Cambridge Professor: Big-Oil-Funded Death Squads Tried to Murder me Because I Knew Too Much About Global Warming


A Cambridge professor whose doomsday predictions of Arctic ice melt have been proved consistently wrong by reality has found an exciting new way to draw attention to his shaky scientific cause: mysterious, unnamed figures are trying to murder him and have already assassinated three of his colleagues.


There were only four people in Britain who were “really leaders on ice thickness in the Arctic”, Peter Wadhams, professor of ocean physics at Cambridge University, has told the Times. Three of them are now dead.


He said: “It seems to me to be too bizarre to be accidental but each individual incident looks accidental, which may mean it’s been made to look accidental.”


He named the three as Seymour Laxon of University College London, Katharine Giles, a climate change scientist who worked with Professor Laxon at UCL, and Tim Boyd of the Scottish Association for Marine Science.


According to coroners and police, Professor Laxon died after falling downstairs at a New Year’s Eve party; Dr Giles was killed by a lorry while cycling to work; and Dr Boyd is believed to have been struck by lightning while walking by a loch in Scotland.