Claim: ‘A Look At The Utopian Minds Of Environmentalists Shows Derangement, Confusion And Reality-Disconnect’

A Look At The Utopian Minds Of Environmentalists Shows Derangement, Confusion And Reality-Disconnect

Roger Lewis of the UK online Spectator presents a highly interesting portrait of environmentalist, doomsday-believer Dylan Evans and his Utopia Experiment. Lewis concludes from it: “Designs for living always end in tears, or worse.” So disconnected from reality was Evans, and academic, that he believed he could actually make himself a better life departing the comforts of the modern age and getting back to the natural beauty of raw survival with other like-minded persons – in the raw climate of northern Scotland of all places. Strangely Evans selected a site that he thought would allow the generation of electric power to accompany his natural living. Some excerpts on how his “Experiment” turned out: Evans admits that his utopia was doomed to failure. It attracted only idealists and disaffected romantics when what was needed were people with practical skills… […] …the small group began to disintegrate. One member even started to invent his own religion, building a shrine. […] He himself was soon fed up with sleeping under rancid fleece blankets … the sanitary arrangements were grotesque. […] It soon became apparent that ‘the whole experiment had been a huge mistake’. […] Evans was eventually detained under the Mental Health Act in a maximum security psychiatric hospital. […] He fretted unduly about global warming and ‘the looming energy crisis’… Evans, the doctors concluded, was already craving the abyss and in the throes of panic-attacks and a breakdown.” If the story of Evans tells us anything, it is that it vividly illustrates how far out to lunch academics in the ivory towers can sometimes become. Why on earth would policymakers ever listen to their loony utopian ideas to begin with? Evans just proved that its all lunacy. Evans and the loads of past academics show that their radical formulae for rendering utopian life are pure delusions of deranged minds. Yet these are precisely the minds behind the doomsday global warming scenarios, and the advocacy of a carbon-free utopia. The proof that these minds are deranged is the fact that none, except for Evans for a brief time, are willing to give up the carbon life themselves. Man was destined to escape nature, and not to stay at its mercy. Finally one cannot help but notice the contempt loony academics and pseudo-intellectual journalists hold for humans. Lewis writes; It’s best to muddle along as we are, not because human beings are morons or suckers, or traitors to the cause, but because life is meant to be messy, muddled, contrary, comic.” Actually, as Evans clearly illustrates, the real morons are the academics and all the gullible media and policymaker idiots who believe the utopia that they preach. At least there is hope for Lewis as well, who seems to grudgingly concede that maybe the current system isn’t so bad after all and sure beats living in the cold mud.  

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