Climate Depot Round Up on Richard Muller: Scientists trashing Muller’s work…Muller stands accused of being ‘front man for geoengineering org.’ — Muller Responds to Climate Depot’

[Climate Depot, serving the public interest, continues it’s coverage of Richard Muller of Berkeley’s BEST temperature project]

Scientists Trashing Muller’s work: Peter Thorne of NCDC: ‘The Berkeley team had been ‘seriously compromised’ by publicizing its work before publishing any vetted papers’

Muller calculating his scientific claims?! ‘He basically destroys the reputation & research of most of [AGW’s] most notable super stars & yet he believes the science they promote is sound — amazing![email protected] Muller’s alleged ‘skeptical’ climate quotes manufactured?! ‘On one hand he says that virtually all the science flowing from IPCC and various proponent organizations is shoddy, yet he believes that the science that underpins it which is product of those same individuals and organizations is accurate’

Richard Muller Stands Accused: ‘He is the front man for a geoengineering organization…which claims theirs is the only means of controlling the earth’s temperature’: ‘So they employ Dr. Muller to rubbish all the carbon control proposals — which he ably does’

Background on Muller’s BEST project: ‘Who is Novim and why are they messing with the Earth’s Temperature update?’ — Muller’s Berkley Earth Surface Group is part of the Novim Group…they are very much into Geo-Engineering: ‘Novim’s Exec Dir. Ditmore: ‘We’re running out of time’ — ‘The Berkley Earth Surface Group is not without an agenda’

Muller’s scientific work failing the grade?: ‘Even [warmist Kevin] Trenberth isn’t too sure about it’: Trenberth is ‘highly skeptical of the hype and claims’ surrounding Muller’s effort and claims the team does ‘not the expertise required in certain areas, and purely statistical approaches are naive’

Scientist Ridicules the Muller Con: ‘I forecast Muller will continue to play role of neutral observer, & will continue to shock us with revelations that climate change is ‘worse than he expected’ accuses Climate Depot of a ‘character assassination’ of Richard Muller — Salon: Based on attack on Muller ‘currently splashed all over the prominent skeptic site, Marc Morano’s Climate Depot, Richard Muller has a long way to go before he makes any new friends in the skeptic community’

NYT’s Andrew Revkin joins Climate Depot in posting email addresses! Revkin: ‘In Marc’s tradition of providing email addresses of his subjects, here’s his: [email protected]

Muller responds to Climate Depot via NYT’s Revkin: ‘Muller, reacting after receiving an attack e-mail from Marc Morano of Climate Depot’ — Muller: ‘In the olden days, people would have checked with