Watch Now: Hannity on Fox News features exclusive clips of ‘Climate Hustle’: First Time Broadcast of Select Clips

Hannity: “A new documentary called Climate Hustle takes aim at many of the global warming alarmists and debunks much of their so-called science.” Here is a clip of the film. [Show Climate Hustle clip showing that no matter the weather, ‘global warming’ is blamed as the cause.]

Hannity: “The film even goes after Lear Jet Liberal Al Gore. Watch this.” [Hannity then shows 2nd clip featuring Climate Statistician Dr. Caleb Rossiter and Geologist Dr. Robert Giegengack former chair of the Earth Sciences Dept. at the University of Pennsylvania, critiquing Al Gore’s film ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’]

(Background: Skeptical Climate Documentary Set to Rock UN Climate Summit – ‘Climate Hustle’ To Have Red Carpet Premiere in Paris)

Hannity: “The publisher of Climate Depot and the producer of Climate Hustle, Marc Morano is with us.”

Morano:  “The goal of these UN climate conferences has nothing to do with science. They actually say even if we are wrong on the science, we are doing the right thing by policy.”

Hannity: “First it was the coming ice age, then it was earth is going to burn up and global warming and now they have climate change. As you pointed out in Climate Hustle, if it snows, if it doesn’t snow, if it rains, if it doesn’t rain, tsunami no tsunami, volcanic activity or not. It’s always climate change, no matter what it is!”

Morano: “Yes. In our film Climate Hustle, we go back to the 1970s. We have Walter Cronkite, ABC News, and Leonard Nimoy — warning of a coming ice age. And we say: ‘Before fossil fuels caused global warming, fossil fuels caused – global cooling. And there was actually the theory that fossil fuel burning was going to block out the sun and cool the earth [in the 1970s]. But now they say the 1970s global cooling scare never happened. Just like they are trying to erase the global warming ‘pause’ never happened. They are actually erasing the past on many important things.”

Morano on Obama’s speech from UN summit: “It was like an apocalyptic doom preacher trying to scare people with no basis in science. The idea that ISIS was created by man-made global warming because there was a drought in Syria is not based on science. In 1933, the government of Syria banned Yo-Yos because they thought they caused drought. And now modern day climate activists want to ban SUVs and coal plants because they think they cause droughts. By the way, droughts, extreme weather, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes — we detail this in Climate Hustle — not only are they not increasing, on many metrics they are declining. So when CO2 was lower in the atmosphere, we had MORE storminess. So the idea that cutting CO2 is going to improve our climate and have anything to do with national security — is laughable.”

Geraldo Rivera on Obama claiming ‘global warming’ was biggest problem: I think Trump nailed it. Here in Paris of all places, the blood is barely off the sidewalks from where people were killed. The [UN climate] conference was as lame as anything it could possibly be.”

Hannity to Morano: “Good luck with the film.”


Hannity, Geraldo, Morano

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  1. “Four Known Scientific Ways Carbon Dioxide Cools Earth’s Climate” by Dr Pierre Latour, PhD Chemical Engineering

    posted at principia-scientific site….there is NO back radiation warming force….

    1. “there is NO back radiation warming force”

      Sure! You think all scientists on Earth are wrong and a few professional liars for the fossil fuel industry are right!

      Is that a wise position to take, given your well-being is at stake?

      “Without greenhouse gases, Earth would be a frozen -18 degrees Celsius (0 degrees Fahrenheit).”

      “Marc Morano is the executive director and chief correspondent of, a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT). Morano is also the Communications Director at CFACT, a conservative think-tank in Washington D.C. that has received funding from ExxonMobil, Chevron, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars from foundations associated with Richard Mellon Scaife. According to 2011 IRS Forms, Morano was the highest paid staff member with a salary of $150,000 per year. Morano’s blog Climate Depot regularly publishes articles questioning man-made global warming.”

      1. CB….you could not even pass a GED science quiz….

        It takes more training in Thermodynamics to get an undergraduate degree in Engineering than a PhD in climatology. Dr Latour holds a dozen patents for refinery control systems where CO2 is both a reactant and a byproduct requiring exact knowledge to detect and to predict the thermal and chemical properties. I took Thermodynamics and Thermo II, Transport Phenomena in the 70s, and did this two hour interview on 615 radio stations to 2 million listeners…. > Climate Change & Thermodynamics

        also see this > > geothermal, the ‘other’ forcing factor

        1. “you could not even pass a GED science quiz”

          Oh, no!

          Why don’t you help me out, FSS:

          Do greenhouse gasses warm planets?

          “Without greenhouse gases, Earth would be a frozen -18 degrees Celsius (0 degrees Fahrenheit).”

          1. There’s more than one gas in question, water vapor is most prominent. CO2 effect mostly stops at lower levels than were prevalent before we increased them until you get to levels that are far above anything that is in the foreseeable future.
            The ice ages were not caused by man and they are far more disruptive (both in temperature and impact on life) than anything the climate alarmists have forecast. Unfortunately, the temperature cycles are near the end of the warm period between ice ages based on the records. The coming drop (who knows when) will be far worse than the imaginary impact of burning fossil fuels.
            The weather forecasting we can do is still very poor in the short term and terrible in the long term, they rely on computer models but never want to talk about how they perform since, basically, they don’t.
            So if you want to feel good about yourself by feeling bad about the bad, bad world, suggest you look at the impact of of ice age and their cyclic nature the pay special attention to the timelines cuz the warm days so far this cycle are about the same total as when they ended in the previous cycles…. but wait, we played this tune in the ’70’s when people were causing the next ice age to come …

          2. Your frozen earth would be a strange place- those simplified Stefan-Boltzmann calculations assume the planet’s albedo is unchanged, so it still has clouds. But the atmosphere has no greenhouse gases, so no water vapour to produce those clouds.

      2. Wow. 150K/yr – that’s what the avg engineer makes. Do you have any idea what the CAGW shills are paid? There’s $M’s to make in this biz. And you think $150K is damning? Good lord, man – go get a life. Have you not learned anything from the recent failed RICO scam to know that your paid experts are raking 7 figures per year?

      3. I typically don’t respond to people’s comments but you set yourself up.

        Forget back radiation warming force, this is minutia. Most scientist in the climate related filed agree that C02 has some effect on warming. Most scientist in the climate related field do not agree how much warming, if any will occur with double or even tipple the current C02 level. They just don’t know based on current data. At least the honest ones will cop to this.. Most keep their opinion to themselves for fear of being called a heretic. Ask Judith Curry or anyone else who got kicked out of church for questioning doctrine.

        As for Morano, I’m sure he’s in the bag for big oil. Yet, you don’t question the tax dollar funded “scientist” who promulgate half truths or pure misinformation to perpetuate their cause, and government dollars. (please don’t post sites chanting mantra to justify their cause). I question the integrity of all parties when large sums of money are being thrown about by government and corporation alike.

        Here’s the big picture and the bottom line. Short of relegating 6 billion people to death and the remaining billion to a lifestyle akin to the 17th century, there is scant little that can be done to reduce Co2 emissions with current technology. Solar and wind don’t make it, nuclear is considered unsafe (topic for another day) and taxing Co2 is nothing more than a money grab for government and corporate alike. Reasonable and rational people would opt for mitigation and adaptation, provided the theory as professed holds true. Cheers…

        1. This is a rigged, three sided FAKE debate between the elitist directed Darth BIG Warmist, the controlled opposition Luke LITTLE Warmists and the informed, independent Obie NO Warmists, see

          “Lukewarm Lemmings and the Lysenko Larceny” at FauxScienceSlayer site, there is NO ‘back radiation warming’

        2. The earth is a globe in the shape of a sphere.

          You have a sphere rotating in vacuum without an atmosphere lit by a nearby light.

          Energy to the surface of that sphere is 100% available at that distance. Modes of energy gain are radiant
          Modes of energy loss are radiant.

          Upon suspension of a reflective insulating gas envelope a mode of distinctly defined and described thermodynamic process of energy LOSS is created named DIFFRACTION LOSS.

          The Green House Gases create nearly ALL this energy loss or COOLING.

          When sufficient green house gases are added to the atmospheric
          envelope 1% energy to the surface is reduced

          the DIFFRACTION COOLING MODE has reduced energy 1%.

          sufficient green house gases are added to the atmospheric envelope 5%
          energy to the surface is reduced the DIFFRACTION COOLING
          MODE has reduced energy to the surface by 5%

          When sufficient green house gases are added to the atmospheric envelope
          10% energy to the surface is reduced the DIFFRACTION COOLING
          MODE has reduced energy to the surface by 10%

          When sufficient green house gases are added to the atmospheric envelope
          15% energy to the surface is reduced the DIFFRACTION COOLING
          MODE has reduced energy to the surface by 15%

          sufficient green house gases are added to the atmospheric envelope 20%
          energy to the surface is reduced the DIFFRACTION COOLING
          MODE has reduced energy to the surface by 20%.

          THIS is the CURRENT SITUATION.

          When sufficient green house gases are added to the atmospheric envelope
          21% energy to the surface is reduced the DIFFRACTION COOLING
          MODE has reduced energy

          to the surface by 21%.
          Not CREATED magical ‘ BECAUSE i said so” WARMING.

          When the diffraction COOLING is accounted the atmospheric envelope is still many degrees colder than the surface which it scrubs of energy and subsequent turbulent impingement by all species of gas’ molecules creates the SECOND MODE of COOLING
          created by virtue of the EXISTENCE of the ATMOSPHERE.

          When that mode of COOLING is accounted there is another mode of COOLING that is uniquely described as thermodynamic process COOLING the planet and it is named CONVECTION cooling.

          Convection cooling is the expansion and rise in accordance with gravity of gases warmed through contact with the surface, this agitating motion, contributing to OTHER, COLDER molecules sifting down more swiftly than if the previously warmed ones didn’t rise out of the way.

          A UNIQUE ASPECT of this MODE of COOLING is the PHASE CHANGE REFRIGERATION COOLING by Green House Gas species WATER which changes phase to rise in accordance with gravity, releasing energy at higher altitudes like other gases then CHANGING PHASE a SECOND TIME to condense to SOLID returning to the surface

          There IS no HEATING of the EARTH by atmospheric GASES.
          The IDEAL GAS LAW WRITTEN to describe atmospheric energy process formally FORBIDS gases’ interaction with light as A PART of SOLVING for ATMOSPHERIC ENERGY by

          ASSIGNING ALL ATMOSPHERIC SPECIES from Nitrogen to Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen to Methane to Argon to Radon
          the IDENTICAL ENERGY FACTOR in solving for TEMPERATURE.

          Modern so called ‘climate’ models use OUT of DATE STEFAN BOLTZMANN mathematics and individual, PURE gas energy factors which are THEMSELVES NOT BASED in SPECTRAL INTERACTION but in total ENERGY.

          The atmosphere does not contain a MAGICAL CORE that ”HEATS” the planet.

          The atmosphere does not contain a magical GAS type that if you add MORE of the COOLANTS
          creating the first 20% C O O L I N G

          you create MAGICAL ”BECAUSE I SAID SO” warming.



          I ask of you: ALL of you anonymous thermodynamicists who want the TRUTH of THERMODYNAMIC SCIENCE to be DISCUSSED: TAKE what I wrote above and write it in your OWN words at WUWT and JO NOVA.

          They are INTIMIDATE because they do not HOLD THERMODYNAMICS DEGREES and WATTS uses it to sell his ALTERNATIVE ENERGY ELECTRIC CARS. WATTS tries to STOP PEOPLE DISCUSSING the FACT there is NO MAGIC HEATING from the ATMOSPHERE and that if you put MORE of the stuff into the atmosphere that creates the TWO DIFFERENT UNIQUE COOLING MODES you amplify atmospheric COOLING.

          Please HELP save your OWN SCIENTIFIC AGE. Do not allow people to DEFAME your NAME.

          Do not ALLOW people to INSIST you are a CRANK for not TELLING THEM WHO YOU ARE.





          Express that you will NOT admit people being unable to predict which way a thermometer goes, are using BASICALLY SOUND SCIENCE and insist they WALK YOU THROUGH where they ADMIT which DIRECTION a THERMOMETER goes when you put LESS LIGHT on it, and when you put MORE on it.

          Merry Christmas anonymous thermodynamicists and may the TRUTH set every ONE of us FREE as we SHOVE it down MEDIA HACKS’ and political academic employee’s THROATS.

          Peace on yas KEEP up the GOOD fight and INSIST on LEARNING what I described to you till you can BEAT MAGIC GAS FANTASY DOWN with it.

      4. surely not a wise decision given that for all the money lost to this graft the world could solve many real problems and help many people who really need it rather than all the crooks … e.g. prevent malaria from killing a million people a year
        so, no, this is not wise nor is it prudent
        it also undermines science in the eyes of people the world over so that when a real crises needs to be dealt with the trust is not there to allow it to be addressed … e.g. disaster preparedness which is vastly underfunded in most of the world
        as far as the money, Al Gorgasm has made $150,000,000 off of this lie …. 1000 times what Marc is making so who has the bigger incentive to lie?
        I’ve spent a lifetime in science and engineering and I can tell you that there is no science in the statements and positions I’ve seen from the “the world is ending” crowd. There is no way to disprove their statements which is a fundamental requirement to be considered scientific. Newton’s theories were overturned by Einstein but there is no way to overturn a statement that whether it snows or doesn’t it is caused by global warming that was man made.

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  2. Nye has no recollection of his statements and is hammering the point it is getting warmer but the world is doing the opposite. He also says the younger generation understands but the older ones don’t grasp it. That is because the younger generation have been indoctrinated by all this false information. Just like talking snakes in trees in the “Garden of Eden” and Urim and Thummim in the LDS Church together with the Golden Plates etc. If you accept this type of rubbish it should not come as a surprise that this type of “science” is accepted by the same type of people who are so easily influenced by nonsense.

  3. CB and Nut Bag,

    First stop attacking people personally; disagree with their ideas via your
    ideas. When you don’t you are nothing but a troll. Second, if you are
    even remotely familiar with the EPA you have a limited view of what will happen
    to your freedoms if the USA is run by IPCC climate models and predictions.
    Battling “climate change” by paying fees and taxes is impossible but,
    very lucrative for governments and potentially enslaving for citizens.

    Climatologists have been bought and paid for with billions of tax dollars, just
    Google it. Data has been manipulated repeatedly to support this scam.
    Many lies have and continue to be told and retold. Open your mind and
    understand or

    you will surely be smothered by useless taxes, laws, rules, regulations and
    guidelines. Be careful what you ask for……………..

  4. Denouncing the carbon footprint of COP-21 or of individual participants is pointless. Skeptics argue that CO2 emissions don’t matter, because this gas is not a pollutant and has little effect on world temperature. By using the CO2 emission arguments againts the Believers, you validate their position. Anyway, Believers are in a position to justify their emissions : they say they are necessary for the greater good.

    Skeptics will make more headway by nipping at the underbelly of the IPCC with a revision of climate science, like the alternate model recently put forward by David Evans:

    1. Yes, it’s a sarcastic argument at best, and only makes sense when one considers real pollutants like SO2, etc which admittedly are released at the same time as our friend CO2. Unfortunately SO2 doesn’t fit into the warmista agenda.

      Obviously, the failed science and data shenanigans are the weak points. It’s hard to prove anything when the NOAA boys circle the wagon and refuse to release their method and communications. The sting of Climategate1 is still clear in their minds – despite their cries that nothing was there. I’d defund them in a heartbeat.

      I’d like to remind them of a statement made by their pres which boldly stated that the only people who would withhold information are those who have something to hide.

  5. water vapor far outweighs CO2 in climate impact … perhaps we need to cover the oceans so they will stop evaporating … sure Al Gorgasm can make a bundle off that along with the rest of the climate hysteria crooks

  6. This documentary made a few years ago pretty much tags the politics of this issue, and has proven to be basically 100% correct as to its forecasts. The more people are willing to look behind the curtain, the less people will support this man made climate change nonsense. If there was any truth behind what they claim, they wouldn’t need to distort the facts, demonize the opposition and cut off debate. Those are tactics of people that can’t win the argument based on science, reason and facts.

    1. it’s a religion science left it 20 or more years ago! we have the faithful believers and then the heretics like this guys video and web site which is quite interesting.and new non that were former believers it’s become a chicken little way to a outcome that can’t happen with out it! a world government and the redistribution of all wealth to poor countries. all are equal in money and status a liberal fantasyland! until the world demands we have the believers and heretics sit down in a non biased debate governments, the msm and the most useless building in the world the un gets away with it!

  7. This whole global warming/climate change thing has shaken my trust in science to its core. I once totally trusted scientists to speak in facts and what they stated was the result of thorough study and proven scientific method, Now I’m not so sure. What if archeologists took similar liberties with paleontology? Or biology? Should evolutionary theory now be questioned and scrutinized?

      1. Yah, just like this film, which was funded by major oil companies.

        “Should evolutionary theory now be questioned and scrutinized?”

        Got news for you. Some of the same people who think global warming is a hoax also question evolution.

  8. don’t get to movies much but this one is tempting,.. it would be a financial hit i know, but how about a special showing on Fox for New year’s day?

    1. thanks for posting the youtube clip, which youtube has posted a “warning- be considerate and think twice before sharing” on it.
      shame censoring hypocrites

  9. While the house is burning down, these climate change fanatics are inside painting the bathroom because they are expecting company. We have very real and immediate concerns. Putting terrorism aside (and that’s a biggie), we are still left with countries whose poor, for myriad reasons, are without food, water, and basic immunizations.

  10. One thing I notice making the rounds…is that there seems to be a “blip” in CO2 going up.

    I seem to recall a few years ago, that a scientist had done a massive analysis and found that CO2 increases faster in non-industrial areas to do decomposing forestry.

    Does anyone remember his name?

    Thank you,

  11. I am perfectly willing to believe. It is simply that the science doesn’t add up. The believers are like people that support Hillary. Even though the lies are exposed they still believe

  12. why is that putx rivera still on the air. i know this sounds bad but when he was in libya in a flak jacket i was actually hoping for a mortar attack, of course he was totally in a safe zone making everyone think he was on the line! could someone rip that mustache off with the roots! lol

  13. 21st century technology cannot even begin to grasp the physical dynamics of the solar system let alone the universe. Climate change may or may not be occurring, but one thing is certain; No human being on earth at this time has even the slightest clue.

  14. Film funded by major oil companies.
    Reminds me of all the “smoking does not cause cancer” FUD that was funded by the tobacco industry, who actually dug up a couple of doctors who swore there was no connection!
    The more things change, the more they stay the same..

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