Brrrrr. Too cold for ice cream! Parts of U.S. forecast to have a ‘year without a summer’

The long winter of 2009 continues with unseasonable cold and snow continuing in many parts of the world. AccuWeather is forecasting parts of the U.S. may have a “year without a summer.” Below is a small sampling of recent articles on the June 2009 chill.

Parts of U.S. forecast to have a ‘year without a summer’

Record-low temp recorded in International Falls

Cool has pushed growth of Western Canada’s wheat and barley crop at least 10 days behind schedule

Unseasonably-cool weather slows ice cream sales

Frost may force Brazil to cut this year’s corn output

‘Worst springs in recent history’: ‘Persisstent Cold, wet spring hindering farmers in Manitoba

Canada’s June frosts the most widespread in recent memory

It’s June…so it must be snowing: Great British summer goes from sweltering to shivering in just a week

‘Unusually cold spring continues’ — two more cold records set in N. Dakota

Isn’t this June? Snow sticking around on Pikes Peak…’7 foot snowdrifts’

North Dakota city sees first June snowfall in 60 years

Twin Cities wrapping up summer cold snap that hasn’t been matched since 1951

Nearing mid-June in Wisconsin: No sign of summer in forecast

Schoolchildren rescued from hiking trip as June snow and cold hits California

Finland: Chicks killed by the frost in chilly early summer

Ireland: ‘Unseasonably cold weather’ kills famous chickens

Green Bay breaks 1943 cold temperature record

New Zealand ski resort sees earliest ever opening as heavy snow hits

Botswana: Cold Weather Forecast hit by severe winter

‘Devastating freeze’: Spring frost in Texas killed ‘99% of our peach crop this year’

Freezes were noted this morning in parts of Montana

Prediction: Northwest Passage won’t clear this year

Wyoming: Unseasonably cool temperatures brought a late spring snowstorm and freeze warnings

New record lows were again established in southern Alberta

Below normal temps bring frost damage to Michigan hayfields

Erie, PA: Temperature dips to record low of 40

Winnipeg likely ‘to see a record low maximum temperature’

Parts of Canada forecast to get 4 to 8 inches…’set new record lows’

N. Dakota: 80,000 cattle likely have been lost to the harsh winter