As Obama heats up rhetoric & executive actions about ‘global warming’, the Earth has been COOLING since 2002 – Climate Depot Reaction to Obama’s Climate Plan

Statement by Climate Depot’s Marc Morano: “President Obama is still parading his ignorance on climate science, linking bad weather to “global warming”, claiming a mythical 97% consensus, and implying that his executive actions can alter the globe’s temperature and lessen extreme weather events. The President has descended into the realm of medieval witchcraft by claiming he can combat global temperature rises and weather patterns through administrative action. Let the battle begin.”

Watch Now: Skeptic Chris Horner on Obama’s climate plan: ‘Nothing Obama is proposing would detectably impact the climate according to anybody’

UN IPCC Lead Author Dissents over Obama calling CO2 ‘pollution’: ‘Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, not now, not here, not to us’Dr. Tol: ‘According to this branch of the US gov’t, CO2 in the human body is not dangerous (but lack of CO2 is)‘ — Tol: ‘CO2 concentrations in the human lung reach 37,000 ppmv’ — ‘CO2 concentrations of 100,000 ppmv are immediately dangerous to life.  Atmospheric concentration is about 400 ppmv’

Obama Dresses CO2 in a Big Bad Wolf Costume: The term ‘carbon pollution’ is used a further 13 times. – The term ‘carbon pollution’ is one of the most odious slogans ever dreamed up by environmentalists. If the president has now officially adopted it, our opinion of him cannot remain the same. As any high school student knows, carbon is represented by a C on the periodic table. We are carbon-based life forms; carbon is within us and all around us. Anti-global-warming activists are, in fact, concerned about something else – carbon dioxide. Comprised of one molecule of carbon and two molecules of oxygen (a separate and distinct element on the periodic table)’

Obama: ‘I will lead the world in a coordinated assault on a changing climate’

Oh My! 2010 tied for ‘hottest’ year?! Relax, it is ‘purely a political statement’ — Even NASA’s Hansen admits it is ‘not particularly important’ — Prof. mocks ‘hottest decade’ claim as ‘a joke’ — ‘Claims based on year-to-year temperature data that differs by only a few HUNDREDTHS of a degree’

Obama cites 97% Nonsensus; Claims some skeptics have become warmists

Analysis: The President’s Climate Action Plan – the good, the bad, and the ugly: ‘Multiple citations of the crazy idea that carbon dioxide is ‘carbon pollution’

Flashback 2007: Obama claimed CO2 ‘threatens our very existence’; & claimed that ‘no business will