What global warming? Staggering study says temperature increases slowing down



The team of experts, including scientist Michael Mann ,who helped draw up the initial figures of how much the earth was likely to heat up by, say they have disproved evidence used by world leaders before the Paris climate change conference in November Those figures disputed there had been a major slow down in temperature increases in the 17 years from 1997 to 2014.

In a paper entitled Making sense of the early-2000s warming slowdown published in Nature Climate Change, the scientists, instead claimed that global warming slowed down during a period that saw an increase in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

They wrote: “It has been claimed that the early-2000s global warming slowdown or hiatus, characterised by a reduced rate of global surface warming, has been overstated, lacks sound scientific basis, or is unsupported by observations. The evidence presented here contradicts these claims.”

Their findings contradict a study produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) last year which claimed the “Pause” did not happen.…

Senate GOP Majority Leader McConnell: Obama climate plan hinges on next president


A Supreme Court ruling that delays a key element of President Barack Obama’s strategy to fight climate change will likely push a final decision on the issue to the next president, the Senate’s Republican leader said Monday as he urged the nation’s 50 governors to continue a “wait-and-see” approach on Obama’s plan.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky advised the governors to defy Obama’s effort to limit carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants by refusing to submit compliance…

Radical ‘Half Planet’ Environmental Agenda Calling for ‘Barring Humans from Half of Earth’s land mass’ Floated on Fusion TV Network

A proposal that calls for barring humans from half of the Earth’s land mass has actually received serious consideration from Fusion, the Univision-backed television network aimed at the millennial generation.

The way Fusion’s editor for environmental coverage frames it, the proposal might just be the answer to all our problems. Possibly saving all mankind as we know it.

It’s just the latest example of Fusion going full extreme, brazenly promoting the environmental movement’s most radical agenda.

Specifically, Fusion’s Ari Phillips laments that humans have developed to the point where our existence “dominates” over plant and wildlife, and basically signals that if we fail to embrace this plan, well then, half of the species will be lost forever in a few generations.…

Despite Surpeme Court slap-down, EPA chief says Court didn’t tell us to delay climate reg deadlines


Testifying before Congress, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy says the Supreme Court did not tell the Agency it could not keep the Clean Power Plan’s original deadlines in the Court’s stay of the rule.

ADMINISTRATOR GINA MCCARTHY: “The Supreme Court did stay the rule. They did not speak to any tolling of the deadlines. This is a rule where the compliance is quite far off into the future, so that issue will clearly be decided either by the Supreme Court, or if they choose to give it to the lower court or to EPA to work through there are a variety of ways those issues get resolved, but it was not spoken to by the Supreme Court in its decision.”

US House Committee on Appropriations
March 22, 2016…