Warmathon – Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Morano of Fox News on Senate Dems climate All-Nighter: Morano: ‘This is Confusing…The Japanese government told their citizens to go to bed an hour early to fight global warming. But now we are being told to stay up all night to fight global warming’

Fox News Channel – Neil Cavuto’s ‘Your World’ – March 7, 2014

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Marc Morano on Democrats ‘all-nighter’ to fight global warming: “If Congress is wasting their time on an all-nighter on global warming, the old motto of first do no harm comes in to play. They can’t be doing any other damage, they can’t be raising the national debt. What is confusing here is high definition TVs have been the bane of global warming. We were warned about watching too much TV. The Japanese government told their citizens to go to bed an hour early to fight global warming. Their environmental minister urged this in 2010. But now we are being told to stay up all night to fight global warming.

“It has been 17 and half years with no global warming according to the latest satellite data. The global warming activists have a serious PR problem. Every kid in high school has never experienced global warning. They have a serious task to stay up all night and do this.”

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Flashback 2010: Japanese told to go to bed an hour early to cut CO2 emissions: Japanese households are being urged to go to bed one hour earlier than normal in order to help tackle climate change. “Many Japanese people waste electric power at night time, for example by watching TV until very late,” a ministry spokesperson told The Daily Telegraph. “But going to bed early and getting up early can avoid wasting electrical power which causes carbon dioxide emissions. If people change their lifestyle, we can save energy and reduce emissions.”  It is the latest initiative tackling climate change by the Japanese environment ministry, which is faced with the challenge of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 25 per cent from 1990 levels within the next decade.

Flashback 2013: He don’t need no stinkin Congress: Sen. Boxer says ‘The Obama administration already has all the legal authority it needs to combat the causes of climate change’ — Boxer: ‘…and Congress’ main task is to stay out of its way’

Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. translates Boxer’s meaning: ‘We want no part of that issue, sucker’

Senate Dems to pull all-nighter railing against global warming — courtesy of Capitol Bldg’s COAL-FIRED POWER PLANT

Monday’s Senate Democrat Warmathon will be 100% heated and 60% powered by coal, gas & oil

If climate is ‘winning’ issue, why are ‘vulnerable’ Dems avoiding climate slumber party: ‘Notably absent’ will be the four most vulnerable Senate Dems up for reelection this year’ — Missing from climate all-nighter: ‘Sens. Mary Landrieu (La.), Kay Hagan (N.C.), Mark Pryor (Ark.) and Mark Begich (Alaska) are not scheduled to take part’ — GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) renewed his skepticism of climate change ahead of the all-nighter. ‘For everybody who thinks it’s warming, I can find somebody who thinks it isn’t,’ McConnell said.  ‘You’re not going to have global cooperation to do it,’ McConnell said of climate rules on the coal industry. ‘Even if you conceded the point, which I don’t concede, but if you conceded the point, it isn’t going to be addressed by one country. So the idea is, we tie our own hands behind our back and others don’t. I think it’s beyond foolish and real people are being hurt by this.’ McConnell said.

USA Today on Warmathon: ‘The Democratic effort is cause for some confusion because these senators are calling for action in a chamber they control but without any specific legislation to offer up for a vote, or any timetable for action this year.’ 


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  1. Show the believer of consensus science and peer review by taking a Democratic vote this definition of Scientific Review – 50% plus one believes then it is now peer reviewed. They will run from it like a vampire from a cross. Then they will call you names for they know they are selling a false narrative and this will disprove their religion. keep in mind that it is all about the GRANT MONEY FOR UNIVERSITY AND AGENCY JOBS.


    Here is how to close down the EPA, NASA, NOAA and the other alphabet agencies that are sucking the life blood out of our economy.


  2. DST has,nothing to do with GW. We still mess with our clocks because several generations have been conditioned to believe it is,a good thing. There is an increase in gasoline usage because of DST. Peole stay,out later, drive more.

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