U.N. chief enlists Hollywood star power to help end poverty, fight ‘climate change’

LOS ANGELES — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon traveled to Hollywood to enlist its star power in the United Nation’s ambitious campaign to end poverty, tackle climate change and promote a fairer more humane world — and he got an enthusiastic response from stars and top executives.

The U.N. chief was feted at a lunch hosted by legendary television trailblazer Norman Lear and at a celebrity dinner for about 200 VIPs hosted by powerhouse producer-director Brett Ratner. He rubbed shoulders with Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Courtney Love, Sharon Stone and several studio chiefs.…

Scientists Blame Volcano For the ‘Pause’ In Sea Level Rise

Climate scientists at a federally-funded research institute say a massive volcanic eruption during the early 1990s “masked” the acceleration in sea level rise due to man-made global warming.

Scientists with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) say the 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo “masked the acceleration that would have otherwise occurred” in sea level rise due to global warming. They also said sea level rise will get even worse as the world warms.

“This study shows that large volcanic eruptions can significantly impact the satellite record of global average sea level change,” Steve Nerem with the University of Colorado Boulder, where NCAR is located, said in a statement.

“So we must be careful to consider these effects when we look for the effects of climate change in the satellite-based sea level record,” Nerem said.

Climate models projected sea levels to rise as greenhouse gases warmed the atmosphere, causing thermal expansion of the oceans and melting the polar ice caps. But that didn’t happen, and sea level rise slowed during the 2000s.

“In stark contrast to this expectation however, current altimeter products show the rate of sea level rise to have decreased from the first to second decades of the altimeter era,” NCAR scientists wrote in their study.

To get their results, Nerem and his colleagues ran 40 theoretical climate model simulations on possible scenarios for sea level rise against models that incorporated aerosols from volcanic eruptions. Scientists say these have a cooling effect on the planet.

Volcanic aerosols slowed human-induced warming, therefore slowing sea level rise that would have accelerated otherwise, according to the NCAR study. The study was funded by the National Science Foundation.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/08/11/scientists-blame-volcanoes-for-the-pause-in-sea-level-rise/#ixzz4H3V4XQfw

New Study: Guns and Tractors Threaten Biodiversity More Than Global Warming

Guns and Tractors Threaten Biodiversity More Than Global Warming


Finally … and so blindingly obvious to those not blinded by the AGW propaganda. The main driver of wildlife extinction is not climate change, but humanity’s harvesting of species and our ever-expanding agricultural footprint. This is according to a new study of nearly 9,000 ‘threatened’ or ‘near-threatened’ species. While scientists acknowledge climate change is a threat, they found that three-quarters are being over-exploited for commerce, recreation or subsistence. Demand for meat and body parts, for example, have driven the Western gorilla and Chinese pangolin to near extinction, and pushed the Sumatran rhinoceros – prized in China for bogus medicines made from its horn – over the edge. And more than half of the 8,688 species of animals and plants evaluated are suffering due to the conversion of their natural habitats into industrial farms and plantations, mainly to raise livestock and grow commodity crops for fuel or food. By comparison, only 19 per cent of these species are currently affected by climate change, they reported in a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature. Conservation budgets, the researchers argued, must reflect this reality. And then some of the usual BS ‘There is no need to see tradeoffs among different conservation priorities – we need them all,’ Peter MacIntyre, an expert on the ecology of fresh-water systems at the University of Wisconsin, told AFP. Translation: The AGW cult wants all the money.

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US Rassmussen Poll — 61% say climate debate is not over

US Rassmussen Poll — 61% say climate debate is not over


Thirty years of propaganda has only reached a quarter of the population. When asked “Is the scientific debate about global warming over?” 75% of US voters will not get their IPCC badge: … 61 percent said the debate is not over. – Washington Times. Most people don’t believe, despite all the 97% consensus surveys, all the two week junkets, billlions in government funding, and speeches by Leonardo Di Caprio. What tactic is left? Double the bullying and namecalling? And look at the breakdown by political party: Just 26 percent of Republicans and 28 percent of Democrats agree that the debate about global warming is “over,” as opposed to 19 percent of unaffiliated voters. There are almost as many obedient, trusting Republicans as there are obedient, trusting Democrats. At least on this question, there is not the usual polarization along political lines. We can see why polls paid for by Climate Worriers rarely ask this question about the debate. “Do you believe in climate change” is a better thing to ask if you want a “certain kind of result”. Skeptics are winning. Nearly 7 out of 10 US voters don’t want skeptics prosecuted Rassmussen: Most Still Oppose […]Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)

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Dairy groups warn climate regs may lead to ‘exploding cows’

California wants to limit the amount of greenhouse gas emitted by belching and farting of 5.5 million cows, but the industry is hitting back with a dose of reality

Dairy cows in California. Methane gas is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 100-year period, but the industry says it’s ‘nature’s design’ for cows to pass a lot of gas.

Dairy groups blast methane reductions: ‘Cows expel gas so they don’t explode’…

Study: DiCaprio’s Oscar Speech Did More For Climate Change Than Earth Day

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar acceptance speech comments urging action on climate change drew more attention on social media than Earth Day, according to a study out of the University of California San Diego.

The study, titled “Big Data Sensors of Organic Advocacy: The Case of Leonardo DiCaprio and Climate Change,” was published Aug. 2 in scientific journal Plos One. It argues DiCaprio’s acceptance speech for best actor received much more attention on social media than it did on traditional media outlets.

More than 36 million people watched this year’s Academy Awards. DiCaprio won best actor for his role in “The Revenant.”…

New Yorker: Are Environmentalists ‘Worrying Too Much About Climate Change?’


A new commentary in the journal Nature reveals that many species are threatened less by climate change than by overexploitation—human activities such as logging, fishing, and hunting.

Like other conservationists, Watson and Maxwell were already well aware that poaching and agriculture posed serious threats to many species. But even they were surprised by how dramatically the effects outstripped those of climate change. Much like the causes of human death, the current causes of species loss appear to be inversely proportional to the media attention—and, to some extent, the research and funding attention—they receive.

Bloomberg News: Olympic Athletes Challenged by New Opponent: ‘Global Warming’ – Athletes ‘will succumb to extreme temperatures & lose concentration’ 


August 7, 2016 — 10:00 PM EDT Updated on August 8, 2016 — 11:47 AM EDT

Hot weather may lead to heatstroke and reduce concentration

Opening ceremony highlighted distress from global warming

Climate change warnings poignantly made during the Olympic Games opening ceremony on Friday are likely to resonate with athletes as they struggle to train and compete in Brazil’s tropical heat.

Marathon runners, swimmers, volleyball players and even soccer referees will succumb to extreme temperatures and lose concentration during the games, in some cases risking their lives to heatstroke, according to a report released Monday by Observatorio do Clima, a Brazilian civil society group.

“Because of warming, sport will never be the same again,” and fewer records than in previous games are likely to fall as a result, the report said.

Global warming was a key theme of the opening ceremony, featuring maps, charts and graphics of rising global temperatures, melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels encroaching on cities from Amsterdam to Shanghai.

Over the coming years, athletes are likely to “give into fatigue earlier on, even if they remain in the competition until the end,” according to the report.

He reckons European players won’t be used to the humidity, which will make them sweat more than usual.

“I believe that the English and the Swedish, for example, will fade out,” Meligeni said, according to the report.