Obama’s Sneak Attack on US Sovereignty Sets Stage for Climate Regulation Nightmare – Morano:’Be afraid, be very afraid of the U.N. agenda’ 


But as Marc Morano, publisher of “Climate Depot” and producer of the new film, “Climate Hustle,” a production that exposes the propaganda side of environmentalism, said in an interview: The commitment is smoke and mirrors, but a “cunning” Obama may see his long-held green-based regulatory visions achieve reality all the same, due to an unaware populace.

President Barack Obama speaks to media after a meeting with US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at the Pentagon August 4, 2016 in Arlington, Virginia. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

President Barack Obama speaks to media after a meeting with US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at the Pentagon August 4, 2016 in Arlington, Virginia. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images) 

The accord itself is far-reaching and requires participating nations to actively prevent, via regulatory controls, the average global temperature from rising more than two degrees Celsius above “pre-industrial levels,” and to “undertake rapid reductions” on various emission levels around the world. In other words, bye-bye U.S. economic production.

Technically, though, Obama’s signature means nothing. Why?

The Senate never ratified the treaty, as required by the Constitution. Obama can sign all he wants, but truly, the accord won’t last past January, when his administration ends.

So says the legalese, anyway.

But this president operates under a policy of act first, seek permission – never. And if America turns a blind eye to what he’s done in recent months — not just with the Paris treaty, but with his use of the Environmental Protection Agency to press regulatory controls turned down by Congress — the reality is the provisions of the accord and more will take root and become the new national norm. It won’t be long before all these environmental measures are considered binding.

“If the next president continues the policies of President Obama with the EPA and the U.N. climate treaty, we are going to have a situation where these climate regulations will be codified,” Morano said.

One immediate impact?

“The coal industry will be long dead and buried,” he said.

More detriments will soon follow.

“Be afraid, be very afraid of the U.N. agenda,” Morano said. “The U.N. has been trying now since at least 1992 to get the U.S. tied up in an environmental regulatory scheme … but the United Nations openly admits they want to redistribute wealth via climate policy. It’s social engineering.”

The situation is all the more alarming because the will of the American people has been clear for years: Voters don’t want overly restrictive climate change …

We’re Saved! Feds End Climate Change Threat by Turning CO2 into FUEL!


The U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) has discovered a way to turn every man, woman, child and flatulent cow on the planet into an energy source – and eliminate the threat of CO2-caused climate change in the process. The discovery could also land the researchers a Nobel Prize, an MIT-educated physicist tells MRCTV.

The process emulates photosynthesis, the DOE explains in its announcement of the scientific breakthrough:

“In a new study from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Illinois at Chicago, researchers were able to convert carbon dioxide into a usable energy source using sunlight. Their process is similar to how trees and other plants slowly capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, converting it to sugars that store energy.”

“The setup for the reaction is sufficiently similar to nature that the research team was able to construct an “artificial leaf” that could complete the entire three-step reaction pathway.”

Argonne researchers use a metal compound called tungsten diselenide as a “catalyst” to turn infamous carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide – eliminating its threat to the climate while creating a new source of energy:

“While plants use their catalysts to make sugar, the Argonne researchers used theirs to convert carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide. Although carbon monoxide is also a greenhouse gas, it is much more reactive than carbon dioxide and scientists already have ways of converting carbon monoxide into usable fuel, such as methanol.”

The diselenide catalyst even overcomes the fatal flaw of other methods of converting CO2 into fuel, which expend more energy than they create, the study finds:

“Making fuel from carbon monoxidemeans travelling ‘downhill’ energetically, while trying to create it directly from carbon dioxide means needing to go ‘uphill.'”

“The reaction occurs with minimal lost energy — the reaction is very efficient.”

A Nobel Prize awaits the researchers if the new process is successfully implemented, MIT-educated Physicist Dr, Thomas P. Sheahen tells MRCTV.

Getting rid of Carbon dioxide has become almost the ‘holy grail’ of that kind of science.  We really want some kind of process for that to be a big success,” Dr. Sheahen says. “Whatever research team is successful in developing ‘artificial photosynthesis’ will almost surely win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry someday.

Dr. Sheahen says the researchers’ claims sound both plausible and promising – but, it’s a long road through the “valley of death” for …