing the streets. That’s if they even allow us to have horse. All forced upon us by a modern-day Joan of Dark. See entire article: Thanks to a reader in France for this link “This insult is indirectly directed toward Philippe Verdier, a well known meteo-journalist at the French public television,” says the above reader. “Verdier just released a book “Climate Investigation“, in which he denounces climate fraud.” _________________________________________________________________ Often referred to by her initials NKM, Nathalie Geneviève Marie Kosciusko-Morizet is a French politician and the current deputy of the 4th electoral constituency of Essonne, France. She is one-time mayor of Longjumeau, was an unsuccessful mayoral candidate for Paris in 2014, and is a former French minister of Ecology. The post Climate skeptics are “assholes,” says French politician appeared first on Ice Age Now.

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