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FakeGate turns Real! Warmist Peter Gleick Admits to Deception in Obtaining Heartland Climate Files — ‘Leaves his reputation in ruins & threatens to undercut the cause’

NYT’s Revkin unloads on Peter Gleick! ‘Gleick’s use of deception in pursuit of his cause after years of calling out climate deception has destroyed his credibility and harmed others’[email protected] – Revkin: ‘One way or the other, …That is his personal tragedy and shame (and I’m sure devastating for his colleagues, friends and family)’…His admitted acts of deception in acquiring the cache of authentic Heartland documents surely will sustain suspicion that he created the summary, which Heartland’s leadership insists is fake’

Warmist Gleick: ‘In a serious lapse of my own & professional judgment & ethics, I solicited & received additional materials directly from Heartland under someone else’s name’ [email protected] – Gleick blames skeptics for making him to commit criminal acts!? ‘My judgment was blinded by my frustration with ongoing efforts — often anonymous, well-funded, & coordinated — to attack climate science & scientists & prevent this debate, & by lack of transparency of orgs involved. Nevertheless I deeply regret my own actions in this case. I offer my personal apologies to all those affected’

Flashback May 2011: Warmist Peter Gleick angry at Climate Depot’s Morano for exposing his unscientific tornado/climate claims – ‘Gleick lashes out at ‘the misrepresentations of deniers like Morano’ and then claims ‘there IS a connection: not of attribution, but of consequences’

Warmist turned almost skeptic Prof. Judith Curry: ‘My first interaction with Gleick was he invited me to speak in an AGU session that he was organizing on integrity of science’ — Curry: Gleick ‘made it known to me via email that he has been displeased with my ‘behavior.’ I seem to have gotten his goat to have been mentioned in the fake Heartland strategy doc (hard to believe that he didn’t write this)…The irony of it all, this coming from a scientist that has made a particular point about integrity and written many essays and even testified to congress on the subject’

Statement by The Heartland Institute on Gleick Confession: ‘Gleick’s crime was a serious one’ – ‘The documents he admits stealing contained personal information about Heartland staff members, donors, and alliesk…A mere apology is not enough to undo the damage…Many independent commentators already have concluded the memo was most likely written by Gleick. We hope Gleick will make a more complete confession in the next few days’

Meteorologist Watts to Gleick: ‘You have damaged me and my business. I suspect I’ll be seeing you in court to protect my rights, along with many others, sir’

FakeGate to GleickGate: Gleick has lots of explaining to do: ‘His answer doesn’t quite put all the pieces together. The fake document has a timestamp just prior to DeSmog and others releasing it…’ ‘…so it is not the ‘anonymous document’ he refers too…These stolen and fraudulent documents don’t tell us anything about the planetary climate, but they do tell us how comfortable the alarmist PR team is to cheat and lie’

Gleickgate: ‘Doesn’t seem like bottom’s been reached on this story’

Gleick’s story not believed: ‘I do not believe this statement. I think he stole the board packet and, since he didn’t find the incriminating material he wanted, he made it up! It’s a lot simpler as an explanation, and it accounts for all the known facts’

FakeGate Morphs to GleickGate: Who is Peter Gleick? ‘In 2001, Gleick was dubbed a “visionary on the environment” by the British Broadcasting Corporation’

WSJ: The Not-So-Vast Conspiracy: ‘Stolen documents show the tiny budget of global warming skeptics’ ‘Heartland will spend all of $388,000 this year on Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change. That’s against the $6.5 million that the U.N. IPCC costs Western taxpayers annually, and the $2.6 billion the White House wants to spend next year on research into ‘the global changes that have resulted primarily from global over-dependence on fossil fuels’

‘Koch Foundation provided $25,000 to Heartland Inst. in 2011 for research in healthcare — not climate change, & this was first & only donation Foundation made to institute in more than a decade’

Heartland sends out first legal notice about stolen and faked documents: ‘Publication of this falsified document is improper and unlawful’

FakeGate backfires on Warmists: ‘If the skeptics’ conspiracy was real, why fake the evidence?’ ‘The problem with the great international conspiracy of climate skeptics is that it’s so small and innocent that a disappointed warmist who steals documents from the Heartland Institute finds they must fake the main one to get media attention. Sounds a bit like their tree-ring research’

Flashback 2002: Exxon-Led Group Is Giving a Climate Grant to Stanford U. — $225 million over 10 years for research on ways to meet growing energy needs without worsening global warming’Flashback 2000: BP, FORD GIVE $20 MILLION FOR PRINCETON U. EMISSIONS STUDY: ‘to study ways to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. BP said it will give $15 million…BP plans to give $85 million in next decade to universities in U.S. and U.K. to study environmental and energy issues…pledged $40 million to Cambridge U. $20 million to U. of California at Berkeley and $10 million to U.y of Colorado at Boulder’

FakeGate: Warmist journalist Suzanne Goldenberg: Only main document that I’ve been trumpeting is a total fake, but maybe some of the trivial documents aren’t total fakes – Goldenberg: ‘but only one of 8 is a fake’

Tiny Budget for Heartland Institute Trying to Counter Global Climate Madness and Scientific Fraud

Heartland on FakeGate: ‘When we find out who did this – and we will find out – they will absolutely need a lawyer’

FakeGate Collapses: ‘Reality is Not Good Enough…it seems clear that one of docs was in fact a fake’…the faking is likely to overshadow whatever legitimate questions may have been raised’ – Prof. Pielke Jr.: ‘The Atlantic does a heroic job examining docs (something that apparently most reporters failed to do) & concludes that it is fake (I agree): ‘If faked doc happened to be produced by a climate activist or scientist (as some are already suggesting), then leaked Heartland docs will go down in history as one of more spectacular own goals in history of climate debate…Imagine what would have happened if the UEA hacker/leaker had made up a few emails to spice up the dossier’

Heartland Inst. Responds: Warmist Touted Climate Skeptic Document ‘a total fake’ — Others documents may have been ‘altered’

Round up of Heartland Int. Doc. Leak: Skeptical sums are loose change compared to billions funneled to green groups, alarmist research establishments’

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Heartland documents: what’s the big deal? ‘These [skeptical] sums are loose change compared to the billions that are funneled to green groups, alarmist research establishments…’‘…smear blogs, propaganda organizations and the like. For alarmists to complain about such tiny sums is simply laughable’

‘With tiny budgets like $310 million, $100 million, & $95 million respectively, how can Greenpeace, Sierra Club, & NRDC *ever* hope to compete with mighty Heartland’s $6.5 million?’Revealed: The ‘heart of the climate denial machine’ allegedly relies on $200k per year donated from Koch to Heartland

Prof. Judith Curry on ‘parallels to Climategate’ — ‘In terms of moral equivalence, what Heartland is doing is not surprising; seems to be no different than what other advocacy groups do’‘The IPCC is a very different organization, and also the CRU/UEA, with explicit requirements for government accountability. So in terms of a scandal, I would have to say that Heartlandgate is nowhere near Climategate’

Tell me what’s horrible about this: ‘To Anthony Watts, I say: Congratulations for convincing Heartland to fund a project…’‘…that might actually permit the public to have access to better graphics than provided by NOAA and which, at least as described in the shocking memo seems to be perfectly legitimate’

Logic-gate: The Smog blog exposes irrational rage. Innumeracy. And Heartlands efficient success‘Instead the hyped non-denier-gate shows just how incredibly successful the Heartland Institute is. Look at the numbers. The skeptics have managed to turn the propaganda around against a tide of money, and it is really some achievement. Greenpeace $300m 2010; WWF $710m; Pew Charitable Trust $360m 2010; Sierra Club $56m 2010; NSW climate change fund; Heartland Institute $6.4m’

Heartland Institute threatens prosecution over internal document theft, fraud

Climate sceptics – who gets paid what? Fred Singer — Heartland Institute funding $5,000 per month

Flashback: NASA’s James Hansen’s growing financial scandal, now over a million dollars of outside income — ‘Hansen, an astronomer, received approximately $1.6 million in outside, direct cash income in the past five years for work related to —and, according to his benefactors, often expressly for —his public service as a global warming activist’

Heartland Inst. Responds: Warmist Touted Climate Skeptic Document ‘a total fake’ — Others documents may have been ‘altered’ One document, titled ‘Confidential Memo: 2012 Heartland Climate Strategy,’ is a total fake…It was not written by anyone associated with The Heartland Institute. It does not express Heartland’s goals, plans, or tactics. It contains several obvious and gross misstatements of fact’

‘How did Heartland allegedly win climate debate by buying scientists for $300k, while warmists lost it while splitting up $79 billion in US govt money?

Heartland Institute bad – DeSmogBlog says so! ‘Did you know the Heartland Institute employs skeptics?’ ‘And it’s ‘suggested’ they get money from people who agree with them and have interests in carbon dense energy!’

Warmist Kelly Rigg is outraged that a ‘well-funded’ organization should dare to spend a dollar to counter every 47 dollars spent by an organization she’s run campaigns for’

Flashback: Read Climate Depot’s report on the warmist funding vs. skeptical funding — Warmists funding massive compared to paltry skeptical funding

Warmist Tobis: ‘Is Turnabout Fair Play?’ — ‘The bit about ‘dissuading teachers from teaching science’ was presumably just a sloppy edit, right?’

Heartland Institute documents leaked: ‘Documents published on Desmog blog & elsewhere, which appear to detail US think-tank’s budget and anti-climate-change strategy’

Aussie Skeptical scientist denies he is mouthpiece of US climate-skeptic think tank

‘UK Greenie George Monbiot claims it’s ‘deeply sinister’ for one dollar in private money to be used to counter $100 in public money that NASA is using to promote the climate hoax’

‘According to the most recent data on, Joe Romm’s Center for American Progress spends 10 times as much money as Morano’s CFACT’ — ‘And Greenpeace spends one hundred times as much money annually as Morano’s CFACT’

Warmists Declare: ‘Heartland Institute Exposed: Internal Documents Unmask Heart of Climate Denial Machine’ — Warmists giddy: ‘Stay tuned for more details as DeSmogBlog and others dig through this trove of Heartland Institute documents’

Warmist headbangers go ape over Heartland finance leak: Warmists ‘think this is some kind of equivalent to Climategate (v1 and v2), which demonstrated widespread scientific fraud, manipulation of data, destruction of emails and avoidance of FOI requests on the part of the consensus boys’

Hooray, staunch privacy advocate Andy Revkin of NYT has once again been replaced by heroic whistle-blowing Andy!!! ‘Remember during ClimateGate, when Andy was all about privacy and not sharing documents not intended for the public eye? Now that he thinks he sees a ‘confidential’ Heartland memo, he’s already tweeted about it four times in an hour’

‘Internal documents acquired by ThinkProgress Green reveal that Heartland Institute, a right-wing think tank funded by the Koch brothers, Microsoft, and other top corporations…’‘…is planning to develop a ‘global warming curriculum’ for elementary schoolchildren that presents climate science as ‘a major scientific controversy’

Rebuttal: ‘Heartland is a great group. Dave Wojick is a great guy. K-12 students would be lucky to have a curriculum designed by the pair’

RevkinGate?! NYT’s ‘Revkin told POLITICO on Wednesday that he’s been able to confirm that the documents are legitimate’ — But Politico removes assertion with no explanation!?‘Note that when posted the link above at 3:15pm Central on 215-12, the text in quotes above was still in the Politico article. Now the text is gone, with no explanation by Politico.] What gives? How did Revkin ‘confirm’ fake doc was ‘legitimate’? Is Politico covering up for Revkin’s mistake? Stay tuned…

‘Funding for sceptics is literally microscopic compared to the massive swill trough available for the consensus’ — Climategate dealt with public funding

‘Climategate emails reveal: a concerted effort to manipulate and/or suppress inconvenient data; a desire to minimise uncertainty in order to maintain a consistent political ‘message’; attempts to subvert & corrupt peer-review process; &, evidence of destruction of docs in contravention of FOI. UEA is publicly funded, which, as a result, should be thoroughly transparent in its operations, whereas Heartland is a purely private org. which does not draw upon public purse’

Anaylsis: ‘The sums of money involved here are minute, compared to the budgets of companies, NGOs, governments & bodies like EU & UN to spend on environmental propaganda’

Oil interest $$ to Heartland? ‘If so, the question is ‘why so little’? If oil companies really were concerned about protecting themselves from regulation (in fact corporates benefit from tight regulation), why wouldn’t they spend $tens or $hundreds of billions on campaigns? Why wouldn’t they spend $billions…But, of course, this ‘oil companies fund denial’ nonsense is a zombie argument; oil companies also fund research & organisations that are impeccably green’

Climatologist Dr. Spencer: ‘I Heart Heartland’ — Controversy ‘is laughable on several levels…The only document involved that could be viewed as damning in any way is almost certainly a fake’

‘The real scandal is that it took a private organization like Heartland to compile hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific publications which suggest that increasing Co2 in atmosphere might not be a problem for humanity or biosphere. This is what IPCC should have done,if it had any scientific objectivity…I hope it leads to even more donations to Heartland,which has played role of David in its battle against Goliath multi-billion dollar climate alarmist machine’

FakeDocGate: ‘Major embarrassment for Joe Romm, and DeSmog and their unthinking fans’

Warmist David Appell: The ‘fake’ Memo Definitely Looks Suspicious…it clearly stands out from the rest by its creation data — only two days ago — and the fact that it’s scanned’

Prof. Judith Curry on ‘parallels to Climategate’ — ‘In terms of moral equivalence, what Heartland is doing is not surprising; seems to be no different than what other advocacy groups do’ – ‘The IPCC is a very different organization, and also the CRU/UEA, with explicit requirements for government accountability. So in terms of a scandal, I would have to say that Heartlandgate is nowhere near Climategate’