NPR: ‘Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?’ ‘We should protect our kids by not having them’

Scientist: ‘All the hoopla about this being hottest year ever is contradicted by findings from Antarctic ice cores’

Stay Frosty Antarctica
Submitted by Doug L. Hoffman on Wed, 08/17/2016 – 15:28

There is a constant stream of scientific studies that report on
melting ice in various parts of the world. Some from mountain
glaciers, some from the arctic pack ice, some from Greenland,
and some from the mother-load of glacial ice, Antarctica.
Antarctica, the continent that covers Earth’s south pole,
contains more frozen water than all other deposits of glacial
ice on the planet combined. The collapse of the Antarctic ice
shelves, causing oceans to rise and all sorts of climate mayhem,
is a favorite theme of climate alarmists everywhere.
Unfortunately for them, new reports tell a different story. It
seems that the Antarctic Peninsula has actually cooled over the
past two decades. Moreover, all the hoopla about this being the
hottest year ever is contradicted by findings from Antarctic ice
cores that during the Eemian, the last interglacial (LIG;
130,000–115,000 years ago), global climate was warmer than today
and global mean sea level was 6-9 m higher. Sorry to dampen the
hysteria with actual science.…

The Democrats foolish War on Climate

The party platform adopted at the Democratic National Convention, on page 45, calls for a national mobilization on the scale of World War II. What enemy deserves the wrath endured by Hirohito and Hitler? Climate change! Democrats want to declare a war on climate.

Here is the amazing declaration: “We believe the United States must lead in forging a robust global solution to the climate crisis. We are committed to a national mobilization, and to leading a global effort to mobilize nations, to address this threat on a scale not seen since World War II.”

This scale of mobilization is incredibly expensive and disruptive to people’s lives, something to which the Democrats seem oblivious. Great sacrifices by average Americans were required for mobilization during the Second World War, enforced by massively intrusive government authority. Is this what the Democrats want, the supreme government control that comes with a wartime effort?…

Back From The Dead: Giant Coral Reef That ‘Died’ In 2003 Teeming With Life Again

Back From The Dead

Giant Coral Reef That ‘Died’ In 2003 Teeming With Life Again

In 2003, researchers declared Coral Castles dead. Then in 2015, a team of marine biologists was stunned and overjoyed to find the giant coral reef once again teeming with life. But the rebound came with a big question: Could the enormous and presumably still fragile coral survive what would be the hottest year on record? This month, the Massachusetts-based research team finished a new exploration of the reefs in the secluded Phoenix Islands, a tiny Pacific archipelago, and were thrilled by what they saw. When they splashed out of an inflatable dinghy to examine Coral Castles closely, they were greeted with a vista of bright greens and purples — unmistakable signs of life. –Karen Weintraub, The New York Times, 15 August 2016


In 1998, a heatwave, which raised ocean temperatures, had caused corals worldwide to go a deathly white – a process called bleaching – and die. The single bleaching event of 1998 killed nearly 16% of the world’s corals. When Dr Peter Mumby had visited Tivaru on the Rangiroa lagoon six months later, he’d found a vast majority of the region’s prolific Porites coral, normally the hardiest of coral species, had followed suit. Based on the known growing rates for the species, Mumby predicted it would take the Porites nearly 100 years to recover, not 15. “Our projections were completely wrong,” he says. “Sometimes it is really nice to be proven wrong as a scientist, and this was a perfect example of that.” –Jane Palmer, BBC, 6 September 2014
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With ocean temperatures expected to increase an additional 1 to 2 degrees Celsius over the next century, scientists estimate such disasters to become more frequent. Eventually, they predict the majority of the world’s corals will