Obama and Xi Formally Commit U.S. and China to Paris Climate Accord


HANGZHOU, China — President Obamaand President Xi Jinping of China formally committed the world’s two largest economies to the Paris climate agreement here on Saturday, cementing their partnership on climate change and offering a rare display of harmony in a relationship that has become increasingly discordant.

On multiple fronts, like computer hacking and maritime security, ties between China and the United States have frayed during the seven and a half years of Mr. Obama’s presidency. The friction has worsened since the ascension of Mr. Xi as a powerful nationalist leader in 2013.

Yet the fact that he and Mr. Obama could set aside those tensions to work together yet again on a joint plan to reduce greenhouse gases attests to the pragmatic personal rapport they have built, as well as to the complexity of the broader United States-China relationship, a tangle of competing and congruent interests.

At a ceremony in this picturesque lakefront city, the two leaders hailed the adoption of the Paris agreement as a critical step toward bringing it into force worldwide. Together, China and the United States generate nearly 40 percent of the world’s emissions, not far from the threshold of 55 percent required for the global pact to take effect.

“Despite our differences on other issues, we hope our willingness to work together on this issue will inspire further ambition and further action around the world,” Mr. Obama declared.

Mr. Xi praised the Paris agreement as a milestone, adding, “It was under Chinese leadership that much of this progress was made.”…

UN Paris climate deal: US and China formally join pact


The US and China – together responsible for 40% of the world’s carbon emissions – have both formally joined the Paris global climate agreement.

After arriving with other leaders of G20 nations for a summit in the city of Hangzhou, Mr Obama said: “History will judge today’s effort as pivotal.”

CO2 emissions are the driving force behind climate change.

Last December, countries agreed to cut emissions enough to keep the global average rise in temperatures below 2C.…

Physicist: Obama’s ‘ratification’  of the Paris climate treaty is a joke

Obama’s “ratification” of the Paris climate treaty is a joke


I was asked to promote an article about Clexit (climate exit) at Breitbart. Well, I don’t see how a website like mine could be effectively helping to increase the traffic at Breitbart that has far more visitors. It feels like the repetitive e-mails I am receiving from Donald Trump saying that he needs my money. Doesn’t he have enough of his money and wouldn’t it be more natural for him to send some money to me? ;-)But as you can see, I did my best, included a hyperlink, and wrote a controversial description that will make some reader click at it. :-)Orange countries are the current self-described “ratified signatories” of the Paris agreement.Also, even though I am subscribed under Clexit, I don’t see how the article by our “founding secretary of Clexit” exceeds or differs from thousands of other review articles about the climate issue that have been written in the last decade or two, except for his somewhat ludicrous title. Well, some of them were much deeper than this one. So apologies but with my lack of faith that this article makes any difference, I will probably not be an effective servant of the “founding secretary”. For his age, his behavior looks childish to me.There’s some news. The Chinese and the U.S. president have met in China and “ratified” the Paris climate treaty. This brings the number of countries that have ratified it to 26. Additional 33 countries have promised to ratify before the end of the year. It means that the total number will exceed 55 which is needed. If they also exceed 55% of the world’s production of CO2, the Paris climate treaty will come into force for the countries that have ratified it.A map of the ratification status is available.Recall that the Paris climate treaty is encouraging the countries to make individual commitments in the form of five-year plans to decarbonize their economies. Like communist parties, all the signatories should gather, talk about their experience with the five-year plans, criticize those who aren’t sufficiently tough, and agree about new five-year plans. During communism, similar voluntary activities encouraged by the communist leadership were known as the Initiative Z.The countries that have ratified may withdraw but the process of withdrawal takes at least 4 years in total. It’s a lot of time to cause a significant harm …

China ratifies Paris climate agreement

China ratifies Paris climate agreement


By Paul Homewood http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-37265541 From the BBC: China’s top legislature has ratified the Paris global climate agreement, state news agency Xinhua reports. The country is the world’s largest emitter of harmful CO2 emissions, which cause climate change. China and the US are expected to jointly announce ratification at a bilateral summit later on Saturday. In a landmark deal struck in December, countries agreed to cut emissions enough to keep the global average rise in temperatures below 2C. Members of China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee adopted “the proposal to review and ratify the Paris Agreement” on Saturday morning at the end of a week-long session. The Paris deal is the world’s first comprehensive climate agreement. It will only come into force legally after it is ratified by at least 55 countries, which between them produce 55% of global carbon emissions. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-37265541 But what exactly has been ratified? 1) For a start, the BBC clearly don’t understand the Paris Agreement when they say: In a landmark deal struck in December, countries agreed to cut emissions enough to keep the global average rise in temperatures below 2C. Whilst the Agreement aims to keep the global average temperature to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels, no agreement was made to cut emissions to achieve this. Indeed, quite the opposite, as Paragraph 17 makes clear: https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2015/12/12/paris-agreement-will-lead-to-rise-in-ghg-emissions/ The figure of 55 Gt is an increase of 12% on 2010’s level of 49 Gt. 2) As for China themselves, their INDC only promises to peak emissions by 2030, and reduce CO2 emissions per unit of GDP by 60% to 65% of 2005 levels. Because their economy has expanded so much since 2005, and is planned to grow much more up to 2030, their promise is likely to see emissions increase by at least 50% from current levels, (dependent of course on exactly how much economic growth there is). For full analysis, see here. 3) Furthermore, because it is still, inexplicably, classified as a developing country, Paris imposes no obligation, whether legal or moral, on China to reduce its GHG emissions. Barrister, Robin Guenier discussed this topic at length here. As he points out, Paragraph 4.4 of the Paris Agreement merely encourages them “to move over time towards economy-wide emission reduction or limitation targets in the light of different national circumstances”. 4) Even for developed countries, there is nothing legally …

Bill Nye the Science Guy’s old TV sidekick is a climate skeptic – Laments Nye does not tolerate dissent – ‘I don’t think he’d let me on his show now’


It’s a good thing KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson has a plan for life after radio because he’s doubtful that an invitation to reprise his role on the new Bill Nye the Science Guy show is on its way.

Dori launched his acting career on the legendary kids show more than 20 years ago, appearing on several episodes as sportscaster Lance Yardstick. He played the sidekick to former fellow KING-TV personality Pat Cashman, who played Timmy Ticker.


Since Dori, a climate-change skeptic, does not exactly see eye-to-eye with some of Nye’s stances, he’s not holding his breath for a call.

“Bill was very, very good to me when I did all those episodes of his show, but, boy, if somebody questions global warming these days …” Dori said. “I don’t think he’d let me on his show now in 2016. I’ve burned every bridge there is.”…