‘Breakthrough’ At Midnight: UN Climate Talks Agree To Delay Paris Rules Until 2018 (As Expected)

‘Breakthrough’ At Midnight: UN Climate Talks Agree To Delay Paris Rules Until 2018 (As Expected)


Nearly 200 nations agreed around midnight on Friday to work out the rules for a landmark 2015 global deal to tackle climate change within two years in a new sign of international support for a pact opposed by U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. At the end of two-week talks on global warming in Marrakesh, which were extended an extra day, many nations appealed to Trump, who has called climate change a hoax, to reconsider his threat to tear up the Paris Agreement for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Showing determination to keep the Paris Agreement on track, the conference agreed to work out a rule book at the latest by December 2018. A rule book is needed because the Paris Agreement left many details vague, such as how countries will report and monitor their national pledges to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Two years may sounds like a long time, but it took four to work out detailed rules for the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement’s predecessor, which obliged only developed countries to cut their emissions. Paris requires commitments by all. The final text also urged rich nations to keep building towards a goal of providing $100 billion a year in climate finance for developing countries by 2020. Moroccan Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar told a news conference that Marrakesh had been the start of turning promises made in Paris into action. “We will continue on the path,” he said, urging Trump to join other nations in acting to limit emissions. Full story see also: 10.000 Fly In For Doomed UN Climate Talks The Times, 5 November: [….] The two-week meeting, which begins in the Moroccan city on Monday, was declared as the “conference of action”, where 195 countries were supposed to reveal how they will fulfil pledges made a year ago to cut their emissions. Instead, they are likely to agree to suspend talks until 2018…

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Skeptical scientists crash UN climate summit, praise Trump for ‘bringing science back again’


MARRAKECH, Morocco — A team of international scientists crashed the UN climate summit in Marrakech and welcomed the election of Donald Trump as a way to bring positive reforms to climate science.  The three scientists from Paraguay, Norway and Sweden, were granted a presentation by the UN to present the skeptical climate change view and they praised Trump for rejecting the UN “global warming” claims. The three scientists were also hopeful that Trump’s presidency will help end the politicized UN climate agenda.

Agro-Biologist Dr. Albrecht Glatzle of Paraguay was especially encouraged by the election of the climate skeptic Trump to the presidency.

“I have very much hope that his election will be the initialization of a turnaround in science relating to climate change,” Glatzle, the Director científico de INTTAS inParaguay, told Climate Depot at the UN summit.

Glatzle advice for Trump is simple: “Go straight ahead with your plans to this end the politicized climate agenda and bring the science back again to its place.”

“If someone like Trump is prepared to cut off the endless climate change funding promoting fear, I am very in favor it,” Glatzle said.

“I hope Trump withdraws the United States from the UN climate agreement. The UN climate treaty is based on an illusion,” he explained.

“You cannot adjust the climate just by turning the CO2 button. It’s an illusion to believe the UN can adjust the climate to a desired temperature,” he added.

Glatzle warned that money has corrupted climate science and the agenda.

“Even in my country of Paraguay, ministers see a lot of money from climate agenda. They are prepared to accept the UN climate claims because they will get money,” he explained.

“Actually the UN is promoting distorted science. There are plenty of scientists — I know quite a number around the world — that do support a contrary position to what the UN claims,” Glatzle added.

Prominent Swedish Geologist Dr. Nils Axel Morner is very encouraged by Trump’s presidential victory.

“Trump is a clever guy. And he has picked up on the fact that something is basically very wrong with the media and the UN’s global warming claims,” Morner, who headed the Department of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics at Stockholm University, told Climate Depot following his scientific presentation at the UN on November 17.

Morner is hopeful that Trump can free climate science of from only the UN “consensus” view.…

Watch: Morano: UN Climate Delegates Suffer ‘5 Stages of Grief’ Over Trump Election

Morocco: U.N. Climate Delegates Suffer ‘5 Stages of Grief’ Over Trump Election

 Craig Bannister | November 17, 2016 9:59pm ET

Delegates at this week’s U.N. climate conference in Morocco are so terrified by the thought of what President-Elect Donald Trump will do to their climate agenda that they’re afraid to even speak his name, ClimateDepot.com Publisher Marc Morano tells MRCTV in an exclusive on-the-scene interview.

Standing in front of the conference site in Marrakech, Morocco, Morano spoke with MRCTV via Skype and provided a first-hand report on the devastating effect of the news of Trump’s election on the proceedings.

“The mood is nothing but the five stages of grief,” Morano explains.

“If you look down here in Morocco at the U.N. climate summit, the mood is going to be nothing but the five stages of grief. And, I think they started the week out in pure, classic denial:

“In fact, they said that Trump’s name was taboo, originally – that he was omnipresent here, Pres.-Elect Trump, but that no one dared mention his name. And, as the week’s gone one, people are going to the next phases of grief: we’re getting a lot of anger now, anger from environmentalists, anger toward the United States, we’re getting threats.”

“Former French Pres. Sarkozy is now threatening a sort of trade war and punishing the United States if we pull out of the summit. But, now, I think it’s moving to more of an acceptance phase among some people. In fact, some of the environmentalists are just saying that, between Donald Trump’s campaign promises and the Republicans in power, that their so-called climate agenda is facing a very serious threat.”


Watch the full on-the-scene Skype interview with ClimateDepot.com Publisher Marc Morano below.