Watch: Morano on Fox on Ebola & Walrus climate scares: ‘Soon they will be selling carbon taxes as a way to fight Ebola’

Morano on Varney & Company on Fox Business channel on October 2, 2014

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Stuart Varney asks Morano if the tide is changing on “global warming” is there a “retreat” from warmists?

Morano: “The opposite may be happening. They are getting more extreme. We are going on almost 18 years with no global warming according to the latest satellite data. So now we have studies saying there will be an increase in rape, increase in barroom fights, increase vehicle thefts, and increase in prostitution and that there will be more airline turbulence.

They are getting more and more absurd tying everything to global warming — tying global warming to Ebola. Just the other day they are saying ISIS terrorist group was created by global warming because drought conditions helped created desperation which led to an extremist ideology. They just won’t stop, they just keep coming and coming with more absurd claims.”

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CNBC: ‘Ebola outbreaks may become more frequent because of climate change, scientists have warned’ – Some scientists believe global warming—and the subsequent increase in extreme weather—could be a factor behind in the virus’s ascendance. “If you are going to get more severe dry spells followed by heavy rains that might lead to more outbreaks,” William Karesh, the executive vice-president for health and policy at the EcoHealth Alliance, told CNBC on Thursday.

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