Watch: Morano on Fox News on Pope Francis & Climate: ‘On every metric from polar bears on down, the global warming narrative has weakened’

Pope Francis turning attention to climate change – Marc Morano on Fox News Dec. 30, 2014

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Marc Morano: ‘The Pope has picked a contentious scientific issue which — now going on almost two decades of no global warming, sea ice recovering, sea level rise actually decelerating, On every metric from polar bears on down, the global warming narrative has weakened. And to now have the Pope jump no that bandwagon would sow confusion among Catholics.’

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  1. I commented on other sites how in fact climate change is a farce and a unproven science and man did the lunatics attack me. Funny how ice can melt and actually add more water to the ocean when it is not scientifically possible

      1. Sounds like you are a supporter of the hoax and a newbie. good thought on the land mass, but the ice he was referring to is NOT covering a land mass. Check out the geography of the north pole. ….maybe you should ask yourself that same question, as obviously, what you think is ”thinking” is instead just being a useful idiot and parroting the mantra of the left.

        You might try thinking for yourself, instead of being a smart asss to someone that is thinking and seeing the obvious flaws of this global warming hoax.

        What manmade activity caused the Ice Age, or better yet, what caused the Ice Age to go away?…..too many campfires? Maybe the earth and sun have their own dance going on that is indifferent to most of the activities of man.

  2. Looks like to get the one world religion up and running, you link the leader of the world’s largest religious group to your agenda and convince him to rally behind the UN (that is already activily pursuing the New World Order), then the influence of this new Church leader will sway public sentiment behind the political agenda, even if it is completely opposite of the true facts!

  3. Despite the convincing arguments of the Skeptics, the Warmists are holding all the levers of power and simply ignoring their adversaries.
    The Pope is another lever of power that’s going to work for the Warmists.
    The Warmists’ agenda is being pursued relentlessly. The Warmists are in error, but nevetheless winning, and apparently unstopppable.

  4. but he is so wrong… ice is so thin now, volume measurements are depressing, sea level rising, droughts are serious, and for temperature, the imagined pause is due to heat going into ocean with decadal oscillation etc. He is accepting money to spread denial, what else would a person expect him to say, he certainly will not be truthful…

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