Analysis: ‘Palin has a much more solid grasp of ‘global warming’ than the overrated kid’s show actor’ Bill Nye

Here’s what Palin said at the Climate Hustle premiere.

“There is a predetermined agenda definitely of those who I think are controlling the narrative right now on changes in the weather. There is definitely a political agenda behind all of this and as you suggested people who are involved in this issue they are not stupid. They have studied this stuff. They have studied the data that they are erroneously delivering to the public to make us think that we can somehow change the weather and how they do that is to grow government and allow the government to have more control over us, our homes, our businesses, our families, our lives, and it’s quite unfortunate because these people must be purposely doing this, right? Because they are smart enough to know better.”

There’s more sense in that one paragraph than Bill Nye has spoken in the last twenty years.

According to his liberal media apologists we should take Nye seriously because “he has been a visiting professor at Cornell, and is an executive at the Planetary Society” and because he has a degree in mechanical engineering. But the former just goes to show how much the Green Blob rewards its own; and the latter hardly reflects too well on his integrity: of all the STEM majors I’ve encountered in climate debates, the ones with engineering degrees tend to be the most hard-headedly skeptical about the climate science religion because you don’t build bridges by fudging data.

Milo got him about right in this exquisite takedown.

One of Nye’s favourite pastimes is climate change fearmongering. “This isn’t something you should be debating or denying,” he said last year. Because as we all know, shutting down debate and scepticism is how real science works. Nye also signed a letter calling on media companies not to give airtime or column inches to climate sceptics.

Like most climate alarmists, Nye is a hypocrite. He spent earth day 2015 spewing tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere as he tooled around in Air Force One with Obama. How typical — lecturing Americans about their Sport Utility Vehicles from the comfort of a private plane.

Nye’s only serious claim to be the “Science Guy”, as Milo rightly noted, is having a name that rhymes with it.

“I like to imagine some brilliant scientist named Phil Frye drunkenly ranting in a bar: “It should have been me!”

Bill Nye, ‘Not the Science Guy?!’ – Climate Depot Clears the Air on Nye’s involvment with DC Panel

Bill Nye, “Not the Science Guy?!”

There’s been a lot of talk about whether Bill Nye is actually a scientist. (Also see: Bill Nye, ‘The Jail-The-Skeptics Guy!’: Nye entertains idea of jailing climate skeptics for ‘affecting my quality of life’ (Exclusive Video)

Here’s what left-wing climate activists at Salon magazine had to say: “Bill Nye is not actually a climate scientist. He is a former mechanical engineer turned television entertainer, and now professional edu-tainer.”

In addition, Nye was NEVER invited to participate in a panel discussion with Gov. Sarah Palin and others at the Capitol Hill premiere of Climate Hustle on April 14th at the House Science Committee.

Despite a swirl of media and online uproar to the contrary, CFACT indicated from the very beginning the panel was going to include a “special video appearance” by Bill Nye. See CFACT’s March 31 press release on the event here 

Variety magazine’s national article on the event added to the confusion when, at first, it inaccurately reported that “Bill Nye was scheduled to appear.”  A later version corrected the error.

Other media outlets comically distorted the panel event. The warmist Inquisitr outlet claimed in a bold headline: “Sarah Palin VS. Bill Nye Showdown Cancelled, Scientist Backs Out of Global Warming Debate.”

Other promotional materials about Climate Hustle’s May 2nd national one-night theater event did not distinguish between those appearing in person and those on video, since EVERYONE will be on video in theaters!

So to sum up, Bill Nye may do a great job teaching kids about magnets, but climatologist Dr. David Legates was the only climate scientist heard from during the Capitol Hill panel, and Nye was never invited to attend in person.

Bill Nye, ‘The Jail-The-Skeptics Guy!’: Nye entertains idea of jailing climate skeptics for ‘affecting my quality of life’ (Exclusive Video)

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Palin Warns Against Global Warming Political Agenda, Scientific Dishonesty During ‘Climate Hustle’ Movie Premiere

Senators Demand Kerry Follow Law Prohibiting Funding of U.N. Climate Convention

Twenty-eight Republican senators have sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerrydemanding he follow the law and prohibit funding for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The law in question is the 1994 Foreign Relations Authorization Act, which bars funding of “any affiliated organization of the United Nations which grants full membership as a state to any organization or group that does not have the internationally recognized attributes of statehood.” On March 17th of this year, the UNFCCC granted full membership to the nonexistent state of Palestine.

“We request that you ensure that no disbursements of U.S. finds are made to the UNFCCC and its related entities after March 17, 2016. We believe that your failure to do so will constitute a violation of current law.”

The senators say the UNFCCC’s decision to allow Palestinians to seek statehood recognition through a means other than direct negotiations with Israel undermines efforts to achieve a peace agreement.

 “We implore the administration to hold the Palestinians accountable for their actions in circumventing the peace process, and to abide by current law prohibiting U.S. taxpayer funds for the UNFCCC and its related entities and other UN affiliated organizations that recognize the ‘State of Palestine,’” the senators wrote.”

Palin Warns Against Global Warming Political Agenda, Scientific Dishonesty During ‘Climate Hustle’ Movie Premiere

“Climate Hustle” takes direct aim at the notion that 97 percent of scientists agree that human activity causes catastrophic climate change. The figure collapses under careful scrutiny, according to the key figures appearing in the film. Morano, the film narrator who also edits and publishes the Climate Depot site, addressed the sleight-of-hand.

“Climatologists will say that the way the question is worded depends on whether they are included,” Morano said. “We have many skeptical scientists included as the 97 percent because of the way the questions [in surveys] are asked are so vague and broadly worded…”…