Climate of Nuttiness: Climate Depot News Round Up on Global Warming and Psychological Claims

Round Up of Global Warming/Mental Links – Updated November 12, 2009 (Also see Climate Depot’s report on ‘Climate Astrology’)

Cracking Up: Psychologists urge Congress to pass climate bill ‘to prevent severe mental health harms’

Flashback: Public Needs Reprogramming? Shrinks Issue Report: ‘Psychological barriers…mistrust and denial keep most Americans from acting to fight global warming’

Psychologists Claim: Most people in denial over global warming — ‘Only way to make people change their behavior is to ‘ramp up the fear factor’

Psychologist: ‘What Makes Climate Skeptics Tick? Denial is a powerful impediment to constructive action on climate change’

Comic Relief: Prof. Running invented ‘The 5 Stages of Climate Grief’ — ‘Summarizes how people deal differentially with shocking news’

Claim: Global warming harms mental health…increases risk of ‘post traumatic stress disorder and depression’

Claim: ‘From living in virtual darkness to minutely measuring their water-use, greens’ fixation with carbon counting is verging on a mental illness’

Climate Fear Promoter Conducts ‘Psycho Analysis of Climate Skeptics’

Flashback: Shepard Smith of Fox News : Global Warming Skeptics Are ‘A Little Crazy’

Flashback: Psychiatrist declares ‘lethal global overheating…is happening now!’ – Calls on mental health professionals to take a stand

Columnist: Putting the ‘mental’ in environmental